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Daily Paul Followers. English is the Language, Not Spanish. No One's Free Speech is Violated. Any Questions?

There was a time that when immigrants came from Europe to have a better life in America. The kids would learn English at school and the parents were eager to learn the English lessons taught to their children so the parents can better their lives learning the language. If it were left up to me. I would shut down all Spanish speaking radio,TV stations and print media because it does not help no one. It is a disincentive for a person not to assimilate into the language and culture. It is has nothing to do with free speech or freedom. If a person does not want to learn English, they should go home to the land they came from.

the school principle has every right to have English only spoken. in story:

My employer who is the foreman who is here legally from Columbia has a policy. His rule is no Spanish spoken on the job and English is the only language in the work place among co-workers. No English, no hire.

People speaking Spanish when they can speak English well breeds mistrust among those who do not speak Spanish. Many times these people who can speak English speak Spanish behind people's backs because they are not man enough or lady enough to say it in English is an act of cowards.

The school principle's policy prohibiting Spanish in the classroom stops these insults made behind the teachers or students backs. If they have a problem with someone. They should say it in English. Insults in Spanish is an act of cowards if they can not speak do not want to speak there minds in the proper language. It has nothing to do with free speech or individual liberty.

I plan on visiting Russia hopefully next year. I am learning the language so I can communicate with the Russian people. I know many Russians can speak English well. I will learn to speak the language because as a guest in their country. If I make the effort to speak there language. I know I will earn their respect for making the effort. I do not expect the Russian people to accommodate me if I refuse to learn the Russian language.

If I make a honest effort to learn Russian and make a mistake speaking. It is a different story if they use English to correct my Russian.

It is my responsibility to learn the Russian language. It is not the Russians obligation to accommodate me if I refuse to assimilate.

I like to see Spanish people try this in the Russian Federation with this press 1 for Russian and 2 for Spanish. It would never fly in Russia. Learn their language or go home. Their way or the highway is the right policy of Russia if they refuse to learn the native language.

So you Daily Paul people before you talk about free speech. Better learn history first. It is noting to do with free speech. The language of the people is a major part of the strength and unity of a nation.

English is the Language of America. Not Spanish. Any Questions?

Soon or will be the Americans way for the Highway if a person does not assimilate to learn English and learn our history or culture. There is no room for those who will not assimilate to be Americans and not have duel loyalties to their native country. There is only room for one American flag and one Language and that is English.


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So is that who

we are modeling as a nation now, Switzerland? A socialist country, is that who we are aspiring to be now? The highway signs must get very confusing. I don't know about Switzerland, but what I do know about is my country, the United States, and up until only a few decades ago, the vast, vast majority of people that immigrated here respected this country enough to learn our language and it worked out just fine. Although many people maintained their native languages, they also took the time to learn the prevailing language, the English language and under no circumstances did they demand that the people of this country cater to their every need. They looked at being here as a privilege, not a right and they came to work hard and contribute to society, not to make demands of it. It's no coincidence that this change coincides with all of the other changes which have been made to our culture who's ultimate goal is to destroy it. They are getting pretty close I would say.

My point is that the unity

My point is that the unity argument is pointless, not that we should model our nation after any other.

The OP argues that people should speak English because he doesn't like it. If they don't learn English it is to their own detriment, but if we want to live in a free society then we must be free to speak the language we want to speak.

One language, one race, one party, one ideology. That's what you are pushing whether or not you can see it.

There is no official language in the US and there never should be if we are going to remain free.

If people want to communicate with each other they will do it by whatever means necessary, learning languages, hand motions, google translate, whatever works.

Force is force and not liberty and not freedom.

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I am not mandating

force under any circumstances and I have no problem with people maintaining their native languages. I just believe that if they make the choice (and it is a choice) to come here, then they should take the initiative to learn the English language as well and not expect special treatment because they choose not to. No matter how you put it, cohesion and unity in a country is accomplished much easier through fluid communication and that only happens when we all share a common language. I have no desire to learn a new language or hand signals (which is especially difficult on the phone) or use google translate to get groceries at my local convenience store, nor in my own country should I have to. How can I build an intimate relationship or friendship with someone I can not speak to or understand. At the rate we're going in this country, it will be the Americans who have to learn 6 different languages just to function in society, and that should not be the case in our own country.

It wouldn't hurt to take a cue from their immigration policy

Switzerland says NO to more foreign workers as it imposes new quota on immigrants amid fears of being swamped

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2315217/Switzerland-...

Divide and conquer approach

Promoting division among us based on
1. color
2. race
3. religion
4. gender
5. political parties
6. language
...add your own.

Please unite.

Mi pregunta es, ¿a quién le

Mi pregunta es, ¿a quién le importa?

Mi espanol no es perfecto

Pero cresco que si tenemos un "daily Paul" website en espanol, el mundo fui mas bueno.
OK lets try that again using google translate http://translate.google.com/
Creo que si tuviéramos un sitio web paul diario en español sería un mundo mejor

Translation of The Above:

Translation of the above (there are errors is Spanish, but so what):

Mark Dran writes:

My Spanish is not perfect, but...

"I believe that if we had a Daily Paul in Spanish, The world would be a better place".

Mark: Puedes juntar a un grupo de amigos de habla hispana de gente de alrededor del mundo y escoger los mejores articulos de aqui, traducirlos y crear un website similar a este. Eso seria maravilloso. Quieres ver un video traducido que vale la pena compartir? He aqui: http://youtu.be/rZ483-p-xcs

From Wisdom Strategies: I just wrote to Mark: "You can get a group of Spanish speaking friends from around the world and pick some of the best articles from here, translate them and create a similar website to this one. That would be wonderful. Would you like to see a translated video worth sharing? http://youtu.be/MCwAcJ78a8A

And THERE YOU HAVE IT, People. Instead of LIMITING knowledge, knowledge should be PROMOTED...in as many languages as we can :)

Wisdom Strategies

I wouldn't worry about it.

Both of my grandfathers spoke German as their first languages and one was a third generation American, the other's family had been in the country since the 1600's.

This is not the first (or last) time a language other than English has been widely spoken in the US, and it is ultimately a transient effect.

In a few generations the Spanish speakers you find so offensive will be mostly assimilated and we'll all be pressing 2 for Bantu or Kazakh.

Furthermore, the lack of an "official language" is one of the things that allows the US to be great; it allows commercial interest to trump xenophobia, letting vendors appeal to whoever they feel like selling to. The existence of little pieces of home, the Chinatowns, the Little Koreas, makes people want to come here. An official language, enforced by thugs, is hardly the American way.

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There have been...

There have been attempts at a constitutional amendment to make English the official language of the United States. Either way, I really don't mind the Spanish speaking members here, though the idea of a mandatory language doesn't really seem necessary. Sure, the Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to make rules concerning the naturalization process, and that power could potentially mandate that immigrants learn at least a specified amount of English within, say, one year of immigration.

Either way, my family shares some of the same aspects as yours. My great-great-great grandparents, Johann and Magdalena came to Texas in 1860 in order to escape the problems in their native Austria-Hungry. They had a farm somewhere around High Hill and had 13 children (with one who died in childbirth). Looking through some census records, they were fluent in German, of course, but they also spoke English. The language was passed on to at least one of their children, Joseph, and his son, Paul. According to one of Paul's surviving children, my great-aunt Margret, Paul and his wife Viola spoke German among themselves and English with their children. The tradition of speaking German broke off for the next two generations, but I picked it up back in high-school and I still yearn for learning.

In der Freiheiet!

Cordis Die!

Congratulations on your desire to learn German! :)

Hello, Carsten :)

It is so nice to see you have German Ancestry and yearn to learn German. It would open a whole new world of possibilities and interests for you.

I grew up in Latin America. Spanish is my first language. I learnt English in Latin America because as a child I loved The Beatles and I wanted to know what they were singing about, so my mother worked extra hours so she could pay for me to attend a private school I attended after my regular school hours, so my love for English was my love for Art and Culture. Zero plans of moving to The United States at the time.

The people of the country I grew up in are highly educated, and schools teach Spanish, English and French. We look to Europeans as Highly Educated people who speak many languages. I am a Professional Interpreter (Spanish & English) and I still feel that two languages are not enough. I am a musician as well, so I wish I could speak Italian and Portuguese as well. A current romantic interest is a Brazilian girl. She speaks SEVEN languages. THAT is impressive and so very attractive. If she were to read this post she would think the person who wrote it is incredibly ignorant and uneducated and if you ask people who speak more than one language what they think of those who only speak one, the word that comes to mind is "Limited". Nothing wrong with being limited to one language, but...

Now, to take PRIDE in knowing and promoting only ONE language? That is promoting limitation and ignorance. To her, myself and anyone mildly educated, we look at that as truly backwards bordering on the barbaric.

I wish you much success in your pursuit of culture and knowledge.

Umarmungen (((Hugs)))

Wisdom Strategies

Why are people so afraid of Hispanics?

Anyone who lives in the Southwest knows that historically this was Spanish-speaking territory. Hispanics also are part of WESTERN Civilization and are predominately Christian.
What's up with all this fear? I don't think it's founded on anything other than blind irrational fear.
At any rate, it's likely that Spanish speakers will decline if immigration history has any merit.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous

thanks for the daily trollbait post realman2020...


"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

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I thought

we here in america spoke american,and the ones across
the pond spoke english
Now,as i read below,maybe i should take another language course,but i'd prolly just butcher that as well :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

You speak American? Wow! I have never heard "American!" Lol!

You speak American? Wow! I have never heard "American!"

Could you please give us an example? You don't mean First Nations languages, do you? (Native American languages are beautiful...wish I could speak at least one simply as an exercise in Culture).

You must refer to a language spoken in The American Continent. Well, the dominant ones are Spanish, English & Portuguese and then I think just about EVERY other language imaginable, especially in The United States (what makes this country so interesting and awesome) but honestly I have NEVER heard "American".

I was going to make a suggestion, but you answered it for me:

And I quote you: "Now,as i read below,maybe i should take another language course,but i'd prolly just butcher that as well :)"

Yes. Work on English first.

Wisdom Strategies

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was it my punctuality,or lack there of,did i not use commas,or too many?
or maybe my capitulation? not enough big letters in the onslaught of my comment? :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

It was not your "punctuality".

It was not your punctuality, as that refers to a time agreed upon.

The Daily Paul is a libertarian website, so nobody cares at what time you arrived here. Have a seat and welcome to class :)


Wisdom Strategies

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I was in Shanghai for a while recently. I was teaching English. I went out one night to a pub in the international district downtown and I was talking to a guy from London. I told him I was teaching English and he corrected me and said I was teaching 'American.' He pointed to the vast differences between English spoken in Britain and English spoken in America.

England and the U.S. have everything in common except...

the language.

Hey - don't miss this http://www.dailypaul.com/293342/tink-you-talk-good-check-dis...

"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

There is American English

There is American English which has many dialects depending on where we live. The United Kingdom speaks "the queens English" In Whales, there are certain part of Whales we do not understand the English they speak at all.

Lol! Yup. But it is NOT "American". It is American English.

Lol! Yup. But it is NOT "American". It is American English.

There is no "American Language". It does not exist.

We would have to make a tasty soup of ALL the languages spoken in The American Continent. That would that be so interesting!

Wisdom Strategies

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Language Soup!

That would be amazing!!!!

Before criticizing other languages, learn written English.

Your first mistake was demonstrating your incompetence with English. To wit:

"If it were left up to me. I would shut down all Spanish speaking radio,TV stations and print media because it does not help no one."

Someone needs a grammar slam...


"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

You can not attack me on the

You can not attack me on the merits so you attack the grammar. You are a La Raza troll I see or a grammar NAZI who hate America and individualism.

(No subject)

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I don't know Realman 2020

Think I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one.

“People speaking Spanish when they can speak English well breeds mistrust among those who do not speak Spanish.”
That is an opinion. That is YOUR opinion. It is not a fact. I don’t feel that way when people around me are speaking a different language even if they know English.

“Many times these people who can speak English speak Spanish behind people's backs because they are not man enough or lady enough to say it in English is an act of cowards.”
How old are you? Does it even really matter what someone says about you behind your back? You do you. Be confident and proud of yourself and your choices and who you are and it doesn’t matter what someone else says about you if you know who you are and what you are as a person.

“It would never fly in Russia”
There are a lot of things that would never fly in Russia…. Should America adapt some of those policies also? Or are we just picking and choosing at random?

“There is only room for one American flag and one Language and that is English.”
‘Murica Rocks!!!!!

I also hate being grammar police and this is the first time I have ever resorted to these tactics here, but if you are going to go on a rant about English and it's proper use; you have a few sentence fragments, you changed tense a couple times, and you said ‘no one’ where it should be ‘anyone.’ Just a few minor things like that. I do it all the time myself, I probably missed about a ton of commas in this post alone, just thought I’d help ya out though.

Oh, PS have fun in Russia. After taking a Russian lit class a couple semesters ago Moscow has moved it's way onto my list of places I am trying to get to within the next few years. I loved Russian literature. I love American literature also.

just some food for thought for you

When I was going to culinary school, I was one of two white women in a class of 200 students, over 50% were Hispanic.. one project we worked on, the students that I was grouped with were all Hispanic, and they conversed in Spanish, to the point I felt excluded from the group. I understand Spanish better than speak it, and at one point I could not follow the conversation, and I asked for what was said to be repeated. I was told, "Learn Spanish because you're not going to get a job unless you speak Spanish." This was over a decade ago.. and in many ways what I was told is correct.. because corporations and other have pay scales, they hire Spanish speaking people to do labor. so, if you are going to chef a kitchen, you must speak Spanish... because if you don't.. you won't have a crew.. and the same time I was in school.. I found out that the Strikliy Spanish speaking in the USA were sabotaging Taco Bells and other facilities.. When the owner was around, everything was great.. when the owner was not around.. they would refuse to serve people and trash the palce, until the owner had to sell, and guess who's family buys the restaurant? after 11 Taco Bells went under in Oakland and reopened as other taco places.. there was finally an investgation.. but I am sure that this practice is not limited to Hiapanic speaking or the restaurant industry.. Now.. If I was in Mexico I would do my best to speak Spanish.. it's respect. Something we seem to have lost.

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Hi Granger

I actually agree with OP in some senses. If you are going to move to a foreign country and look for work, you should probably learn some of the language with a few exceptions. For example when I was looking for work as an English teacher a lot of the schools I applied to in various Asian countries did not want me to already know the language as they wanted their students to have a full on immersion experience and apparently conversing with them even in the slightest using their native language is thought to disrupt that process. Those were the thoughts of my potential employers, not my thoughts necessarily.

What I didn't understand about this post was the idea that we need to declare and enforce an official language. I don't see how that will change anything.

One of his arguments was that this wouldn't happen in Russia. Well.... a lot of things do happen in Russia that wouldn't happen here vice versa.... same with many other countries...oh well. That is hardly an argument to stand on.

Since I have been in Asia, China for a while, the Philippines for a vacation, currently South Korea and heading to Thailand soon I have not once felt completely lost. Why? Because most places have signs in English. Why? Because it is great for business for them to have English people feel comfortable or welcome at a business/restaurant/attraction. That being said, I have also picked up common phrases and have been sure to try my hardest to help with the exchange between myself and the people of the countries I have been visiting.
Also, a lot of the people I interact with have wanted to test their English on me. In fact when I lived in Shanghai there was a little All Days (7-11 style convenience store)right around the corner from me. One of the night clerks spoke very decent English and always lit up when he saw me walk in and wanted to try it with me and he would laugh as I would try my Chinese. It was a human interaction and a lingual exchange and it was fun. No one was forcing someone else to learn something, it was something we both enjoyed doing.

My points of contention with this post were that the arguments were very weak. Besides the Russia thing another argument was that someone might be talking about him behind his back. People can and will do that in English also. It sucks but life goes on. My next point of contention is that I don't want to see anything enforced on a Federal level. What difference would it make?

Speaking of Oakland. CA is my 2nd home. I have tons of friends and family in Southern CA. Heading back to the states soon and will be stopping in CA for a bit before getting back to MI just in time for Xmas and I can't wait for some Mexican food! Tacos..... I love tacos.

Hope all is well Granger. Thanks for your story. I imagine that would have been a bit overwhelming sometimes, but hey.... look at you.... you have said you have dyslexia so all the numbers and whatnot in the recipes and being surrounded by the majority of Spanish speakers..... you pulled through and that is amazing.

Hi jrd

To be honest, it took me by surprize.. and in the bog picture, probably saved me a lot of greif.

As for what difference a national language makes, I think it makes a lot in uniting a people.. least we become more "Bablyonian" than we already are.. just to give an example because of my interest, I notice that Hebrew is coming back in a big way, the only anceint language making a come back because it unites a people who want to be united. Seems Americasn are not interested in being united.

My favorite Mexican restaurant is on the south east corner of Rosecranz and Highland (PCH).. El Tarrasco.. the trick is to order the food "to go", buy some ice cold cerveza, return to pick up your order (I order quacamole, because they make and fry whole corn tortillias and make awesome salsa for your chips, and a chile rellino burrito.. you order tacos.. go to the roof where there is a veiw from Palso Verdes to Malibu'Zuma on a clear day.. great place to watch fireworks too.. few folks are ever in the roof.. one block from El Porto, my old surf spot.. number of ggod places to eat in South Bay.. I'm in Mendo now.. where there are members of my Church who family records go back to when CA was Mexico 1850.. not that long ago.

Thank you for the kindness. I just flashed on that kitchen story.. people are people.. there are jerks of all races and nations.. why should they rule the world?