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Votes for Ron Paul being carefully dissected: "The Mysterious Town that Voted for Ron Paul"

The Mysterious Town That Voted For Ron Paul

I see a lot of red and blue on electoral maps. Gold? Not so often. And yet that’s exactly what you see in the middle of Maine on the Atlas town map of the 2012 presidential election.

It turns out that a small Maine town unanimously voted for a write-in candidate. That’s weird enough. Even more mysterious: the town appears out of nowhere.


When you conduct a simple Google search, it’s clear something’s off. The Wikipedia entry is basically empty (although it has been updated recently enough to include Ron Paul’s victory).


And although there’s basically nothing written about the extinct town’s politics, it’s not hard to see the area’s libertarian bent on Facebook, where Lexington and Concord are busy fighting against wind mills, with posts like "the wind Nazi’s do not have the right to destroy this beautiful place." Sounds like exactly the place to vote unanimously for Ron Paul.

Link: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/115799/why-concord-maine-...

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Election and vote, these two

Election and vote, these two words are the buzz words at present time. Need to know about Ron Paul and his being dissected

Vote Counters

- Damn we missed recounting one.

with all the voting irregularity and fraud they focus on this

why am i not surprised

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Rand Paul 2016

yeah funny?

Wierd that people are dissecting this election still. To put it in the most positive light the person might be researching a dissertation, a polling agent. Otherwise a pretty obsessive enemy of Ron Paul.

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Ironic too

they went through so much to ignore him while he was running

hollywood, approves this

hollywood, approves this script *cue thumbs up, cue cgi star shine on cgi white teeth

used to live in the county

Very libertarian. A town not too far away (Newport) voted to retain the resident's right to mow their lawn naked. Opinion was that if you didn't like Nikki mowing the front lawn topless, you can stop peeping.

Also have a camp in a town that has less than 50 people. when it was more than 50 a family had the town incorporated and also had the name changed to their name. When someone moved out and the population dropped below the legal town threshold, the other residents went and had it unincorporated and the name changed back to r2t29. Just township 29 is better imo.