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List of bottled water without fluoride

I don't know if this list is accurate but I'm posting anyway. Does anyone else drink Poland Spring btw? I do and have for some time (even before being aware of flouride dangers). Anyone know if Poland Spring really doesn't have flouride?


EDIT: Based on the initial responses to my post, I think my wording must be confusing. The list above is of waters that do not contain flouride. Poland Spring is on that list. In other words, the list is saying that Poland Spring does not have flouride.

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This list is grossly wrong.

This list is grossly wrong. Look it up.... I did, the list was the only one I found, and it is not accurate.

no offense but..

This list is grossly wrong. Look it up.
Like Nestle would actually produce water without fluoride ROFLMMFAO!

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Why woudn't they?

hospital /care facilities are BIG BIG business (people pay WAY more), and since doctors have patients on very strict diets and on complicated meds, and distilled water is good for batteries not not humans.. why wouldn't Nestle get into making water they can sell to "captive" communities that PAY WAY MORE than the adverage consumer?


You will find that answer when you trace the ownership, or controlling interests. You think the poisoning with fluoride is not intentional?
Research just what it does to the human body then ask
"Who benefits?"
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"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Could be

Could be floride is intentional, It is my understanding that creating poision is cheap.. creating the cure to the poision is where the real profit is.

I am past angry.. What's your anger DOING for you? Resisting the cure?


for sharing

I thought all brands of water

I thought all brands of water labelled "distilled water" was safe.

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The water can be distilled and then have stuff put back into it. My reverse osmosis system at home remineralizes the water for "taste" as I hate how really distilled water "tastes" ... or lacks taste ... you know what I mean. :) Anyhow, point is, the water is distilled and then can be re-polluted if they so choose.

Thanks for the list. Arrowhead is my water of choice.

I seldom drink tap water anymore - it's only if I buy a Starbucks or other coffee away from home where you know they use tap water.

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For Informational Purpose, regarding Fluoride

Unless you are using reverse osmosis, which isn't entirely effective, or better de-fluoridation filtration on your residential water, you are probably absorbing more fluoride through your skin, by bathing, showering, washing your clothes and dishes, and cooking with water containing fluoride, than you do by drinking it. If you do use such filtration, then bottle it yourself and you don't need to worry about it.

How to detox flouride from your body


Great find KevinK, thanks for the link!

Penta bottled water is great

It is arsenic free, chlorine free, fluoride free, BPA free, MTBE free, chromium 6 free, and trace pharmaceuticals free. I've seen it at Ralph's (or Kroger) and most other grocery stores, including Whole Foods.

smells like bull$#!t


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Dannon Fluoridated Spring

Dannon Fluoridated Spring Water is on the list . . . so I cannot believe anything about this list

lol. That's classic!

Is dannon false advertising or is the list wrong? Note to self: don't take advice from that site on anything. Great observation. hilarious

Good point. Why is this

Good point. Why is this listed in the, "List of bottled water without fluoride?"

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many poland spring bottles advertise flouride

Many Poland Spring bottles advertise that the add fluoride. So, if Poland Spring is on this list, it is most definitely a bad list.

Poland Spring has fluoride in

Poland Spring has fluoride in it? Wtf?

Why would they put fluoride in spring water?

Can this be verified? I'm going to give them a call tomorrow.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

That site says Poland Spring does not have flouride

Sorry if my wording was confusing. However, I still don't know if that site is correct. I'm certainly no expert.

My bad, I read that wrong.

My bad, I read that wrong. Thank goodness!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.