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Why is Adam Kokesh being so quiet?

anyone? seems that stint in jail might have affected him?

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Jail would affect me

not you?

Adam is not your jester

I am sure he has a lot of catching up to do with his girl, friends, and family. Let him be.

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I am sure

Adam's time in jail affected him. He is awaiting sentencing and another trial. People who are questioning him need to make a stand somewhere for something instead of criticizing.
Adam is not at the top of my favorite peoples list but he has made so many stands with civil disobedience. Anyone belittling him needs to get their butt out in the street and do something!

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The dude just got out of

The dude just got out of jail; close contacts stole from him; he was evicted; and sounds like his platform was on the brink.

Don't you think he needs some time to pull it together? Business management is not easy, especially when one day things are fine and the next day it's in complete chaos.

Give the man some breathing room and let him pull it together.

exactly. that great

exactly. that great recording studio and that place he had to do it, and some of his "friends" that supported him... that's gone. it may take a second or two to get back up and running.

When you see the real face of evil

It changes you. I heard that some people Adam trusted had stolen his money and made statements on his behalf that weren't in his best interest.

Cointelpro tends to shake you up a bit. Its best to for him to gather his thoughts and plan out his next move.

I respect AK

He took a stand. He went to jail and did hard time and it must have hurt him, but he didn't break. He's not a failure or a loser because he has decided to lay low for a while. Sometimes laying low is a smart survival strategy. After listening to interviews he's given, I don't think he's giving up, just reorganizing.

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Adam's plea out and failure

Adam's plea out and failure to take his case to jury trial combined with his silence is problematic to his future credibility. It forces the question of "what else did they have on him"? and how did they threaten to use it if he took his second amendment case to trial as would seem to be the goal of the protest if arrested. I have no opinions, only questions that don't add up in my mind. My guess at this point is, even after sentencing we will still be left in the dark as to the real story here of which I am convinced there is one yet to be heard that extends beyond the simple video of him with a shotgun.

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Because the fish

can hear you thinking.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

two words

directed energy

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How does that work? Sending

How does that work? Sending him EMFs to mess up his health?


pisses off the fish

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Adam is crushing it as usual.

all haters should watch this interview. To me Kokesh looks more humble, centered and focused.


Adam Kokesh explains his arrest, release and presidential candidacy in 2020 in this uncensored interview where he clarifies his politics and subsequent persecution from the government. Libertarianism, government persecution and 2nd amendment rights are all discussed, along with Kokesh's marijuana rally frame-up and his current legal troubles in this Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone and Tyrel Ventura.

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He has a pending court case

that will decide if he will be spending a couple of years in prison. I believe its on the 16th of this month, if i remember correctly. Im sure his lawyer told him its best not to do anything crazy between his release and his court date. He has been on several radio shows since his release which he talks about his pending case.

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silence is golden

silence is golden

Is that you

Adam? Message me, want to donate

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my 2 cents

Does anyone here know through one's OWN LIVED EXPERIENCE how 2-3 months of prison isolation effects a person?

Plus his court case is not yet finished as others have pointed out in the earlier comments, so I am pretty sure he does not want to do anything that would give THE MAN any more ammunition vs. ADAM at this moment.

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Does adam think he's goin back to jail?

His trial is not over right? He 'sentencing' coming up right? Why doesn't he leave to Chile? Berwick can set him up with a place there

I believe Chile would extradite him

Nowhere is safe from The Man!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

that wud suck


My Guess

Is that part of the terms of his release were for him to stay quiet. Also, maybe his lawyer has made that recommendation to him. Doesn't he have a trial? [I could be wrong about him having a trial]

I've got a

I've got a suggestion...

Maybe Adam realized, while in jail, the total hypocrisy of many of the leaders of the liberty movement, starting with Rand Paul's support of McConnell, to Grover, to Reince, throughout the loud-talkers on the radio who always urge others to take a stand and then carefully avoid...

Its just a bigger mess than anyone thought. And where is the leadership in this country? Judges, lawyers, professors, labor? Where are the real men?

He showed us that a lot of our "gatekeepers" are simply full of hot air, and they looked totally naked...

Adam has done his part.

Because he knows that if he

Because he knows that if he causes too much trouble for the US government they will give him a longer sentence.

Because Adam has recieve a recent

REALITY CHECK. If he does as he has done in the past he now knows that he is a bullseye target for the Rothschild minions, government, police, Judicial,,, aparatus.

Good luck to Adam,,,, I think.


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Adam Vs. The Man

Apparently the win went to The Man.

(Not a dig on Adam, I admire him)

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Green Screen Defense?

Most Of You Have Hit On It..

He has to act a little reserved with his court case pending..