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Hitler Reacts to Campbell Wisconsin Ban On Waving of American Flags


Town of Campbell Wisconsin only allows one tiny 2 square foot sign per private property for free speech. But for commercial signs and political candidates they can be much larger and plentiful. Now they want to stop any freedom of assembly and speech in the "public square". The "public square" is an interstate pedestrian foot bridge that can reach a large audience. This small town is uniquely situated on an island where there is nowhere else to go to reach an audience of this size.

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excellent video

One of the better Hitler Rants out there. Love how they included board member scandals.
Here's an email I just sent to the townboard:


Subject: UNCONSTITUTIONAL ordinances
Dear Town Board Members,

For those of you who voted for the abolishment of free speech under the guise of 'safety', shame on you. Obamabots the lot of you. My prayers are that you are either recalled immediately or thrown out at the next election, and if you aren't then I hope the residents of Campbell wake up to the fact that their elections are rigged.

You've reached the epitome of fame and are now memorialized in a HITLER RANT on you tube. If you haven't seen it already, I've included the link just for you.


You are traitors to your oath and to your country. Do your fellow countrymen a service and leave before you bring more shame upon what should be a great country.


If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Thanks for that. might be time to revisit this


even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

The video that prompted Hitler's reaction...



even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

crazy funny!

great job!




even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas