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Anybody know what Nelson Mandela actually did?

Just hear a lot of vague details in the media and from what we learned in school (ie. he "was a great man", a "hero"). What did he actually specifically do tho? And what is an "apartheid"? Some type of segregation law between people of different skin tone colors i presume?

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Nelson Mandela was a product of his time

and Government. He was a communist and terrorist.
South Africa was an apartheid state, bought about by the old Boer (Dutch) belief that Africa's native population had no soul.
Blacks and whites were totally segregated,the Whites having all authority over (almost) everything. Blacks weren't allowed on National sports teams, had to live in segregated areas, had no say in their lives, lived in poverty, and were generally treated as slaves.
Nelson Mandela was the leader of the violent,African National Congress, (ANC)that had its roots in Marxist doctrine.
Because of the total white domination, the ANC fought to have a voice in Government and for the betterment of the black population which was being ripped apart by poverty, disease and violence.
The ANC was a terrorist organisation, committing acts of violence and cruelty, and as its leader, Mandela was jailed for 27 years, in South Africa's equivalent of Alcatraz.
As the world woke up to the horrors of apartheid,South Africa was sanctioned, and demands were made to free Nelson Mandela.
The communists have re branded him as a "hero", and world leader, but the truth is that even though the ANC is in power, and SA is no longer an aparthied state, little has changed.


He tried taking over Africa. People spun the story into he trying to free Africa. But the truth is a murdered and tortured many trying to turn Africa Communist.

When he failed they put him in Jail for a long time. Not a Hero, but a murderer the elites loved.

well i doubt he was trying to "free Africa"

because barely any politicians are libertarian