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Local Ron Paul/C4L HQ up in flames.

Unofficial Ron Paul HQ of Mount Desert Island (Maine) Burns


I am sad to report that on Dec. 4, 2013, the freedom outpost of Mount Desert Island burned to the ground. In a land of Obama sticker-clad Subarus, Cap’n Nemo’s was an oasis for freedom lovers to enjoy colossal beers, fresh seafood and the company of colorful sea captains and other locals.

Everything about this establishment made it obvious that the owners were nov-conformists. Visitors were greeted by Ron Paul signs outside, a “Rights of Man” life preserver on the door, and a Campaign for Liberty flag on the ceiling.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the owners have not only lost their business, but their home as well. They did not have fire insurance. They escaped with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Community support has been substantial, but these good people need a lot of help. I’m hoping that folks from the Ron Paul Revolution will join me in supporting one of our own.

A relief effort has already raised $19,000. Please help if you can. I’m happy to serve as a intermediary for bitcoin contributions (email jamesbabb@mac.com).





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Any chance for a rebuild?

Bob Cousins (owner) said some interesting things in the days after:

thanks for keeping this thread on the front page

and please keep it here.

This is ongoing and they still need help and will for a while.

Ron Paul is My President

Hope they had insurance

In any case, make sure to get that place back up and running. Looked like fun.

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No they did not.

it was written above.

That is why there is this all out effort at fundraising.

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Thanks for the support!

I'm looking forward to Nemo's 2.0.

James Babb

I'll be interested to find out what happened...

Was it an accident or maybe something more???

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Folks I'm proud of you. And there's the right amount of time. Demo, planning, permitting all winter/spring and then?

Well let's put it this way: gimme free camping in ME in summer and I'll bring my tools. This movement has more in it than fancy guys in shirts and ties.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Oh wow

That's looks like my kinda place. What a shame..
Best wishes to the owners, patrons and community

(I have a feeling you're gonna grow bigger and better because of this).

donations and voluntary work should...

Get that place back up and running soon.

Thanks for posting

So sad. This is where Liberty was front and center.

Please help if you can!

Ron Paul is My President


lets rebuild it, it's what we do.

Liberty Anchor of Mount

Liberty Anchor of Mount Desert Island

Beautiful place and what a shame to see it gone.


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