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Business Insider Executive Editor Changes His Mind about Bitcoin-Right at the Top of the Market

He changes his view just as the market tops and China turns against bitcoin.


Here Mr. Wiesenthal explains why he no longer things bitcoin is a joke.

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What does Smaulgld and Communist China have in common?

Both Smaulgld and China's government both claim that bitcoin holds no merit. Smaulgld stays willingly ignorant on bitcoin because it challenges his position in gold and silver. Plus, he has been openly wrong about bitcoin since its inception, and his credibility is at stake as a financial adviser (smaulgld.com).

Similarily, China dislikes Bitcoin as it challenges the authority of the state and their credibility.

The Red Coats are coming!

"Openly wrong about bitcoin at its inception?"

My first ever comments on bitcoin were on November 27 2013! I have not been an anti coiner since inception
At that time I questioned the price of bitcoin and its efficacy as a currency
I may turn out to be wrong in the long term but in the short term I called this crash
November. 27 http://smaulgld.com/the-case-against-bitcoin-a-faith-basedem...
December 2 http://smaulgld.com/bitcoin-a-mining-disaster-waiting-to-hap...

Keep in mind not believing in Bitcoin doesn't make one a statist or Communist!

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Why the change

Bernanke now likes it, BOFA analyst now likes it, Business Insider editor now likes it.
China now doesn't like it.

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