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Thomas Jefferson was wrong: 1) we are NOT equal. 2)

I love Thomas Jefferson and I want to put a point on two of his found in the declaration of independence and then offer up an additional set of self evident truths.

1) We are NOT equal, but he was referring to the right to rule, where the king proclaimed he was blessed by god with the power to rule the land. So as long as the context is taken into account (which it rarely is) jefferson was correct.

2) Governmental power is NOT derived from the consent of the governed. It comes from the power of the ruling body to make violence on the opposition.

Read the following and see if these are worthy of being added to a list of self evident truths we hold in common.
When wishing to reform an oppressive legal system, a good faith explanation to the community is due:

After a detailed study of society's history with government, each one of us find the following to be true:
- Initiating nonconsensual harm, regardless of intention, is the primary source of human suffering.
- No individual or group is inherently superior to another;
- No individual or group has the rightful authority to rule another, such authority is derived from brute force, and is hereby rejected;
- Each individual is utterly unique, irreplaceable, and sacred;
- The creator bestows upon each individual the right to behave anyway one wishes that does not directly and proximately harm another, and to guaranty that right with legal impunity is mandatory;
- One is responsible for one's own actions both in success, failure, and harm;
- One's sole (legal) obligation to others is to do no harm;
- The only rightful use of nonconsensual harm is to defend against those who initiate harm;
- Villains do not telegraph their felonious actions and as such, one may be armed as one pleases, when one pleases, where one pleases;

As such we commit to harming no one and letting no one harm us.
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"SOME writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins."- Thomas Paine

I want to make the difference between society and government crystal clear so that liberty lovers are confounded less often...

The value of the individual: Irreplaceable and utterly unique.
• Thought, inspiration and innovations come only to the individual.
• The individual is the only nexus by which hidden potential can be made real; by which the unmanifest is made manifest.
• Totally unique in one’s ability to take in, prioritize and process information, each individual is irreplaceable.
• The individual is responsible for his actions because it is the individual's will alone that animates him.
• The individual is able to evaluate the affects his behavior will have on his interests faster and with greater accuracy than any outside entity.

While the individual has this critical importance, he is only one, making him easy prey for institutionalized robbers and slavers that possess superior violence making capabilities to steal his essence.

Society and its law: Do not harm another...and let no one harm you.
- Groups are composed of individuals in communication with one another, each building upon one another’s individual attainments.
• Society is composed of individuals exchanging or combining one’s resources with another in order to fulfill each one’s desires.
- A voluntary society is one where every association and exchange occurs on a voluntary basis according to the will of the individuals involved.
• All behavior that does not directly and proximately harm another is naturally permitted by others in society.
• All behavior that does directly and proximately harm another may naturally be forbidden by others in society.
• The only moral use of non consensual harm is to defend against those who initiate harm against another.
- Once an individual is stolen from, killed, repressed or otherwise silenced, his contribution through exchange and charity is lost, and a precedent is set for other individuals to be likewise harmed.

Therefore, rightful individual liberty is having the freedom to behave any way one wishes that does not directly and proximately harm another.

Government: The Apex Predator
Government is a distinct militant entity that is separate from society. The one attribute which distinguishes government from any individual or organization found in society is that it claims the power to harm others with legal impunity. It is sustained by individual's belief that this power is beneficial.
- Government is composed of the legislature and the people it employs to impose it's will.
- The individual must obey government, while government has no obligation to obey the individual or even the whole of society.
- Government has no obligation to provide anything to the individual and can take EVERYTHING from the individual-including one's life.
• Governmental power is the undelegated power to harm others with legal impunity, and is derived by its ability to make violence.
• Government is not exercising delegated authority when it moves against individuals who are not harming others, because no individual which composes society or government possesses such authority.
• Governmental power is not derived from consent because any power derived from consent is extinguished when consent is withdrawn.
• Government is the prevailing militant entity that occupies society.
• Government confiscates property from unwilling individuals and is not obligated to provide any services in return.
• Government is not law, services, or infrastructure. Government merely pays for these with confiscated wealth in order to garner dependence, obedience, and loyalty.
• Governments compete and cooperate with each other for resources, and they consider societies to be resources.

This immense power is irresistible bait for the those who crave dominance. Once in control, they lay hands directly upon the individual, direct how the individual may use his property, dictate the terms of transactions one engages in, and grant privileges to those they prefer.

Fascism/Corporatism/Socialism vs The Free Individual:
• Governments charter corporations and clothe them with limited liability protection (which is a degree of the government’s ability to harm with impunity.)
• Governments argue the free market is too strict and therefor it must shield companies from loss and liability by subsidizing and legalizing degrees of harm so the economy can operate smoothly and innovations can be brought to society.
- A Free Society has the strictest regulations because all who initiate harm are fully liable to those they harm. And those who aren't able to produce valued work product at a sustainable rate fail.
• Licensing and regulations are designed to increase the market share for those who can/will comply by harming/criminalizing those who are unable or unwilling to comply (both buyer and seller).
• When a capitalist uses government power he ceases to be a capitalist and becomes either a fascist or a communist.

Free individuals do not have rulers with the power to micromanage their daily affairs. They have a judicial system each may use to settle disputes in an orderly and civilized manner and an infrastructure each may use to organize themselves into a defensive force against would be conquerors.

Each individual, has an interest in forever limiting the harm all organizations may cause.

The most practical solution is to end the demand for governmental power by innovating real-world alternatives.

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Being created equal isn't the same as being created the same. Equal in the eyes of the law.

and the all created equal

portion was aimed squarely at dismantling the legal principle of the divine right of kings.