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I am a free market guy, but I know I am just choosing the lesser of two evils.

I haven't posted much of anything in quite a while, and those that take a faith based approach to free market economics will surely attack me for this one.

I believe free markets are the pragmatic approach, while my unrealistic Ideals long for a communist utopia, headed up by Jesus Christ. Since Jesus isn't here, free markets are the lesser of two evils to support,imo.

Now in both communist and free market models, you are going to wind up with a small group of people that have more than they need, and they covet those material things in order to feel they are better than others. No communist country has ever had a Jesus that doesn't take advantage of his power to make himself just a little more equal than everyone else. Communism is a form of capitalizing on others, through the deception that you want to share. Communism builds wealth for a few, through destruction, as opposed to creation through free markets.

Now to explain why free markets are the lesser evil, yet still evil in a sense. Humanity has an evil streak in it, and if any of you are not familiar with the Church of Satan, the doctrine preaches that Satan wants you to be your own God, he is a good guy that doesn't want you being "held down by the man". He is a great guy that wants you self empowered. The temptation of one's own God status is a bait and switch. By tempting you with the notion of being a God in your own right, you have been pulled away from submission to the father. Having vastly more than one needs, while rationalizing away the suffering of others, is so one can feel superior, feel as a god in the flesh.

I have known people that have talked like socialists when they were broke, and started putting down the useless eaters once they hit a good stretch. A lot of people with money talk like they are benevolent, but their private thoughts are very vile towards those they see themselves better than. There are those that have next to nothing, but are assured they will be rich tomorrow, and have already began practicing looking down on others. If you are an atheist, most likely none of this will click for you. If you are an empathetic individual that believes in consequences past this life, you probably get what I am saying. We are all going to die, there may be a check coming to the table after the meal, and there will be no Uhaul with all your sweet stuff, following your hearse. Your bastard relatives will be fighting over who gets which items.

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"my unrealistic Ideals long

"my unrealistic Ideals long for a communist utopia, headed up by Jesus Christ"

If this is truly your ideal vision, it seems to me that if there is a thing such as reincarnation, your spiritual animal would likely be ants.

If Jesus were the Queen ant, then sure.

He would be exempt from the power corrupts nature of a human.