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ATF Regulation comments due by DEC 9th on proposed changes

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking which if approved, would completely change the criteria for the establishment of National Firearms Act (NFA) trusts by individuals and corporations. It would require any individual using a trust to be photographed, fingerprinted and most egregiously, obtain the approval by signature of their local chief law enforcement officer (CLEO). This would result in an effective ban on NFA trusts in many areas where CLEOs simply refuse any and all requests for approval based on ideological or political reasons.

If ATF 41P is approved, it will completely deny residents of affected localities a legal method of acquiring NFA items, and on an ideological level, hammers yet another nail in the coffin of the Second Amendment.

Click Comment on the docket for this proposed change at: http://www.regulations.gov/#!searchResults;rpp=25;po=0;s=ATF%252B41P;fp=true;ns=true

Letter I used:

"I oppose the ATF proposal to require CLEO sign off approval for all Title II firearm transfers, including Trusts and other legal entities.

1. ATF was petitioned by the petitioner, NFATCA to eliminate the clumsy "Chief Law Enforcement Officer" (CLEO) sign off replacing it with a notification to the CLEO of the pending transfer, and supplanting the sign off with the NICS check used for thousands of firearm purchases daily. ATF vaguely states it agrees, at least in part with the justification for the petitioner's request, however without any justification it proposes expanding that process to all transfers.

2. ATF admits in the proposal that it has access to several databases, including NICS, which could be used to accomplish what the petitioner requested and ensure that firearms do not fall into the wrong hands.

3. The CLEO sign off is clumsy and outdated. It is also far more expensive for the industry, firearms owners and the government to maintain - or expand in this proposal, than to use the NICS check procedures to verify transfers of title II firearms are not transferred to prohibited persons.

4. The CLEO sign off enables corrupt persons in CLEO positions to politically coerce money out of transferees in the guise of campaign donations.

As the petitioner requested, a NICS check on the principal officers of an individual, principle officers of a trust or other legal entity would be faster, more efficient, and would reduce the chances for human error. This would allow the NFA transfer process to be streamlined, it would be safer for the public and would be a less burdensome regulatory change.

Once again, I oppose any expansion of the 'Chief Law Enforcement Officer' sign off requirements for NFA transfers. "


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