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Good News from Liberty Crier: Amash Backed Bill To Rein In NSA Spying Has Bi-Partisan Support (100+ co-sponsors!)

The Hill has reported that there are 102 co-sponsors for Justin Amash backed (And Sensenbrenner authored) USA Freedom Act (HR3361, S. 1599) Support from Democrats and Republicans is divided precisely evenly at 52 on each side of the aisle. The bill would require a court order if performing searches of Americans' information in data collected without warrants.

Will Adams, Amash’s spokesman expects bipartisan, “comprehensive legislation” on the floor of the House this spring after the upcoming holidays and the fiscal deadline in January.

“We think the American people want to rein in the NSA,” Adams said. “They want their rights protected, they want their privacy protected from government surveillance.”

more at: http://libertycrier.com/amash-backed-bill-aimed-end-nsa-spyi...

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The Bill # is HR 3361

and in the Senate: S1599

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