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Ben Swann Forum hosted by Texas RLC - CD 36 Jan 17th Houston, Tx

Ben Swann, Houston, TX. Liberty Forum
Republican Liberty Caucus of CD 36, Houston Republican Liberty Caucus, Houston Bay Area RLC and Liberty On The Rocks Houston.
Friday, January 17, 2014 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM (CST)
Houston, TX

King Street Patriots
7232 Wynnwood Lane
Houston, TX 77008

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The RLC is proud to welcome Ben Swann, liberty minded journalist known for bringing truth to reporting over main stream corporate news outlets most Americans watch.

Save the date: January 17, 2014.

The RLC working with Liberty On The Rocks, as well as Our America Initiative, have placed the final headliners on the event. Gary Johnson- 2012 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, former NM Republican Governor, and current Honorary Chairman of Our America Initiative will be speaking. Judge Jim Gray-2012 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Candidate, retired California Superior Court Judge, and current Board Member of Our America Initiative will also be speaking.

***Tickets for the event are LIMITED. This event will likely be a sell out once we go to press and media. As well, the price increases to $50.00 at the door. We strongly suggest that you pre-purchase your tickets online if you wish to attend.***

RLC members will be given a limited number of discounted, hard copy, tickets to sell. Therefore, if you prefer, you may seek a member from whom to make your purchase.

Liberty On The Rocks members also have a discount promo that can be obtained from Houston LOTR Team Members.

Once issued, ticket sales will continue through 01/15/14 or until sold out. Whichever happens first.

Invited Guests and Candidates
Rep. James White TX HD 19. Discussion on Liberty Conservatism in East Texas .

Paul Simpson & Jared Woodfill-Simpson is Candidate for Harris County GOP Chair. Jared Woodfill is the current County Chair. Debate.

Steve Munisteri. TXGOP Chairman

Dwayne Stovall. Candidate for US Senate.

Kathie Glass. Libertarian Candidate TX Governor.

Debra Medina- Republican-State Comptroller candidate.


Brandon De Hoyos. Libertarian Lt. Governor Candidate.

Terry Holcomb-Republican Candidate for TX State Representative HD 18. 2nd Amendment Advocate.

Gary Johnson and Judge Gray.

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Just got back and I am here to report the Ben Swann Liberty Forum was an amazing success. I didn't do a head count but imagine 90-120 people were crammed into that warehouse.

Terry Holcomb was F-ing awesome. Swann tracked him down and shook his hand a second time after he spoke.
Steve Munisteri admitted to the transgressions of the party in 2012 and updated on some headway to try and correct those wrongs.
Dwayne did good but didn't really hit it out of the park.
Patterson got probably the most applause
Medina did really good discussing abolishing the income tax.
Judge Jim Gray got people clapping for the libertarian party.
Ben Swann threw some jabs at the GOP and the left/right paradigm
RLC of CD 36 did a good job hosting, but the transitions and introductions for speakers were poor

Only two bathrooms
Dwayne didn't stay long enough
Gary Johnson read notes off a legal pad during his speech (he's running in '16)
Ben Swann did more listening than talking, would have been cool to hear more from him.
On nullification, some of the denser candidates wouldn't answer Swann's question if it is okay to nullify constitutional along with unconstitutional federal laws, Holcomb was the ONLY PERSON to answer that.

Southern Agrarian

Couple questions...

Thanks for the report. What sort of things did Patterson get applause for? Did he say anything surprising? I heard him speak at a gun rally down in Austin last year. He mentioned how he wrote the concealed handgun law, but he said it was just a step in right direction.

Why do you say Johnson is running? Did you just get that impression, or something more? Did seeing him in person make you more impressed with him at all? or not?

Did you get any meaningful one-on-one time with any of the public speakers?

Don't remember his exact

Don't remember his exact words but I think Johnson did verbally say he was running again. I was disappointed he read off of a legal pad but liked most of what he said.

Patterson just talked about the right to defend yourself and property and that government shouldn't be involved.

Southern Agrarian

figuratively jumping out of

figuratively jumping out of my skin to go to this tomorrow!

Southern Agrarian

83 Tickets

Remain! Get them while you can.

Southern Agrarian

It's next Friday! Bump! Buy

It's next Friday!
Buy Tickets!

Southern Agrarian



Southern Agrarian

Ben Swan in Austin the next day (18th)

If you can't make it to Houston Friday the 17th, come to Austin Saturday the 18th.

Southern Agrarian

Oooh cool!



Southern Agrarian

Will do Chief

Will do Chief

Southern Agrarian

I want to see all Houstton

I want to see all Houstton area DPers at this event. You'll get to see a list of great liberty candidates for Texas, Gary Johnson, and BEN SWANN!!!

For only $25

Southern Agrarian

Love Stovall and Swann!

I hope you get a great turnout there!
No comment on Johnson, I will try not to beat that dead horse unless he runs again. I guess he is doing some good. Maybe.



Southern Agrarian

Cool event but

I am surprised they don't have more Republican Candidates and Incumbents listed, after all, it is the RLC. They endorsed Steve Stockman from CD36 so I assumed the event would revolve around him.

And Jerry Patterson was the RLC chair so....

But a bunch of those people are LP members, not a bad thing, I guess it might be more about Ben Swann than the RLC. But I heard a Johnson interview on RT. And he had nothing nice to say about Liberty Republicans, kinda bashed the PaleoCon movement.

I wish I could go.

Steve Stockman has been in

Steve Stockman has been in the news lately for campaign funding discrepancies by several newspaper outlets in Texas. I think he might be laying low.

But yes there could be a lot more. State-Rep Johnathan Stickland would be a good addition.

Southern Agrarian

I had not heard that about Stockman

Bad news, I hope they don't pull a Traficant on him. Still, no Stickland, or David Simpson, or Giovanni Capriglione? maybe they invited them and they are busy or something.