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Daily Paul Followers. English is the Language, Not Spanish. No One's Free Speech is Violated. Any Questions?

There was a time that when immigrants came from Europe to have a better life in America. The kids would learn English at school and the parents were eager to learn the English lessons taught to their children so the parents can better their lives learning the language. If it were left up to me. I would shut down all Spanish speaking radio,TV stations and print media because it does not help no one. It is a disincentive for a person not to assimilate into the language and culture. It is has nothing to do with free speech or freedom. If a person does not want to learn English, they should go home to the land they came from.

the school principle has every right to have English only spoken. in story:

My employer who is the foreman who is here legally from Columbia has a policy. His rule is no Spanish spoken on the job and English is the only language in the work place among co-workers. No English, no hire.

People speaking Spanish when they can speak English well breeds mistrust among those who do not speak Spanish. Many times these people who can speak English speak Spanish behind people's backs because they are not man enough or lady enough to say it in English is an act of cowards.

The school principle's policy prohibiting Spanish in the classroom stops these insults made behind the teachers or students backs. If they have a problem with someone. They should say it in English. Insults in Spanish is an act of cowards if they can not speak do not want to speak there minds in the proper language. It has nothing to do with free speech or individual liberty.

I plan on visiting Russia hopefully next year. I am learning the language so I can communicate with the Russian people. I know many Russians can speak English well. I will learn to speak the language because as a guest in their country. If I make the effort to speak there language. I know I will earn their respect for making the effort. I do not expect the Russian people to accommodate me if I refuse to learn the Russian language.

If I make a honest effort to learn Russian and make a mistake speaking. It is a different story if they use English to correct my Russian.

It is my responsibility to learn the Russian language. It is not the Russians obligation to accommodate me if I refuse to assimilate.

I like to see Spanish people try this in the Russian Federation with this press 1 for Russian and 2 for Spanish. It would never fly in Russia. Learn their language or go home. Their way or the highway is the right policy of Russia if they refuse to learn the native language.

So you Daily Paul people before you talk about free speech. Better learn history first. It is noting to do with free speech. The language of the people is a major part of the strength and unity of a nation.

English is the Language of America. Not Spanish. Any Questions?

Soon or will be the Americans way for the Highway if a person does not assimilate to learn English and learn our history or culture. There is no room for those who will not assimilate to be Americans and not have duel loyalties to their native country. There is only room for one American flag and one Language and that is English.


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Or we could just talk dirty in Hawaiian...


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Oh, Dear God! Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Oh, Dear God! Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Yo!!! Lol!!!

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I have a proposal

Let's all speak one language. We will base it on English but take out some of the redundancies and useless parts. For example, we can eliminate the letter c since you can use an s or a k to make that sound. The word car bekomes kar and the word cell bekomes sell. We kan eliminate the double ll and the previous example changes from cell to sel. We kan replase the ph sound and the unnesessary e at the end of som words, so cellphone bekoms selfon. Even w can be replased with v and -ew sounds become u. So we kan bekom ve. It vil be difikult to adjust ven you are learning a nu languag. It kan be very konfusing. Ve kan go further and replas the th vith the z. Ze vord "the" vil be redus to ze vord "ze". Ze leter kombination ou vill soon be o or u depending on ze sund of ze vord so zat ve vil furzer redus ze vords. Ve kan even kombine ze adverb viz ze verb so ve kan be beterspeking viz ozer pepul. Zis vil be ze uber vay to spek.


I vuld suport zis 100%. Zere

I vuld suport zis 100%. Zere is also 1337$p34k but zat is hard for sum people sinse yu hav to figre it out based on how it luks, It kan sumtimz take even longer to write out or read.

But back to the op. The way this is said definitely gives it an undertone of xenophobia whether it is unintentional or not. I do think that in a professional environment that English only is how it should be. Where I work we have that policy but it's loose at best. We are owned by a German company and where I work is in south Florida. So we have Germans come over from time to time and they all know English but when they do their inspection tours they form a gaggle and ja this nein that. I don't think anyone has the Klöten to tell them to speak English lol. It's very irritating though trying to hold a conversation sometimes in a group when two people speak one language and the third doesn't and they keep switching. The op is right in one sense that it does breed mistrust in a professional environment.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

You work in an environment owned by a German company.

You work in an environment owned by a German company.

I am sure whomever speaks both English and German makes a much better salary and has much closer relations with the German higher-ups than those who only speak English.

The advantages of being able to speak more than one language in a Professional environment.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


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Breaking News: Daily Paul Member Invents New Language!

This is the funniest thing I have read here in a long time.

Creative Comedy at it's finest :)

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@ the anxious paranoia

Govts shouldn't cater to

those who don't speak English. I don't care what anyone speaks at home. I don't care if someone wants to print Spanish, Feench, Russian newspapers, magazines, what have you or create foreign lanuage TV/radio stations.
What I don't like is the govt wasting my money catering to those who come here and expect special treatment.
If someone won't learn the language then it's up to that person to provide for his/her own translator and not use OPM (other people's money)for that purpose.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Federal Enlgish regulations here:

A huge part of what has made

A huge part of what has made English so powerful -- the most widely published and the current international language -- is its long history of assimilation.

I doubt that the Norse or the Normandy invasions of England were any less frustrating for native English speakers living side by side with folks who spoke differently than many American English speakers are by the current influx of Spanish, Hindi, Arabic speakers.

It's not always a pleasant process...but its results are beautiful.

think about

You must learn English, that is force.. Another mandate. No thanks

Your philosophy matches your screen name :)

@ Freedom Lover:

Your philosophy matches your screen name :)

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In a free country you can

In a free country you can speak whatever language you want and people on private property can make whatever rules they want. Any questions?

The fact I even have to say this on a "liberty" site is disheartening. Congratulations, you're just another authoritarian posing as a libertarian. Head back over to Fox News, you obviously are lost.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed


So many grammatical mistakes in this post I can not believe the poster has the gall to tell people they need to learn English when they seem to struggle using it.
I would shut down all Spanish speaking radio,TV stations and print media because it does not help no one.
I would shut down all Spanish speaking radio,TV stations and print media because it does not help anyone.
Insults in Spanish is an act of cowards.
Insults in Spanish are an act of cowards.
the school principle has every right to have English only spoken.
The school principle has every right to have only English spoken.
I will learn to speak the language because as a guest in their country.
LOL, WTF does that even mean?
If I make a honest effort to learn Russian and make a mistake speaking.
Another completely meaningless sentence by OP.
It is noting to do with free speech.
It has nothing to do with free speech.
English is the Language of America. Not Spanish.
English is the Language of America, not Spanish.
Soon or will be the Americans way for the Highway if a person does not assimilate to learn English and learn our history or culture.
Soon it will be the Americans way or the Highway if a person does not assimilate by learning English and learning our history or culture.

I thought he was trying to say, "cowardice" and not, "cowards."

Let alone all of the other "English" mistakes.

Jesus, what a hypocrite.

Love thy enemy.

This is simply the promotion of limitation and ignorance.

This is simply the promotion of limitation and ignorance.

Any wonder it is written in Butchered English? --->http://youtu.be/7PvaEDdO468

[I live in a little box of limitation and I want everyone else to live in a little box of limitation. Anything outside my little box I don't understand and makes me angry ]

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considering more and more students cannot read or write after graduating elementary school today....what is the problem here? ;)

Grunting is not officially a language yet.

Does Latino/Hispanic have a different grunting dialect for example?

I think we have all heard stories of immigrants living and working with not knowing english for 40 - 50 years plus. They stick to their own locales and this is fine. But as soon they need to access government services, the confusion starts. ie. translators need to be hired for example.

These people are only limiting themselves opportunities but this is their choice. Thus they should not be surprised when they are potentially misunderstood in important legal matters, hospitals, taxation, etc., if and when they arise.


Clueless about our history, eh?

100 years ago, my hometown had 10,000 people. It had a French church, Polish church German church, and a Swedish church, because that was the languages spoken by the very diverse population. It also had several newspapers, all with different languages. My grandparents only spoke Swedish. My father's first language was Swedish. My mother's family, which had been in the State since about 1840, spoke French, and my mother's first language was French. Many of the families married local Indians. I am part Chippewa as a result.

Somehow, in this polyglot mix, these people managed to get along. They did business together, they carved out a civil society from the dense forests, intermarried, and had multi-ethnic kids.

THAT was America. It was dynamic and it was free. There was no official language, though by common usage over generations English (sort of) became the norm.

So let's stop obsessing about what language someone is speaking and learn to communicate. And accept. And love.

Let me get this straight

So you come on to a liberty loving website to push your authoritarian views on language? Get a life!

If you care at all about liberty then you have to at least afford people the liberty to speak the language they want to.

I have a hard time understanding why you even care about this? If you don't speak Spanish and the Spanish speaker doesn't want to learn English to talk to you or vice versa, so what, don't talk to each other. Now if you are upset about being the subject of insults in Spanish, well by judging from your post here, you probably deserve it.

I wonder if you know that in a part of the US, that Spanish is the native language. Puerto Rico. In PR the US tried to force the population to speak English but it didn't work and they eventually gave up. The intelligent people of Puerto Rico learn English as they have to to do business with the States. So what of the ones who don't learn English? Nothing, they just deal in Spanish and communicate with other Spanish speakers, leaving themselves at a disadvantage.

There is no reason that English should remain "the language" of the United States and it won't. One day we might all be speaking Chinese.

Why don't you take a Spanish course and try to bridge the gap between you and these usurpers? You'd give yourself an advantage over those who don't speak Spanish, but then you'd be giving in and be accommodating, right?

Or you could ultimately follow your argument to it's conclusive end and take it upon yourself to learn Navajo or Iroquois or some other Native American language depending on the part of the country you are from, you know, so you could speak the language of the land you've chosen to call home.

Just as with currency we should all be free to use the language that we deem appropriate.

Bravo. Exactly.

Bravo. Exactly.

Anyone who reads what you have just written can see the obvious in you: You are highly educated, whether you speak one language or many.

I happen to teach a Universal language: Music (Guitar). I don't charge money. I do it because it enriched my life and had the kind help of awesome artists I feel indebted to, so it is my way of saying thanks for the gifts I have been given. I promote knowledge.

I cannot imagine telling any of my students: ONLY GUITAR! "But I also want to play (speak) Bass: NO! Only Guitar! (Lol!!!).

Student: "I want to learn this song in Spanish. Can you teach me? NO! We are in America!"


How sad, hmmmm?

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Denise B's picture

Wow, I am really

astonished by the huge number of down votes on this article! I honestly do not have a racist bone in my body, but I clearly understand and agree with most of what this poster is conveying. How can so many people who claim to want to protect the sovereignty of our nation complain when someone actually suggests the importance of maintaining a cohesion of language and culture. There is no arguing the fact that the vast majority of the immigrants of past who migrated to this county respected our culture and ideals and part of that respect included learning our language. How can any country maintain any semblance of unity without a common language? Why is it only in America that people scream "racist" if we fail to accommodate every single foreigner who chooses to come here and call this country his home? There is no other country on this earth who is expected to accommodate all people of all languages or be accused or being intolerant or inconsiderate or even racist. That's because the truth is, for a country to survive as a unique and sovereign nation there must be a common language, culture and unity and TPTB recognize this and have been working overtime to destroy all of these things in the USA under the tyranny of political correctness. It is simply not practical to cater to every person who happens to speak a foreign language who comes to our nation It also creates a situation of disunity and divisiveness, which is exactly what TPTB want. How can we possibly be united as a nation without a common language? It is sheer lunacy to suggest that you can and I am baffled by the number of people on the DP that clearly do not seem to get that.

"How can so many people who claim to want to"

protect the sovereignty of our nation"

While liberty lovers usually believe in protecting national sovereignty as a means to an end, it is our first and foremost goal to defend, not "national sovereignty," but "individual sovereignty." Freedom comes first!

Denise thank you for standing

Denise thank you for standing by me. I will be in Russia when the winter months pass. I expect to do my best to be independent than depend on some one to speak for me in the Russian tongue. I wan to speak for myself as much as I can. I do not want to be accommodated. Russians take very serious of their language and culture. They protect their language and culture very zealously. Why do people take offense when a person stands up Zealously for their own language and culture?

Mexico will not accommodate us. They defend their sovereignty and language with zeal. Why should we be any different when it comes to defending our language and sovereignty? Agree?

Please stay in Russia.

You are so funny! At least we have an almost identical alphabet.

Velveeta: You are so funny!

At least we English speakers and Spanish speakers have a nearly identical alphabet. I wish him good luck with Russian (while still struggling with English and making "Americans" look bad).

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@ RealMan2020: Начните с этого:

Начните с этого:


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jrd3820's picture

I didn't downvote, but this is where my contention came in

First one of his arguments is that this wouldn't fly in Russia.

Well there are a lot of things that would or wouldn't fly in Russia and a lot of other countries. Are we just picking and choosing what we like about Russia and then saying we should do it here?

Next argument is that people could be talking behind his back. Really? People can and will talk about other people behind their back in any language.

So, for starters the arguments seemed a bit weak to me.

Next, I have an issue with the idea that we need to declare and enforce English as the national language. Ummm... What do we do with the people who still don't learn English? Punish them?

You are correct when you say we cannot cater to everyone. However I don't think not declaring English as the national language is catering to certain groups. In the south there are signs in Spanish and English because the population reads and speaks both. I lived in Shanghai for a while. Signs were in Chinese and English because there are tons of European and United States ex pats there and is good for business for the people to be able to get around over there. Huge European populations there setting up businesses along with decent size populations of United States citizens setting up businesses there. It is great for their economy, they like encourage it so it is very easy as an English speaker to get around Shanghai because they cater to English speakers also. But it wasn't just Shanghai, I am in South Korea now and also very easy to get around and it was the same in the Philippines and I will be in Thailand soon and understand that it is similar there also because they do cater to English speakers. This covers people from Canada, The US, England, New Zealand, Australia, and a lot of European countries.

You ask how we can be untied as a nation without a common language? We do have a common language. It is English. Do we need to declare that on a federal level? We just happen to have a lot of people that speak other languages either solely or as well as English.

So as I said I did not downvote, I rarely ever do. If I had, it would have not been under any feeling of need to be politically correct, but that his arguments are weak and the idea of imposing anything at the federal level seems ridiculous and highly authoritative to me.

Also, a world with one language seems about as boring to me as a world with one currency.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Denise B's picture

I certainly do not

have federal enforcement of the English language in mind, but at the same time, I do not think that federal, state and local funds should be used to accommodate people who came here of their own free will who simply can't be bothered to learn the language of the country that they chose to call home. And most times immigrants do not speak our language, not because they are incapable of learning it, but just because they choose not to. I also agree that it is very rude to speak in a foreign language around others who do not understand what they are saying, especially when they are perfectly capable of speaking English. To me that is akin to one person whispering into another's ear so that the person standing there can't here them, and quite simply that is rude.

Also, do you have any idea how much of our public funds are spent to accommodate people who do not think that it is necessary and appropriate to learn the language of the people they chose to come and live amongst? I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but I can look it up and the amount is staggering. Nobody forces anybody to come to this country. They make the decision to come here and should out of common courtesy and respect learn the language. Should they be forced to do it? Absolutely not, but at the same time, their failure to do so should not be encouraged or rewarded. A common language does unite people and I don't understand how an inability to communicate with those around you can do anything but divide, and as I stated earlier, it is especially disrespectful and wrong to expect others to accommodate or even incur added expense because you choose not to. I would never travel to another country and expect that the people there should accommodate my inability to communicate with them. I would seek out others in that country who spoke my language and then I would make every effort of my own accord to learn their language.

What makes America, America? Is it not a group of people with a shared language, heritage and ideals? Yes, we should respect others who come here, but we should also expect a level of respect in return and part of that includes a desire to learn our heritage, history, culture and yes, our language also.


there is no cohesive language or culture here. Part of being American is that we are a melting pot of people (and descendants thereof) from all over the world, each bringing their own unique traditions, languages and beliefs. Calling for everyone to be forced to adopt YOUR "approved" language and culture is both ignorant and offensive, and it's antithetical to liberty.


The people of Switzerland speak 4 different languages and they don't have a unity problem.