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Congressman Confronted CSPAN "The Evidence That WTC Building-7 Was Brought Down With Explosives Is Real And Proven!"


lol, no i havent read the report but i think its real and true. nice one congressman. I hope time and truth shames this man..

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With enough money (eventually $4.55 billion)...

...and greed. Would I would like is an interview with Larry Silverstein

Oh, wait, there is. Here I will "pull it" up for you...


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This doesn't cut it for me

Pull it in this interview, meant get the firefighters out. He said the smartest thing to do was to pull it. That is what the firemarshall did.

In addition, do you think that he would just blurt out his billion dollar insurance scam in an interview? Think about it.

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Think about this. Why would firefighters be referred to as "it?

The firefighters had been out of the building for hours. They had already been "pulled." They were letting the fires burn. The building was nearly empty before the first plane hit per Barry Jennings.

I have

And it is absurd to think that Larry Silverstein meant "blow up the building" in this interview. IN fact I believe that the chief even confirmed this after being harassed about this interview. I think it is absolutely crazy to think this somehow is a smoking gun on the building being wired to explode.

How about this?


This is what it looks like when a building collapses from structural damage...

Keep in mind it was not just WTC 7 that fell this way. ALL WTC buildings that collapsed that day fell exactly into their own footprint. I guess that could be theoretically possible. Just like its theoretically possible that I can walk through a wall if I try enough times.

"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
-Robert Green Ingersoll

This convinces me of nothing

an old apartment that is not built with steel columns falling down does not convince me. IN addition, the WTC7 did not simply implode...the video that you are showing doesn't even have the beginning when the penthouse falls inside wtc7 first. You are not going to be able to convince me by inundating me with a lot of weak evidence. Just because there is a ton of suspect evidence doesn't make it credible. TO me, Occam's razor applies to this.

We must keep in mind,

the people do not elect the sharpest knives in the drawer.

I believe people with scientific backgrounds have put the question of the collapse of the towers to rest. Two 110 story buildings do not collapse through themselves, in 10 seconds or less, to the ground, in their totality, throwing 500,000 lb. steel beams 600 feet away like so many match sticks because a plane crashed into them and there were fires on some floors. Only the elected officials of the people push that nonsense.

WTC 7 is the model of demolition, owing to the fact that fire cannot destroy the steal frame structure of the building, as it collapses through itself, in its totality, in 6.5 seconds. Not to mention, a plane crashing into the building cannot be a useful explanation, because no plane crashed into WTC 7.

Now that we know the truth we can let the government, full of dull knives in the drawer, pursue their ambitions of looking incredibly stupid with a cup in their hand. I'll drink to that.

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Give him a call and Let him know what you think about it... I did!


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He did a whole helluva lot more than dismiss Building 7:

He not only played ignorant on Building 7. He played ignorant on the petrodollar as well, listen to the start of the question at 28:05.
Granted, the caller could have provided a better question about the issue, but just listen to what Hunter had to say. He repeated the question back to the caller, trying to clarify, and understood the meaning of the question completely wrong.
Are we supposed to believe that he doesn't know about the petrodollar?
That he has no idea about the petrodollar?

At 27:23
Even the host portrays one of the questions wrong that someone e-mailed in. She says it said that the sanctions "push" ordinary citizens when it says that they "punish" ordinary citizens of Iran.

Then she goes on to clarify that the e-mailer was saying that, in her words, "their might be an uprising."
That changed the entire meaning of what the e-mailer was trying to get across.


Love thy enemy.

War mongering pigs...

... that's what he and all his ilk are.

When does the BBQ start?


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

What's almost as amazing as the free fall collapse of TC#7

Is the uniform blind denial by all the politicians and the MSM. How is it possible to get all these seemingly diverse individuals and their associated groups all on the same page? I have to hand it to C-Span though, they are letting the calls go through.

Yeah, just like you vote for bills you never read you idiot

Oh my gosh. I would just love to strap him down in his easy chair in front of a TV and play all the videos out there, like Loose Change, 911 Road To Tyranny, In Plane Site and a host of others. And MAKE HIM READ the 911 Report.

Like many of us, we sat in front of the TV on 911 and watched the towers fall. With the towers, I stupidly thought a plane of that size could knock them over like dominos. When they fell free fall, I thought to myself, "gosh that looks like a controlled demolition," and when the plane hit the pentagon, I kept trying to see the tail section of the plane, or wings and engines outside the building with every shot in the hole from the TV cameras. We've all seen the debris of crashed airplanes, but I didn't see anything but a hole.

So I fell for the official story.

Then in 2003 I woke up.

That guy is part of the problem, not part of a solution. He's part of the dumbed down, apathetic, medicated masses. Geez, it's so irritating!

Building 7: hokus pokus, puff and down it comes.

This describes the mentality of Islamic terror magic. Observable facts mean nothing. Building 7 was a scary thing - dangerous to give an opinion. I could sense his apprehension as he sped through a spontaneous, thoughtless answer. A parrot repeating the party line. Then the 'scared rabbit' pose of the jittery C-SPAN host as she questioningly repeated the party line, for emphasis. This lead to congressperson again confirming his vacant positive. Observe the faked sincerity all the while oozing from his every pour.

I almost did not believe my own ears!!

This guy was asked about BUILDING 7, and told about some facts relating to this building, - and then he answers as if he did not hear the word BUILDING 7 at all, - but instead proceeds to say that "Arab terrorists flew into the twin towers, there is nothing more to it than that!"

What the heck is wrong with those people? And he takes part in governing your country!? Well, good luck with that!

Honestly, he probably doesn't

Honestly, he probably doesn't even know what Building 7 is. I'd say the average Daily Paul reader probably knows more about what goes on in the world than the average Congressman.

Official report says:

(The D-bag congress critter should have at least read the government report... He needs to go into free fall next election, just like WTC7 DID...)


Observations and Findings
This office building was built over an electrical substation and a power plant, comparable in size to
that operated by a small commercial utility. It also stored a significant amount of diesel oil and had a
structural system with numerous horizontal transfers for gravity and lateral loads.
The loss of the east penthouse on the videotape suggests that the collapse event was initiated by the
loss of structural integrity in one of the transfer systems. Loss of structural integrity was likely a result of
weakening caused by fires on the 5th to 7th floors.


The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time. Although the total diesel fuel on the premises contained massive potential energy, the best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence. Further research, investigation, and analyses are needed to resolve this issue.


The collapse of WTC 7 was different from that of WTC 1 and WTC 2. The towers showered debris in a wide radius as their external frames essentially “peeled” outward and fell from the top to the bottom. In contrast, the collapse of WTC 7 had a relatively small debris field because the façade came straight down, suggesting an internal collapse. Review of video footage indicates that the collapse began at the lower floors on the east side. Studies of WTC 7 indicate that the collapse began in the lower stories, either through failure of major load transfer members located above an electrical substation structure or in columns in the
stories above the transfer structure. Loss of strength due to the transfer trusses could explain why the building imploded, with collapse initiating at an interior location. The collapse may have then spread to the west, causing interior members to continue collapsing. The building at this point may have had extensive
interior structural failures that then led to the collapse of the overall building, including the cantilever transfer girders along the north elevation, the strong diaphragms at the 5th and 7th floors, and the seat connections between the interior beams and columns at the building perimeter


I've gone over a lot of info

I've gone over a lot of info on this one and I drew a conclusion many years ago (2002). One thing I have not done is read the full 911 Commission Report. I've gotten tid bits here and there, heard a decent hint on Amy Goodman once upon a time, but I haven't sat down and read it. It might help me separate truth from fiction a bit more.

Does anybody have the link to the entire report? Is it in CSPAN Library?
I know it might take a bit of time, but I could knock it out over time. I think the report is as big as a big. A big ficticious book.

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I have the report sitting on

I have the report sitting on my bookshelf in paperback form, but I haven't read it. It is wedged in between Ron Paul's Revolution and Barry Goldwater's No Apologies.

I confess to reading the entire book.

What got me was how the government had so much info about the plot but did not share it with the other agencies and did nothing to stop it. Red flag after red flag but nothing done. To this day, I believe few if any of the recommendations have been followed. For the record, I read and do not believe the Warren Commission on JFK but am still trying to figure out 9-11.

Well have you read those?

Well have you read those?

I have read the other 2 at

I have read the other 2 at least. I got the 9/11 Commission at a used book store for like $1 or 2, and I just haven't put myself to the task of reading it yet. Maybe one day.

Here ye be...


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These are the people "Managing Things" (tm)

This congressman is just the kind of degenerate we have in DC that are 'managing' our country of 320 million or so.

"Islamic terrorists blah blah blah .. No I didn't read it but I'M SURE ITS RELIABLE"

Its pathetic.

Yah like I am going to

Yah like I am going to believe they were even Islamic. They created the Boogie Man. What a diversion tactic, although it's now like the boy that cries wolf. And people are catching on. Except the moron politicians that just act like it's official.

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A fkn 4th Grader could tell

A fkn 4th Grader could tell it was a lie

Be Your Own Media!!!

how do you know it was adequate - when you didn't read it?

Talk about blinders!

Dog them in public, never let them rest!

Funny he takes a drink of water as he hears the question to hide the jitter in his throat.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

California must be proud

California must be proud of this one!LOL


"Did you read the 9/11 investigation by the committees?"

"No, I did not."

"But you think it was adequate enough?"

"Yeah, yeah I do"


He abandoned plausible deniability

And let everyone paying attention know that he didn't really care how the evidence weighed; as long as he could keep his holographic experience within The Matrix as realistic as possible.

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