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Congressman Confronted CSPAN "The Evidence That WTC Building-7 Was Brought Down With Explosives Is Real And Proven!"


lol, no i havent read the report but i think its real and true. nice one congressman. I hope time and truth shames this man..

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There is plenty of video and photographic, as well as eye

witness evidence to produce in court that the buildings broke apart at their connectors. You will have to overcome that evidence in order to have a case.

Undo what Wilson did

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Trumped by structural evidence. Bones don't lie.

If any type cutter charges or thermate were used to dismantle the buildings, it will be impossible to hide in the structural remains. There are tons of structural remains which show breaking at connections, but no cutting. You have to overcome that evidence in order to have a case.

Undo what Wilson did

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Define free-fall.

The fact of free-fall makes demolition the first three reasons for global collapse until proven otherwise.

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While the structural evidence says otherwise?

All you have to do to have a case is to find the structural evidence to support your belief.

Undo what Wilson did

Forgive my ignorance

Wasn't all structural evidence shipped off to China and melted down? It was my understanding that no forensic investigation took place by FEMA, MIT, or NIST. I thought that all published reports on the collapse of all three towers were based on computer modeled simulations.

I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.
John Locke

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I haven't relied on any official investigation or report.

I have done my own research/study, and have found a lot of video and photographic evidence is available for Building 7. Significantly more is available for the Twin Towers. There are no structural signs of CD in any I have studied.
"Shipped off to China", while true, has been twisted into the belief that evidence was whisked away without review, which is patently untrue. It was all thoroughly inspected by several teams of officials and volunteers both on-site and at the landfills prior to anything being released for re-cycling.

Undo what Wilson did

Your own research?

Here's an article disagreeing with your bullsht:
"The government's contention that the evidence was examined by the FBI...is a joke."

How about the research of Dr. Niels Harrit who, using an electron microscope, CONFIRMED THE PRESENCE OF THERMITE from ground zero and he PUBLISHED HIS FINDINGS IN A SCIENTIFIC PAPER.

The only way to refute it now is to publish a COUNTER PAPER -- good luck.


Mayor Rudy Giuliani "was told" the towers were going to collapse BEFORE they became the first buildings EVER to defy the laws of physics.


He also blocked off ground zero and IMMEDIATELY shipped the evidence off to a different country.

The 9/11 Commission ADMITTEDLY NEVER CHECKED for the presence of thermite.

You haven't done any research.
You're not even a real member here.

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Just find the structural evidence to support your belief.

There should be no problem. I have found plenty of structural evidence which shows otherwise. If the buildings were artificially dismembered, it will show in the structural remains.

Undo what Wilson did


Do you think you're making a good case here ?

Thermite is the evidence.
The EXCESSIVE amounts of PULVERIZED DUST is evidence of DEMOLITION rather than COLLAPSE.

And this EVIDENCE was published in a SCIENTIFIC PAPER.

So you're asking for it -- and now you have it:

The Paper is also on his homepage -- have a look.
Now what do you have to say ?

I'm done trying to convince you - i know you're not searching for the truth - you're trying to cover it up.
Do you know what it's called when you cover up a MURDER ?

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Fine. If thermate was used it will readily show in the

structural remains.
Ps: why so hateful?

Undo what Wilson did


It was omitted from the 911 commission report and how about the bbc blunder?

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The commission report is irrelevant.

Just find structural evidence of CD and you have a case. There is plenty of video and photos available for study. All I can find shows breaking at connections.

Undo what Wilson did

I luv these awesome

guys and gals who are constantly calling CSPAN asking about wtc 7... How do I join you?


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This Congressman is in a select group of the most wretched.

He freely admits that he believes everything the government states is the truth, and he doesn't even have to read a word of the 9/11 report to know it is indeed the truth. A free thinking Congressman NOT; he's a Borg.

Remember all the congressmen, presidents and senators

are chosen by their respective parties, first for the primaries and then the general elections. If they don't hold the party line they are either not selected or if already in office they will be primaried, look what's happening to Justin Amish.

Sounds like the moderator might have googled WTC Building 7.


kind people rock

How do these people live with themselves?

"Not everybody has the honesty, integrity and transparency that we have in this country"… really??? This guy is a tool/fraud and I highly doubt the majority of the American people are going to continue to buy into the constant bull much longer as things have come to a point where fewer and fewer people are buying anything these people claim, there is a good reason congress has such a low approval rating and this is a great example of it.

i Often Wonder ...

... what causes people like this, and those who put up with them.

I've called his local office..

He is now my congressman, Issa is out, through the redistricting. His staff will not give me a yes or a no on a position but then, I find out that he wants even more government involvement or intervention. What you just watched is what we get from him.

The War Monger Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

His father co-sponsored the Patriot Act. Hunter Jr. doesn't think we spend near enough on our military offense. San Diego can't seem to end this snooping, torture, murder loving dynasty.

im neutral in this thing,

im neutral in this thing, most of the times, but even i know its a bad thing to say you dont need a new investigation and then fess up you did not even, read, the first one

It tells us so much the reason for your answers are not based on facts, but assumptions or PR, what you end up doing is shining light on a totally different problem then the original brought up, honesty from representatives

You address a concern by shining a light on ANOTHER concern, and then maybe wondering why people mistrust you, or not really caring because you feel untouchable in this regard........one sides gonna eventually have to give, and i think one side gravely underestimates the other, or stupidly thinks ANYONE will win if they keep forcing control on people like dogs, and not expect people to start seing the similarities to a master and its dog relationship humakind has endured throughout history

When the chicks are ready to fly, you better well let em

Building 7 was 47 floors. It

Building 7 was 47 floors. It would have taken months of planning and several weeks to wire up a building that size to bring it down with explosives. Rest assured there were people in building 7 24/7/365.

Kooks, how on earth could a team of explosives experts get in the building and wire it up without anyone noticing???

I'm not completely certain what happened because

I'm not a demolition expert. To speak without doing any research whatsoever, which is clear from your claim, is insane/kooky/stupid.

DREXS is used more and more in lieu of wiring:

The Alfred P. Murray building was damaged on April 19th, 1995. It was pulled using controlled demolition on May 24th, 1995. In about a month a decision was made, engineering and planning were done, the building was wired and then demolished.

For 30 years government employees posing as TV repair men stocked the secret bunker underneath Greenbrier Resort with food, pharmaceuticals, and kept it at operational readiness without causing any fuss.

So lets see, you have been here less than 3 months, left 6 comments, one of them profane and the other 5 stating the exact same thing. I'm not going to say what everyone is thinking...

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

Ask yourself how a group of Isreali students....

... could live in the Trade Center without being detected while doing construction work.


How? Power downs and security shut downs...



"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

While I disagree w/ you I still upvoted you

Your question is valid enough (though I do take exception to "kooks"). Didn't Neil Bush run security at the WTCs?

Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker III..


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

He should have read the reports

I still have my doubts that the building was wired with explosives without anyone noticing.