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BitCoin Not Bombs Reaches its Goal to Hoodie the Homeless - Yea Voluntary Charity

Woo woo to Voluntary Charity. The BitCoin not Bombs campaign has purchased 325 hoodies with BitCoins to pass out to the homeless in San Francisco.

The group raised a total of 30.27846188 btc

(San Francisco, CA) – On September 10, 2013 Bitcoin Not Bombs launched a crowd-funding campaign to purchase 325 discontinued orange hoodies from Mass Appeal Inc. to be given to the homeless in time for Winter, and to do a little guerrilla marketing for Bitcoin in a downtrodden community that can benefit from this revolutionary technology.

One the Web: BitCoinsNotBombs.com

Full Press Release: For Immediate Release

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And now for some Bitcoins Not

And now for some Bitcoins Not Bombs PACs.

Decentralize Everything: even charities


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