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Sometimes I Amuse Myself, Even When I Shouldn't

Somebody made a thread over at FreedomWorks because they were concerned about the Atlas V launching another secret payload off the coast of Cali. Reasoning doesn't seem to work with many at FreedomWorks, so I have resorted to calling them out and embarrassing them, just as I do at my local meetings (with good success I might add). Here is my response:


Who cares, this has been going on, and the Americans are in total acceptance of being spied on. Liberty may have died, but it was not the terrorists who were responsible, it was the American people themselves who demanded it. If they truly were upset it would be reflective by the politicians that they elect. usa. usa.

Btw, have you seen the line-up for the 2014 Republican State Convention Presidential Straw Poll? With the exception of Rand (who is solid), nothing has changed. But like previous elections, I am sure that the "lets-pretend-we-are-republicans" will pick a favorite non-eligible and/or socialist and "take one for the team". Hey, don't get mad at me just because I fully vet the candidates - you can do the same.


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I did it again lol

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Whatcha tryin to make me jealous????

you might be heading here:

Maybe you need to wear one of these?


Atta boy!! :D

Thanks for posting Granger

It has over 7 million views so far. As the glove comes off the hand of Tyranny more people become interested and start looking for answers.

I live in a small county like you, but the 'few' have been in control for so long. I brought in enough interest to dominate the county in 2010 and we did and gained respect.

Those that got involved became so disolussioned by the mere attitude of the 'controllers' they weren't interested in going back. Neither was I.

And the 'controllers' now can't look me in the eye. They are old, know they have sold out, and know they have nothing to do, but keep on keeping on.

I'm done with the old farts. My deceived/brainwashed generation is what destroyed America. I don't blame the people as much as I blame the ongoing Inquisition against the Reformation. ;)


Ron Paul invited me into the GOP.

None of the Republicans where I live asked me to join.. matter of fact from the moment I showed up, they made it clear that they did not invite me. I got subtle threats, I was treated poorly.. but I didn't stop going.

They did.

I am the new face of the GOP and I'm there to help the old fce of the GOP retire. "I got it Pops.. Thanks!! GOODBYE"

Granger, I love you and your chickens.

I suggest tending your chickens might place you closer to your creator than being the new face of the 'corrupt' gop.

Congress has a 6% approval rating.

Granger, I think you are an idiot or an infiltrator.

I still love 'ya.


Thank you for loving me and my chickens despite my flaws, my sins, your accusations and insults that I am an infiltrator or an idiot.

Granger I have NO regrets about the effort I've spent

so for as Precinct Chair, Election Judge, delegate to conventions etc.

But the ONLY value I have seen come from any of it has been the value of education.

I don't have to participate thinking I'm going to change things, participating has shown me how corrupt things are, and spreading that knowledge has it's own merits.

Down deep, you know the source of the corruption, and you know the answer.

Don't you? Thank you for your efforts and isn't it a stunning reality to realize that the only thing we can change is ourselves!

I will continue to share knowledge I think important, but it's nice to live with truth and not try to change other people's minds.

Slavery is evil and comes in many forms.


you have no regrets base?

Did you know you were the source for corruption? You are saying you have no regrets for that?

Granger, this statement is what makes me suspect your account

as nothing but an early infiltration into the awakening.

Your personality has bounced so much, from one extreme to another. Total Libertarian, Total Statist, Love of America, Love of Israel.

Granger I was raised in a Catholic Family, I not only went to church, "mass" as you still call it, I had studied music and played a wonderful pipe organ in the church that was over 100 years old back then.

Back then the difference between being Catholic and Protestant were really none. Now we have 6 of 9 Supreme Court justices that are Catholic which I think represent the Papal Roman Law, and not that of the Constitution.

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.



I was baptised Catholic as an infant when my God Mother convinced my Mother that if anything happened to my parents, she would take me.

My father, a hard core Ayn Rand Objectivist was so POd, we were not allowed to say the name "Jesus" in our home. I like Pat Condell because he reminds me of my Dad.


I received my first communion and confirmation after my Mother passed away three years ago. Interesting that you are encouraging me to leave the Church, "Satan" to you, a cradle Catholic. Catholicism isn't by children or of children, and maybe why when children grow up, some do not find their of or by in the Church?

Church is for Children (of all ages), but by and of adults, some who go everyday, some who go once a year, some who never go, but claim to be Catholic. Some say the rosery, some don't. Some volunteer for everything, some never volunteer for anything and are first to sign up for anything being given. They are ALL God's children. That's my lable. Maybe you would call them "Satan's children". Maybe you should re-think some of these bad thoughts, because I believe Jesus does not motivate by fear, hate and bad thoughts, but rather by genuine love.

I think it's wonderful how the Church gives music to people.

Being that you and I are both Catholics (you can't take your name out of the book.. My Dad told me that).. We don't have to look much further to see that Catholics don't all agree on everything. Maybe that's why there are so many religious orders? I think the difference between the Judges and you, are the judges KNOW that their names are in the book and they can not release their names from the book, so they say "Catholic", maybe go to Christmas Mass for show... but I don't see Catholics sitting on the bench in action. You're just more honest.. You are a Catholic who hates the Church, it was not your choice to be Catholic, you renounce the Church and tolerate other Catholics, but don't trust them.

I can see why you don't trust from this persepective.

As for the difference between Catholic and Protestant (Catholics accept ALL Baptisms, protestant does not accept Catholic Baptism), Protestant Church has a cross (as each religious order of the Church has it's own cross). The Church has a crucifix to remind us that Jesus is there suffering for our sins.. how much of the pain he is in came from us? What pain did I make on his people that he is feeling?

Have you read Papal Roman law? Is that why you oppose the US Constitution? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostolic_constitution

Wow, you are a member of a tribe.

Wow Granger, you need to study some history. Wow. just Wow.

Wow, killing innocent people is genuine love.

Granger, Read the bible for yourself. You don't need the Pope to read it for you, no more than you need him to take care of your chickens.

If you are worried about the NWO, think about the ONLY country that has a state Religion, read the Vatican.

You are a plant here, probably a very unknowing one, but one that has prayed on the hearts of good people.

I'm sad for you Granger

Granger, only because I care about your soul as a human can

Note that Tom Woods, also a Catholic like yourself speaks about the Pope in one of his recent podcasts.

I don't think ANY Catholic should EVER reduce their own personal relationship with their CREATOR to any man living on earth.

It seems to me that Tom doesn't give the Pope that authority as well.

If you aren't following his podcasts let me know and I'll check back for the day for you.

If you can't find it for yourself and comment logically, I will assume you are a plant.

God Bless


If assuming that I am a plant makes your life better.. enjoy.

She is

certainly not an idiot. An infiltrator maybe, and maybe most likely :-P I still love her though!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


All is not lost. No matter what age, sometimes people need a little kick in the behind.

Where about do you reside?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Are you asking for the State?

The County, the Precinct or what Proud.

I miss a lot on DP these days as I only come here to see the 'troll' action like Granger/Goldspan etc.

It's enlightening and I appreciate those that participate. Michael was brilliant in bringing The Granger back.

I'm sending him another $20.

Truth is a powerful weapon.

Whatever you feel

comfortable in sharing. I am from W. PA. myself (CD3), and willing to help other areas, if needed :-)

Agreed, Granger has a lot of insight. We don't necessarily agree on everything, but Granger and I have learned much from each other. She is a very good friend :-) Though, I remember a few spats that we have had early on which had something to do about chicken lol.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I'm in S. Texas

Where seeds for winter gardens are coming up along with the weeds of this time of year. ;)

Learning is what it's all about.

That is TRUE ((((PAF))))

You've got me thinking an inspired by what you do.. because what you are doing there, needs to happen here.. and since you are not here.. but showing me the way.. which is interesting.. because it's like knitting what I did before Ron Paul rEVOLution to what I have achieved within the Ron Paul rEVOLution.. and you can admit, what you are doing is a labor of LOVE, because no one is paying you (or me, though many are paid to do what we do), and how to breakthrough.. how to breakthrough.. can I do what I do and what you do and all the things I need to do, like tend chickens [which need more tending since the hawk showed up and took two.. got to rearrange the coop/run situation.. 25 degrees again/ three days in a row.. and I have alot of paperwork a head of me... being treasurer is like being audited at least twice a year by at least three organizations (fppc, sis, county) for everyone on the committee and who contributed].

The spats about chickens (that I won and why you own me an order of chicken wings) was when I gave you the analogy that you were a chicken because all you contributed to the plate was eggs, and I was a pig because I was sacrificing my life (which is what it feels like when you do something that you wouldn't do if not under the influence, which is Ron Paul.. and now Rand).

And I was thinking.. Daily Paul has changed.. I have changed.. I was not a Republican when I came here, but I became a Republican for Ron Paul.. so how am I an infiltraitor?

Maybe it's that Daily Paul and me have gone our seperate ways when I followed Ron Paul into the GOP? I still don't believe that would make me an infiltraitor.. after all.. I actually did what Ron Paul asked.. while others talk about Ron Paul.. but what did they do? And I don't mean you, because as I hope you know, I admire you and what you do.. I think you're really good at what you do and I LOVE YOU for it.. it makes me happy. I guess maybe I was wrong about you.. you're not a chicken.. you're a chickenhawk.. your prey is chickens afraid to lay eggs of truth and liberty?

I'll buy the beer.

(( Granger ))

To set the record straight, I do not think that you are an infiltrator at all, I just enjoy ruffling your feathers :-P

You and I would make a most wonderful team, I am so glad that we both hung in there. To future memories :-)

Sorry, but I am still old-fashion...I NEVER let the woman buy!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

( Granger ) Remember that

photo that I sent to you yesterday?



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul