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NYC man charged with assault for failure to catch NYPD wayward bullets

I have no words for this one...

New York Times 12-4-13:
"Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Square"

"An unarmed, emotionally disturbed man shot at by the police as he was lurching around traffic near Times Square in September has been charged with assault, on the theory that he was responsible for bullet wounds suffered by two bystanders, according to an indictment unsealed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Wednesday. "


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The only line in the whole article explains the DA's position

“The defendant is the one that created the situation that injured innocent bystanders,” said an assistant district attorney, Shannon Lucey.

The situation, Ms. Lucey, was that two policemen, with training in the use of guns and the NYPD's rules on when, where, and against whom to use them; decided to disregard ALL of that, and recklessly discharged their weapons in the general direction of their target; missing the unarmed, 250lb. man entirely, and wounding two bystanders with as many bullets.

All that the DA's grand jury indictment proves is that there is NO legal fiction they can't get their GJ to rubber-stamp, eh?

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

I thought it would link to

I thought by the headline that this would link to an Onion story.

In other news, police have begun charging abused wives with assault, for "making the husbands do this."