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Vice Presents: The Real Walter White

(please note: I do not endorse smoking meth, Vice News, vice in general, or Breaking Bad, which I've only seen two of and can't really say I'm that impressed.)

Nonetheless, for your information, meet the real Walter White:

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nothing in common with the TV show's walter white except they are both white males who cooked meth with the same name. VICE once again out does the MSM in sensationalizing a non story.

Nasty just plain nasty.

Dude you did the crime and would still be destroying people with posion for your personal enrichment and probably will go back to it at the first opportunity.

Croc tears get no sympathy, I regret watching it.


something seems fishy about this

They never mention how the tv show got this information about walter white nor could I see them just using him in a major production without some kind of prior consent etc etc

your suspicions are correct...

There's no connection between Breaking Bad and this person. It's just a coincidence and an exaggerated story. The show was amazing but the reality of this is very dark and evil. Celebrating this guy is wrong.

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how do u know this is just a

how do u know this is just a coincidence and exaggerated story?

I'm guessing Vince Gilligan

I'm guessing Vince Gilligan started working on it in 2006. Here's an announcement from June 2007. Gilligan also said he didn't know about the similarities of Weeds (2005) prior to pitching his show so late 2006 or early 2007 seems reasonable.

I believe Walter White was chosen for the symbolic reason. Either way, the real life guy was arrested in 2008. It's more a testament to the number of meth cooks in the US and Vice just exaggerating how "quality" his drug was manufactured.



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Then there's the Walt Whitman connection...

and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn references throughout the series...

It was probably the pandas

Could you elaborate on this?

Could you elaborate on this?

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It was probably the pandas


Impressive. Where's the line between satire and trolling?

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Click my name and look at my picture. I'm clearly not a troll.

I am a woodland elf.

It was probably the pandas

I'm assuming your

I'm assuming your Hermetic-reference was a joke about all the exaggerated symbolism in Breaking Bad? But if not, I'd like to know what you meant. Thanks.

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Yeah - it was a joke. I've only seen two episodes...

and from that and what I've gathered there is a lot of secret symbolism. The first one I watched was where Walt and the detective(?) are looking at the notebook with the Ron Paul sticker in it.

It was probably the pandas

Thanks for clarifying.

Thanks for clarifying. Also, I like your humorous/satirical posts, think you've added a lot here.

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I just spit my tea out.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That'll teach you to keep your mouth shut. Hemingway


Is why I signed off brainwash idiot programming cable tv.
Glorifying this dirty crap drug like they did with the cocaine back in the 80's
These are scum drugs like alcohol are killers to the masses.


very interesting

i did not know that. i love the show though. it took 3 episodes and i was hooked (no pun intended).

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