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Neocon Heads Explode Over Iran Deal

With this past week’s news of a tentative deal between the “P5 + 1″ (read: the U.S. + a few puppet governments) and Iran that would – theoretically and hopefully – ease sanctions while guaranteeing that Iran will not be attacked by the United States – it should come as no surprise that the usual neocon talking heads are in a tizzy about it. Setting aside the ridiculous notion that people halfway across the world should have to get “permission” from the United States or other countries to pursue certain technologies, any step towards peace and away from war should be seen as a positive.

Let’s take a quick look around the Neocon Rogues Gallery:

Jeffrey Goldberg seethes over at Bloomberg:

Momentum for sanctions is waning. It’s true that the economic relief the Iranians will receive in this deal is modest, but it is also true that many nations, many companies and the Iranians themselves are seeing this agreement as the beginning of the end of the sanctions regime. Iran is already making a push to recapture its dominant role in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. U.S. officials believe they can hold the line on sanctions, but it is reasonable to assume that they will come under increasing pressure from countries such as South Korea, Japan, India and China, which could very easily convince themselves that Iran is preparing to act in a more responsible manner (after all, it replaced its snarling, Holocaust-denying president with a smiling, savvy president) and should be reopened for business.

Ah, yes, a deal with Iran on sanctions is bad because it will kill the “momentum” for sanctions! Well Jeffrey, that is sort of the point. Sanctions are an act of war; sanctions attack the economic activity of citizens who have done no wrong outside of happening to live in the “rogue” state of Iran.

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Since China announced that they are going to dump some FRN's and reduce their holdings in US funny money, plundering Iran just got bumped to the back of the line.

Ron Paul Neocons Infuriated by Iran Peace Talks

Ron Paul Neocons Infuriated by Iran Peace Talks


This isn't a Neocon issue

If I was to tell you that when I get a gun, I'm going to shoot you dead, would you then hand me a gun? The leadership of Iran has stated publicly they will use their nukes on us and Israel. Because of that, we shouldn't allow them to get nuclear weapons.

Do you always believe

what the Government/Media Complex of Collectivists tells you? I don't believe anything they say without thorough investigation, as they lie to protect the agenda of the Coporate Collective. You trained belief about Ahmadinijad stating he was going to nuke Israel has been thoroughly debunked as a fraudulent translation. Hey, Iraq has WMD's and Saddam is going to use them on America and Israel. Well, we know that was a complete lie after thousands of US military dead, maimed, or dying, millions of Iraqi's dead, and trillions in debt. Iran is a signatory to the NPT, which allows inspections, Israel, India, Pakistan, and N. Korea are not, and they have nuclear weapons. Israel has attacked the US several times, the USS Liberty and the Levon Affair, which is well documented, and have attacked many of their neighbors. India and Pakistan have been in conflict for hundreds of years, and all it takes is a false flag attack in one of the countries, and the nukes go flying. N. Korea has been in an 'Armistace' with S. Korea for 50+yrs. and they could be aggrivated at any time to launch nukes. Iran hasn't attacked any nation in hundreds of years, though we backed Saddam to attack them, and has never stated they desire to build a nuke or attack anybody. They have made statements like 'they would like to see the Zionist regime toppled in the Holy Land', that is persecuting, robbing, and killing their Palestinian brothers, but they never said they were going to do it. Why, if the Iranians are wanting to save the Palestinians, would they nuke Israel, which would wipe all the Palestinians out? Boy, that really makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Much of the foreign policy promoted by the Trotskyite NeoBolsheviks, and radical Zionists is all propaganda, and can be deflated using simple logic, like I just referenced about nuking Israel.

That sure sounds like a NeoCon argument.

Who are we to tell anyone what they can have or not have? Yes we are the biggest bully on the planet and one of these days it will end in tragedy for us.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

It's not just that

Iran is terribly earthquake prone.. do we really need another Fukashima? I wonder, will Iran soon have an Arab Spring?

sanction= indirect war with

sanction= indirect war with every individual of a country, essentially, everyone is guilty until proven an innocent, sanctions imply there are no inocents involved, because a free country would never infringe on inocents, never......so either they are ALL guilty, or those who impose a sanction are guilty

A government does not make up a country, using a blunt instrument does not fix the solution, should there even BE a problem

As a rule

Anything that upsets Neocons typically brings me infinite joy.