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Back in 2011, Bitcoin developer confirmed he's working with Government Regulators

I can't embed the video here but...

The comments about working with goverment are between 18 and 23.


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Developer of what?

The title might be construed as suggesting this "developer" in question was part and parcel of developing / implementing Bitcoin. Unless I'm seriously mistaken, this is not the claim, nor the case.
I am not surprised individuals such as this "developer" are conversing with "officials" to be above board / transparent with the government about their activities and intentions, and therefore not to be in conflict. The topic of "bitcoin" is new to the officials. And so I see this individual as working with the government to develop policies that facilitates use of bitcoin in adherence to domestic laws. I would suggest that developing policies is entirely different from developing bitcoin software.
I appreciate that tptb will try to find an angle, and maybe "go with it" for now with the hopes of "leading us to somewhere". However, the domestic policies implemented are only applicable to it's citizens, not to bitcoin software itself. As such, bitcoin will remain as is, regardless of national policies.

good point

He did develop the cpuminer and is a core Bitcoin developer. I believe that Satoshi used a slightly different type to mine the first 20,000 blocks ($1B USD). And Jeff Garzik then created cpuminer with possibly some improvements. And everyone used that.

But yes, the hysteria of twisting what he said is wrong. And he was talking about bitcoin exchanges not the protocol which of course is public as he said.

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One of the goals has always been to eliminate cash transactions

And to go digital so all transactions can be traced and taxed.
Bitcoin is good training for that and they get people to enthusiastically embrace it while trashing gold and saying bitcoin is better than gold!

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you shall not buy nor sell without the mark of the beast.


So glad to see others talking about this!

I thought it was trouble months ago, but when Bernanke recently came out mentioning its potential, I was 100% certain.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

If it walks like a duck

and quacks like a duck then it is probably a duck. Bankers seem to be backing it and law enforcement is protecting it. The government probably already has the plan to regulate and tax it. Soon the only real anonymous way of doing transactions, CASH, will be eliminated and the government will be laughing all the way to their bitcoin wallet.

Diversion to -split the liberty movement and to draw attention

Away from real money?

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800 Pound Gorilla(s)

OK here I go asking stupid questions and making un-informed stupid comments. Certainly the Bit Coin rage seemed very interesting, rebellious, and anti establishment... my kind of currency. However there seems some obvious questions about this (fad?) that have not been addressed (at least not that I've seen)... therefore the subject of this comment: 800 lb gorillas in the room sitting next to us, maybe even in our laps.

1. Just who is this mystery entity that created it, Satoshi Nakamoto? Why did they develop this network? What do they get out of it? Why wouldn't they profit?
2. Supposedly its an anonymous and safe process to transact moneys, products etc. without paying any middlemen a cut. However lately esp. since the value(?) has soared recently... there have been robberies of individuals bitcoin wallets, from Australia to Holland. It is after all electronic and like the rest of internet, subject to manipulations.
3. If the banks, Bernanke, etc are embracing the idea of Bitcoin does that mean that it WILL become status quot... is it already... in fact the beginning of the NO CASH, everything done electronically? Could it be meant to "tank" the dollar, make it irrelevant and everyone just voluntarily convert happily to bitcoin. Then when everyone is on it, REGULATE however "they" want?
4. How is it that when you profit on anything... say like stocks that increase in value, that one wouldn't be required to claim that profit and pay taxes on it. You know like the bicoins you acquired at $30 now being at $1200. So the IRS or supposedly no one else can even know how many bitcoins you have or if you even have any. So do people claim it when supposedly no one can check or investigate or prove what you have? The IRS won't find a way to monitor your wealth, your bitcoin wallet?

Could it be that the Bitcoin thing is the ultimate weapon for the "powers that be"? All banking and purchases via the Bitcoin network? Eventually when its too late to turn back "they" monitor it, they take a cut of transactions (remember when Paypal was free?), the IRS takes their cut without you actually having to do anything, and the value of Bitcoin is regulated and manipulated by the same entities that manipulate the value of EVERYTHING ELSE (say gold and silver just for starters)? Remember in-spite of the so-called encryptions its still an electronic thing and to me that means it can and probably will stack the deck... against everyone but the ones that wrote the script/program.

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created for hatred of central banking

It was created because he or they hated central banks.

Read some history on it, it's not as sinister as some suggest.

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The gorilla is in the room

Eliminating anonymous transactions by way of cash has been the goal of our greedy corrupt government for decades.

People refuse to realize that this digital world we now live in is not a product of a free market.

working with gov regulators to regulate the exchanges

if you cash out of bitcoin through a exchange or paypal or something with your name on it then yes it can be traced back to you. if you cash out @ localbitcoins.com for cash in person then it is still anonymous.

there is some ips logging but i'm not sure how it works and how they can track it. remember the fbi was trying to find dpr from silkroad for years but could not and instead found him using old school police work using computer forensics not btc.

that guy is an enemy sellout and despises ron paul people.

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Some think

Greenspan was the developer of Bitcoin. For I will never buy another coin as my whole wallet was ripped off

Never thought about this...

dang, interesting point.

18 to 23 is pretty heady stuff. 22:05, he mentions Ron Paul.

Ding Ding Ding

We have a winner!

Bernanke likes Bitcoin, BOFA likes bitcoin

Is bitcoin the faux rebel currency? Trojan horse?

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If I was a bankster and wanted to bring in a New World currency I would support Bitcon.

This digital currency would be a perfect front as it would appear to be a grassroots currency, I do not believe it is.

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Something doesn't smell right about this whole thing. When Bernanke said it showed promise, it bothered me. Even if it is legit, I could easily see TPTB recognizing it as an opportunity and taking advantage (to their benefit, of course) accordingly.