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Daily Paul Followers. English is the Language, Not Spanish. No One's Free Speech is Violated. Any Questions?

There was a time that when immigrants came from Europe to have a better life in America. The kids would learn English at school and the parents were eager to learn the English lessons taught to their children so the parents can better their lives learning the language. If it were left up to me. I would shut down all Spanish speaking radio,TV stations and print media because it does not help no one. It is a disincentive for a person not to assimilate into the language and culture. It is has nothing to do with free speech or freedom. If a person does not want to learn English, they should go home to the land they came from.

the school principle has every right to have English only spoken. in story:

My employer who is the foreman who is here legally from Columbia has a policy. His rule is no Spanish spoken on the job and English is the only language in the work place among co-workers. No English, no hire.

People speaking Spanish when they can speak English well breeds mistrust among those who do not speak Spanish. Many times these people who can speak English speak Spanish behind people's backs because they are not man enough or lady enough to say it in English is an act of cowards.

The school principle's policy prohibiting Spanish in the classroom stops these insults made behind the teachers or students backs. If they have a problem with someone. They should say it in English. Insults in Spanish is an act of cowards if they can not speak do not want to speak there minds in the proper language. It has nothing to do with free speech or individual liberty.

I plan on visiting Russia hopefully next year. I am learning the language so I can communicate with the Russian people. I know many Russians can speak English well. I will learn to speak the language because as a guest in their country. If I make the effort to speak there language. I know I will earn their respect for making the effort. I do not expect the Russian people to accommodate me if I refuse to learn the Russian language.

If I make a honest effort to learn Russian and make a mistake speaking. It is a different story if they use English to correct my Russian.

It is my responsibility to learn the Russian language. It is not the Russians obligation to accommodate me if I refuse to assimilate.

I like to see Spanish people try this in the Russian Federation with this press 1 for Russian and 2 for Spanish. It would never fly in Russia. Learn their language or go home. Their way or the highway is the right policy of Russia if they refuse to learn the native language.

So you Daily Paul people before you talk about free speech. Better learn history first. It is noting to do with free speech. The language of the people is a major part of the strength and unity of a nation.

English is the Language of America. Not Spanish. Any Questions?

Soon or will be the Americans way for the Highway if a person does not assimilate to learn English and learn our history or culture. There is no room for those who will not assimilate to be Americans and not have duel loyalties to their native country. There is only room for one American flag and one Language and that is English.


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A Gorgeous Brazilian Girl Who Speaks 7 Languages Is Reading This

A Gorgeous Brazilian Girl Who Speaks 7 Languages Is Reading This.

She won't be able to go to sleep laughing. Good thing it's the weekend.

Sinto muito, amor ♥ (((Laughs!!!)))

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Es retardo El ^

Y no puede escribir tampoco.


Yeah, I have a question

Where do you get off dictating what language people use to communicate with one another?

You would shut down Spanish speaking radio, TV, and print media?

What language would you target next?

Here's a clue: don't like it, change the channel.

Changing The Channel Is What THE WORLD Needs To Do.

Changing The Channel Is What THE WORLD Needs To Do.

Welcome To The Future!



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Je suis

plus de frommaged.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

stupido gringo

Viva la Ron Paul Revolucion !!!

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

my spanish

is all of 2 words -Taco Bell
that's it
cept for nada
don't cotton to it

Bell Is Not A Spanish Word.

Bell is not a Spanish word.

That would be Taco Campana.

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Spanish is easy. When you meet someone you say...

'Ola. Como es taco.'

It means 'Hello, how is your taco?' - a colloquialism.

When you leave, say 'Adios! Buenos nachos', meaning 'Goodbye, good nachos'.

Again - it's a colloquialism.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Or you could just start pounding on the table

and screaming HAMBURGER! BUDWEISER! until you are red and spitting all over the waiter.

Totally works.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

If you do that when you meet a Spanish speaker...

If you do that when you meet a Spanish speaker, you will hear:

"Ese gringo esta loco y tiene hambre". Will probably tell you: "Here, Sir", and give you change for food.

And it will not matter whether they are wealthy or not, most people are generous, and I promise you that you will find that among ALL PEOPLE, from ANY COUNTRY, the poorest will be the most generous.

Ask a poor person for food and they will help you.

Walk up to a mansion and knock on the door and...go try it.

Make sure you tell them what you wrote above.

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Yo soporto

completamente su derecho ser ignorante.

Santo Dios! That Is Unconditional Support! Bravo!

The Spanish Speakers Of The RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION truly support whatever choice anyone makes - in ANY language! (...and I would say almost ALL of us from The United States or ANYWHERE ELSE in The World).



SPAIN FOR RON PAUL! (Yes: The people of Spain translated flyers, pamphlets and videos because THEIR MEDIA was censoring Ron Paul as well. What a LESSON for some people here, hmmmm?)


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great (2nd) video from Spain...

Songs like this one http://youtu.be/jMLFP5IY8qo inform how South Americans feel about the U.S.:

La riqueza es pobreza
El progreso, retroceso
El planeta es testigo de quien es el enemigo....
Es el sueo americano
Vestido de gran hermano
La magia negra se desintegra, ya va, ya va
Igual que roma ya desploma ya va, ya va
Proatmico, problico
Anticsmico, antinatural
Todo brilla en esa orilla,
Fantasa flor de un da
El dinero de primero y ste mundo de
El show del gran capital, el dios multinacional
La magia negra se desintegra, ya va, ya va
Igual que roma ya desploma ya va, ya va
Proatmico, problico
Anticsmico, antinatural *(2)
Mmmmmmmm ya va ya va

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La Polla Records Destroys Them All. The Ultimate Rebellion.

Hello, Chris. Do you know about La Polla Records?

They are BY FAR, the most rebellious and smartest band in Spanish (from Spain).

Good luck to anyone trying to debate their singer. He is THAT smart.


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Let's trade. I was listening to this Aterciopelados documentary

when you replied.

Now I have your 'The Eggs' video loaded and playing.

(my Spanish is a little rough - excuse me if 'The Eggs' is not a correct translation for 'Evidence of a female chicken)

6 minutes in - horns on the head? Does that mean something else in Spanish? Did he mention el toro or el diablo?

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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What La Polla means in Spain...

La Polla in Spain is slang for...Penis.

These guys don't "watch" their language. They insult everything and anything that has to do with ANY kind of "establishment".

Polla is actually a little chick (baby chicken).

Here is a song called Johhny. They use the word Johnny to describe a "Brave" American Pilot who bombs people up in the sky away from harm and what a "hero" he is. That song is in that concert in Chile...look at how the crowd erupts.

This is the Official video:


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So I was mostly right.

That's good to know.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Yup. And if Ron Paul had done a Latin American Tour + Spain...

Yup. And if Ron Paul had done a Latin American Tour + Spain with Interpreters and T.V. interviews I am certain he probably would be President here now.

When you are Bi-Cultural your peripheral vision is much wider and you can see things from a much larger perspective.

What I know about Latin American people is that they really like Americans, contrary to what ignorant people think. The one thing they don't like is War and Intervention.

Besides for that they LOVE The United States. That is THE TRUTH.

Mexico? a little less I think, although they still like Americans very much, however rivalry is a little more common among countries that share a border - even if they speak the same language.

Americans - without wars - could win THE LOVE OF THE WORLD just with the music of their artists alone. I write those words as a Latin American, music fan and musician. Music Is That Powerful :)

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Soccer Game in Spanish

My housemate, at this moment, is listening to a soccer game in Spanish, because he wants to learn Spanish and it helps him develop an ear for it. He supports missionaries, many of them in South America, and I think would like to join them some day.

If we don't defend each other's rights, we'll surely hang separately, so defending the rights of others to use any language they want to is the same as defending my right to do the same.

Parents have some authority over their children, but adults have no authority over each other when it comes to most speech and the language used.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Hello, IMissLiberty :) A little gift in Spanish :)

Hello, there. I have not been here in a long time. Have missed all of you guys and gals.

Since THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION is about helping each other I have a little gift in the form of a tip for your housemate who is trying to learn Spanish.

#1- I sincerely believe that it is always easiest to learn something one likes instead of something one does not like.

I love music and that is why I learnt English, thus my learning experience was FUN and did not feel like hard work.

When Spanish speaking people tell me they want to learn English, but working two jobs, kids and lack of time makes it harder, I ask them what songs they like in English. THEN I KNOW HOW TO HELP THEM! :)

I started at like 5 years old, with Beatles records, lyrics and a Spanish / English dictionary. That makes learning fun, and from the very beginning it helps with pronunciation. One song at a time. By the time he takes formal classes he will be much better prepared and eager as well :)

I don't know what kind of music he likes, but Heroes del Silencio (Spain) and Soda Stereo (Argentina) are two of the best Spanish Rock bands. There are of course many others, and many other styles of music.

When learning is fun, it is so much easier :)



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Yes. However, a song is short and memorable. To start off, I cannot thing of anything better. Short to translate and go over.

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You, sir, are cowardice.

Think about that word within the context of your message. Hypocrite.

Love thy enemy.

I don't entirely agree with

I don't entirely agree with this post but I must say that your main point should definitely be observed in the world of medicine and hospitals. When the Filipino nurses and staff yak in Tagalog, the patients sometimes feel like they are being talked about and laughed at. It is very impolite and insensitive to the feelings of patients and other staff.

When "Americans" Go On Vacation To Other Countries...

When "Americans" go on vacation to other countries everyone is suspicious that they are there speaking in English plotting to invade :O

(Of course I am being ridiculous and sarcastic).

Welcome To Planet Paranoia (or is it Planet Xenophobia?)

Wisdom Strategies

This type of thinking should be frowned upon

OP, you've been smokin' too much TV.

I think it is only disadvantageous to us to try and ignore other languages. Americans aren't just lazy and don't want to learn it, but they actively encourage unilingualism, an English word I just created, because english has no absolute definition.

Do have any idea how easy it would be for me to get a job if I knew more than English?!?! Do you have any idea the benefits you are helping suppress by arguing against public knowledge or acceptance of a noble and desirable talent of multilingualism. Or the mass implementation of multilingualism? Look, English has solidified itself at the top. Unless we want to re-write all software code, English is here to stay, and everyone will want to speak it.

But to discourage other languages is disadvantageous and stupid.

If you hear another language, it be hooves you to try and learn something, not shut them up. If you see a post in another language and want to read it, go to google translate, it's pretty simple. But stop discouraging knowledge and understanding. That doesn't help. Americans, myself included, are at a serious disadvantage in our ability to communicate face to face with other people, we need to change that.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

Exactly, Pete.

Hello, Pete. Exactly. I am 100% fluent in both Spanish (my mother tongue) and English, which I learnt in Latin America because of my love of music. I wanted to know what all of these musicians I loved from childhood were talking about, beginning with The Beatles.

I have an advantage over anyone who speaks only English, as I have an advantage over anyone who speaks only Spanish. A current romantic interest of mine is a Brazilian girl: She speaks SEVEN languages. That is truly impressive and attractive. She is even less restricted than I am.

Who takes pride in being restricted and limited? Anyone in Europe reading this would laugh (...and feel sorry).

I have many musician friends who love Flamenco Guitar, and many of them are "American". Most speak a little Spanish and try to learn more (these are highly educated people). When Spanish Artists come on tour to the U.S. all my friends want me to be there to translate for them, and I am happy to help them. These are always fun get-togethers.

My friends from Spain wish they could speak English, my "American" friends wish they could speak Spanish, and I am the luckiest guy in the room :)

Since when was LIMITATION fun, attractive or interesting?

And if you are going to limit yourself to only one language, for God's sake speak it and write it well.


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I vote we all speak ebonics.

I vote we all speak ebonics.

deacon's picture

like Barbara Billinglsy from airplane?


If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence