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Iowa City Presses Charges Against Veteran For Raising Chickens

Iowa City Presses Charges Against Veteran For Raising Chickens

“We were sick of corporate farming, GMOs and pesticides”

Mikael Thalen
December 4, 2013

A Northwood, Iowa man charged with violating a city ordinance that bans raising chickens within city limits is set to face trial late next week.

Leo Hendrick, war veteran, father and owner of Spartan Arms, moved his family to Northwood five years ago in hopes to live a more healthyand self-sufficient life. Through hunting, gardening and raising small animals like chickens and rabbits, Hendrick has become almost completely food independent.

“We were sick of corporate farming, GMOs and pesticides,” Hendrick told Storyleak. “The price of groceries just keeps going up too so this is really the only way me and my family can survive.”

Unfortunately for Hendrick, once city council learned of his family’s chickens, a Worth County sheriff’s deputy arrived at his home late August to present a letter demanding he remove all animals from his property within 10 days.

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not exactly that you can't have chickens in this town

According to the city code, you can:

25. Small Animal Husbandry. The keeping or raising of poultry or livestock is prohibited except on premises containing two acres or more and except within an enclosure distant at least 250 feet from any residence now existing or hereafter erected.

So if his house is on 2 acres, or he keeps them within an enclosure 250 feet from another residence, he is in.

Also the House was built in 1910, it qualifies for non-conforming use because at one time it was legal on that property to have chickens, but then was made illegal, or basically the property is grandfathered.

44. “Nonconforming use” means any building or land lawfully occupied by a use at the time of passage of the zoning ordinance codified in this chapter or amendment thereto which does not conform after the passage of such zoning ordinance or amendment thereto with the use regulation of the district in which it is situated.

Both are located in chapter 165 Zoning Ordinances of the City Code

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