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My quick opinion about the Amazon Drone

I honestly don't mind the Amazon Drone delivery system they are working on. I don't see a problem with a private corporation making it easier for consumers to receive goods. The moment government starts using this technology within our borders (and abroad) is when I start getting scared. The instant the public finds out if there is any foul activity within Amazon or any other private company, is the moment we have the power to stop them (we choose to shop with them so we can choose to spend money elsewhere).

Now like anything else the government is involved with, the moment we find out about any unconstitutional activities within... THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WE CAN DO TO STOP THEM

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Bezos is a genius

Amazon was in the news all day today. FOR FREE
That thing is 4 years or more away from reality.

Real Deal Right Here
“Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a central bank, and he can rob a country and the world.”

I honestly think it'll never

I honestly think it'll never happen as presented.

I don't get it

If amazon is opening up warehouses all over the place and from what I understand these drones can only deliver within 10 kilometer radius. Why does Amazon not allow people to just pickup the package from the warehouse. Better yet open up Competing stores like walmart.

Do your best have no expectations

I think

it's because it involves no personnel

just a way for the gov to spy

pretending to be delivery drones.

Could be right but I'm not

Could be right but I'm not jumping to that conclusion. Anything can be used to spy on us. iPhones????

it doesn't bother me either.

It still won't happen. Problems
1. winds, whats the cross wind limitations?
2. alt. cap. that FAA will allow?
3. FAA will need inventory of items for aerial transport.
4. WINDS!!! yes I said it twice. as soon as the winds pick up it's done for. And your neighbor will either luck out owning a new pair of shoes, or it hits there house.

Some of the technical issues

Some of the technical issues will be solved.

What about "wrong" deliveries (wrong house, wrong product, no one is home to accept the delivery)?

What about thieves who might hang around the distribution centers shooting these drones out of the sky for an easy score?

What about deliveries to apartments where there is no yard? Fewer people will own houses in the future.

I like their "outside the box" thinking, but I see very limited potential here. It might be more practical for much larger drones to be guided to local delivery centers instead, then hand off the products to be delivered with automated delivery cars. Of course, we're talking about same day premium service.

Maybe in the future it'll make more sense for us to own the drones and just send them out to do our chores, visiting completely automated fulfillment centers?

Have they definitely said it would be

delivery to the door? Somewhere I got the impression that the plan was delivery to local pickup locations, like they do in some places with amazon lockers. So maybe they partner with kinko/fedex locations and stuff like that, and you can order it and go pick it up within the hour. Much more feasible, and still pretty cool, and in a city they'd have no trouble finding enough places to be drone dropoff locations that you'd be able to pick your packages up within a few blocks of your house.

Nope. Direct to your house. I

Nope. Direct to your house. I can think of hundreds of reasons why it would imprudent for Amazon to do something like this. Just think of the liability! It would be limitless! Imagine children walking into the propellers and losing an eye. Imagine a dog attacking the drone and being maimed, or if they bit it, were then carried off only to plummet to their death.

No, this won't fly.

From what I saw on the 60

From what I saw on the 60 Minutes interview it would be delivered right to your door within 30 min of placing an order.

Well they have 2 years to

Well they have 2 years to figure that out. Thats about when they expect to be approved by the FAA