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EVENTUALLY Speeder Pulls Over... In A Place With Lots Of Witnesses (So The Cops Can't Execute Her)

Peace officer fires 3X into minivan with 5 children.


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Ahh the one who fired got FIRED

hehe.... good.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison


So the cop should be charged with a crime, right? Why fire him if he didn't do anything wrong? And him buying the family McDonalds after shooting at them (!!!), maybe add a bribery charge?

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Let's hear it for the HR

Let's hear it for the HR Dept for their brilliant hiring practices. Let's hear it for the learned behavior once on the force.

This is bad government

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What can you do...

What can you do when your mandate requires you to only hire people with double digit IQs?


I know what they did

They hired people with single digit IQ's, cause they think the lower the number the smarter they are. lol

I was taking some summer classes at the community college.

I am an Air Force vet and wound up walking across campus with this Marine Corps vet as our classes were in the same direction. When I asked him what he was studying to be, he got this really wicked looking smile and said he was going to be a cop. Kinda like he could taste the power already. He was a big bastard too, about 6'5" and around 300 pounds.

My Grandpa was retired Seattle PD, and he used to call some of the guys he worked with "the thumpers".

sounds like what I saw at an

sounds like what I saw at an Ozzy concert and at Metallica Ride the Lightning in Seattle.

Got to explain..... had friends dad drop us off (too young to drive....) at least the dad let us get tanked before the show!!! anyways...we get their and the line for Metallica Ride the Lightning went around the corner at the theater they played at. A SPD cop car was right there parked and a few cops standing along the line. A guy in the middle of the line takes about 1/3 of bottle of JD and drinks it down in one swig, crowd goes wild, he takes the fifth and throws it through the back window of the cop car!!! The cop goes in the crowd, grabs this kid, and they proceed to beat him senseless with clubs right in front of the crowd.
Just as this happens, they open the doors at the front and the fans pour in ...in absolute mayhem......after seeing that......walk in this guy takes a lighter lights the KISW banner on fire...... we walk in and the crowd was like that all night long! Made for a decent show.....the cops set off the mayhem!

But we saw the lumping. I also saw that at an Ozzy show int he day...
Nothing seems to change. Only more of em. Oh and less accountability.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Yeah, that's one interpretation

I still don't understand why she drove away in the first place, before the escalation of force. I'd like to hear what her reasoning was.

The answer is inclusive

Especially in NM the police anal rape capitol of the USA, everyone, especially a person guilty of DWB, Driving While Black, has a legitimate reason to fear for their lives and bodily cavity integrity.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Not sure where I read it, probably here

Someone said the cop told her she would have to come with him to pay the speeding ticket and she freaked, worried about what they would do with her children. Will see if I can find the source.

Oh wait, this makes it all okay: According to a police report, Montoya later bought the entire family food from McDonald's during the booking process.

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