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Depopulation of the Masses Has Begun

Depopulation of the Masses Has Begun

Henry thinks you are the third world. We are all members of the third world in the eyes of the elite.

Not a day goes by when we are not reminded that we are nothing but “useless eaters” who have been given the temporary right to exist on this planet by the generous elite. However, our continued existence is predicated on the notion that we have no rights, and as such, we should have no expectations. Through the tenets of Agenda 21, we are constantly reminded that we have no right to the resources on this planet. The elite own the water, the food and all other material assets.

Enslaving Humanity, One Sheep At a Time
Never before in the history of mankind, has a people, such as the citizens of the United States, enjoyed such political freedoms, resulting in self-determination over their lives as well as having enjoyed the affluence of the most prosperous middle class in human history. This experiment in American self-governance and resulting freedom, is nearly over. Both your perceived assets and even your life belongs to the minions representing the elite on this planet, for as we transition from an industrial based economy to a post industrial society, most of us will no longer needed because the size of the labor class will dramatically shrink. Now, we know the meaning of Kissinger’s proclamation that we are nothing but a bunch of useless eaters.

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The Power Behind the New World Order


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When I was in the military intelligence community...

in the 70's in Europe I got to read a lot about the true facts that the American people never hear. It is all "smoke and mirrors". Henry Kissinger was constantly being rerouted to a different location due to possible assasination attempts on his life. Had they been successful - the world would have been a better place. It kind of reminds me of Valerie Jarrett (White House Senior Advisor) who had more security than the four in Libya had. I believe that the current POTUS is just a puppet and that Valerie Jarrett is truly in charge. Kissinger was destroying America in the 70's and now Jarrett has taken his place. I suspect I will be getting a knock at the door soon...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Jerrett is one scary broad...

I've never heard her name before as I just don't pay any attention to who's in Barry's regime. I guess that's the wrong attitude as we should keep our enemies close...Here, read about Ms. Jarrett:

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Thanks for the interesting link...

,,,and yes keep your enemies even closer!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

We've done it to ourselves.

People still make their own choices. Our culture has shifted from the family being the center of our lives to careers and consumerism.
The US national birth rate has declined because people chose a lifestyle that requires a nuclear family, easy abortion, and lack of long-term commitment to a spouse. In short, having children and raising them requires sacrificing something else--which is anathema in today's "You can have it all society".

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

Lets see the list

Where to start, chem trails, Fukashima radiation, GMO foods, Floride, The medical community taken over by Rothschild Pharma(genocide/depopulation), Monsanto pesticide, Fracking, and many others that are not listed at the moment. Not to mention the multiple wars going on and those planned.

The head of this snake is Rothschild, the curency USUSURY, False DEBT issue, is used to make one group appear to be god/s chosen by the amount of wealth pitting this group against that always using debt extortion and counterfeit money to buy or extort the genocide of humanity.


Any attempts at depopulation

by elites Must have been pretty much failures.


Seeing as how population is still increasing.

Exactly why do you refer to this group as ELITES?

How are liars theives greedy cheaters murders defined in terminology as elites?

THis language programing that has to stop.. These are the ultimate criminals against all of humanity,,, not elite in any fassion.

Why not name names? If you have no names, they how do you even know that your statement has any acuracy.

Those darn elites, darn, powers that be, those, evil corporations. Those, bankers. Those politions. Those democrats, those republicans.

Walk the talk name the name.
Tell me who are these elites you speak of so strongly? Perhaps there are to many for you to name them all? SO do me a favor name the top ten that you are refering to?


for exactly the reason you have emphasized...

e·lite or é·lite (-lt, -lt)
n. pl. elite or e·lites
a. A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status: "In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them" (Times Literary Supplement).

b. The best or most skilled members of a group: the football team's elite.

2. A size of type on a typewriter, equal to 12 characters per linear inch.


I assume we can agree with discarding number 2.

Number 1.a. is quite clear and exactly matches all reference to uses of the term "elite" and "elites" on this page. If by chance you determine definition 1.a. to be just another example of "language programming" successfully penetrating our modern lexicon, then let us discard that too and focus on the traditional and more universally useable definition we find in 1.b., and we find that it remains quite applicable here.

-The best or most skilled members of a group

"These are the ultimate criminals..." -Sovereign Human

"How are liars thieves greedy cheaters murders defined in terminology as elites?"

They are the most skilled of "liars thieves greedy cheaters murders".

Yeah let's start calling them

Azzhats because that's what they are.

The people that go to the Bilderberg meeting

or belong to the CFR or one of a dozen or so global management organizations.

So again I ask why you refer to these people as elite?

Instead of an answer. You come up with more of the same CFR, Bilderberg, organizations, corporations, government all shill fronts NOT REAL HUMANS.

You rail against the machine instead of the criminals. You refer tot he criminals as ELITE.

When you are ask why and who you do not give that information insead more of the same. Name one name at least? One real human name.


Too Lazy to google ?

here are a few

Thomas E. Donilon (2012),[3] Executive Vice President for Law and Policy at Fannie Mae (1999–2005), current National Security Advisor.
Roger Altman (2008, 2009, 2013),[2][12][99] Deputy Treasury Secretary from 1993–1994, Founder and Chairman of Evercore Partners
George W. Ball (1954, 1993),[100] Under Secretary of State 1961–1968, Ambassador to U.N. 1968 (deceased)
Sandy Berger (1999),[101] National Security Advisor, 1997–2001
Timothy Geithner (2008, 2009),[2][99] Treasury Secretary
Dick Gephardt (2012),[3] former Congressman and House Majority Leader
Lee H. Hamilton (1997),[8][better source needed] former Congressman
Christian Herter,[102] (1961, 1963, 1964, 1966), 53rd United States Secretary of State (deceased)
Charles Douglas Jackson (1957, 1958, 1960),[103] Special Assistant to the President (deceased)
Joseph E. Johnson[104] (1954), President Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (deceased)
Henry Kissinger (1957, 1964, 1966, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1977, 2008, 2009, 2010,[21] 2011, 2012,[3] 2013[12]),[70][105] 56th United States Secretary of State
Mark G. Mazzie (1986, 1987),[3] Chief of Staff, The Honorable George C. Wortley, U.S. House of Representatives.
Richard Perle (2011), Chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee 2001–2003, United States Assistant Secretary of Defense 1981–1987[71]
Colin Powell (1997),[8][better source needed] 65th United States Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice (2008),[2] 66th United States Secretary of State
George P. Shultz (2008),[2] 60th United States Secretary of State
Lawrence Summers,[99] Director of the National Economic Council
Paul Volcker[when?],[99] Chair of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board and Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979–1987
Bing West (2010),[21] author and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
Robert Zoellick (2008–2013),[2][3][11][12][20][21] former Trade Representative, former Deputy Secretary of State and former President of the World Bank Group


No AS I STATED but you choose to ignore.

I ask why you choose to call these people as groups instead of who they are?

BUt mostly I choose to ask you why you call them ELITE but you insult me and dodge the question time and again. You are on the line of being banned.


I know because your to lazy right!


I refer to them as a group

because they are. They work cooperatively to achieve various goals. the specific individuals involved changes depending on goals, and just with time. They are like a football team. The New York Giants have different players, owners, managers each year, but the team still has essentially the same goals.

I call them elite because They have power and wealth and that's how society views them. I choose to use the language of everyone else, rather than make up my own terminology. .

That doesn't mean they are the "best" people, or that I would want to be like them. They are despicable, but they are indeed elite in our society.

Never,ever let your children be

vaccinated with gardisil. Ever!!!

well done Hodges

I admire those who don't waste time dancing around but cut to the chase.

It reminds me of Ben Carson speaking on Obamacare. As all other Obamacare critics have become distracted of late with talk of how inefficient the bureaucracy has been in launching websites and services, Carson maintains the hardline notion that Obamacare is evil legislation forced on us by the elites that will transform our health care industry into a livestock maintenance and/or processing program.

deleted due to dupe of something the OP posted


Very Well Done Article

Thanks for posting.

- AMAZING PHOTO delineating where UNRESTRAINED CAPITALISM has taken us: http://www.rense.com/general96/whatare.html
- "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."-- Mohandas Gandhi



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