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South Africa Under State of Emergency - Clips from the 70's and 80's


This is what Nelson Mandela was up against. And the ignorance spews because his ideology happened to be on the left, so you want to believe in whatever perspective you have been taught. Under Apartheid rule, this was one way to free his people. Again, I don't give a rat's ass if he was a Communist, a Socialist, or that others perceive him as Anti Capitalist. There is ignorance everywhere.

That being said, South Africa is an example of freedom. It doesn't happen over night and South Africa is immature in terms of a nation. But so when was it dismantled? 1991? I am sure South Africa is not a perfect society, in fact they now have institutionalized reverse racism and there are outright racist judges that feel it is South Africa's right based on the past. But then again, I have never been there.

I am sure that after 1776 that America was not perfect either in it's early stages. I could be wrong. I was not there.

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bump for the ignorance

bump for the ignorance spewing

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