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White House Launches Creepy New Obamacare Initiative: #WHYouth

DALLAS, December 3rd, 2013 – Late Monday, the White House launched a social media initiative called “White House Youth“. A tweet from the official Twitter account requested young Americans join administration communication advisers and community organizers for a Google Hangout Q/A discussion on the healthcare law.

The #WHYouth online gather was designed to gather questions for the main event: a Youth Summit also launching on Google Plus Wednesday, December 4th.

The Internet was amused, drawing comparisons to between the #WHYouth program and Adolf Hitler’s “Hitler Youth” recruiting posters and old Soviet propaganda outreach programs. Twitter erupted with memes and disparaging retweets.

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Obama will be blaming Bush for ObamaCare—as the wheels fall off ObamaCar.

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Have your kids ask questions like

"Why are you making my parents pay so much that they can't buy us nice things any more?"

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It's a sick and desperate act

to control young minds. While Ron Paul and others try to educate the youth through groups like YAL about limited Constitutional government, free markets, lower taxes, sound money, and property rights. Our youth shout End the Fed, theirs shout Give me More.


I'm not fully convinced this was coincidental. I feel the exact same about the 1-800-F_CK-YOU number for Obamacare.

As soon as I read the first

As soon as I read the first couple lines I was thinking Hitler youth only to be vindicated a couple lines after that saying I wasnt the only one. haha

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Another day -another test of America's resolve

Yup- America failed again - it has no resolve.

Laws have become so

Laws have become so ridiculous that they need mega-advertising to enforce it.

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I wonder if I can get a badge, or maybe an armband.

The Coolest

will be the #WHYouth decoder ring!