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New York’s Russian Diplomats Used Medicaid to Pay for Dozens of Childbirths

Following an 18-month FBI investigation, 49 Russian citizens were indicted for their involvement in defrauding Medicaid out of $1.5 million in services, including those related to childbirth. The federal complaint says that families of the 58 out of 63 babies born to the diplomats and their spouses between 2004 and 2013 received the benefits. The services covered the pregnancies, actual births, and postnatal care of 92% of the diplomats’ children born during that period.

The complaint also states that while the Russian diplomats and their spouses were defrauding Medicaid, they were, according to The New York Times, “spending tens of thousands of dollars on luxury goods and vacations, including jewelry, watches, clothes and shoes, at Jimmy Choo, Tiffany & Company and Bloomingdale’s.” The U.S. attorney’s charge sheet also includes diplomats’ purchase of Apple electronics, concert tickets, chartered helicopters and “robotic cleaning devices.”


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Why did it only take 18 mos to investigate?

Snowden's asylum must have lit the fire.

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Good Post


Russian bureaucrats always looking for deals lol

Give them 10 years for those they can still nab.


I think a more important

I think a more important question here is why it costs almost $26000 to have a child?(1.5mil/58=~25.8k)

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