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Walker crash caused by steering column failure, no impact explosion, no drag racing


There was no explosion on impact as first reported.

Sources from the auto shop from which Paul Walker and Roger Rodas began their last drive said that the crash was evidently caused by a failure in the power steering column.

The New York Post reports that the sources told the Web site TMZ that they saw:
“evidence of a fluid burst and subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident scene.”"

The shop is located near the site where the Porsche Carrerra GT crashed.
The fluid burst and lack of skid marks until just before the crash suggests to the sources that the driver, Rodas, could not steer the car as it slammed into a tree. The speed at which the car was traveling is unclear, although law enforcement sources told NBC News that the car was "traveling at approximately 40 to 45 mph when it came to a bend in the road where the speed limit drops to about 15 mph."

"It was in that vicinity where the driver, Roger Rodas, apparently lost control of the vehicle," NBC reports.

Reports that Rodas was drag racing were denied by authorities. CNN says:
""investigators have since ruled out the presence of a second vehicle and the theory that the Porsche was drag racing, a spokesman said Monday afternoon.""

Many reports state that the car exploded on impact, but those reports turned out to be incorrect. A video obtained by CNN shows that the car did not catch fire for many minutes, and showed only thin wisps of black smoke starting at least 60 seconds after the crash. Eventually the car burst into flames, burning Walker and Rodas beyond recognition.

The New York Post reported that the Porsche was "trouble-prone," but it was referring to the car's tendency to stall, an entirely different system from the steering column. A steering column failure is a serious failure of a major system. Porsche has thus far not issued any statement of intention to recall the 2005 Porsche Carrerra GT.... Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/363718

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Interesting, a customer was

Interesting, a customer was telling me on Monday that he was working for a race team that was doing a test on a combined hydraulic power brake/power steering unit. He said that since a racing engine has a lower manifold vacuum then a stock engine they were trying to improve the braking over a vacuum system.

The team owner was doing the testing when the unit had a failure right before a turn. When he pushed the brake to turn the steering locked up and he hit a bridge abutment and was killed. Turns out if he had let off the brakes he could have regained the steering and might have avoided crashing. I was trying to find out if the Porsche had a similar system.

Looking at the damage to the car it would require more than 45mph to do that.

Found this,

"Short stopping distances are ensured by the hydraulic brake servo that builds pressure very quickly and efficiently."


Steering Column Failure

The article is saying that there was a "Steering Column Failure"! That is an entirely different situation than a "power steering pump" or "rack and pinion" failure. If something "failed" in the steering column mechanism and "locked up the steering", it certainly explains why Roger could not steer the car. And the photo from the street looking towards the crash scene shows the fluid trail at an angle towards the curb, then the skid mark just prior to the curb.
The car hit the curb at an angle causing it to rotate clockwise and probably get airborne. The car then hit the street light pole on the drivers side just behind the seats or close to them. The light pole sheared off and also no doubt had the car partly split open. I believe the "tub" on the car is carbon fiber and it will split in half under severe impact. After cleaning out the pole, the car hit the first tree pretty much in the same area where the car impacted the street light. Marks on the tree were pretty high up, so I assume the car hit the tree and "slid" up the tree to a point were the top of the tree broke off, which can be seen in photos. As the car wrapped around the tree and slid up and over, it rotated counter clockwise due to the rear engine weight and angle of impact, then launched into the second tree on the passenger side. The velocity had slowed down by the time it hit the second tree, hence not that much damage to the car on the passenger side and the tree was bent over a bit where the car came to rest against it.

The car was now split in half and the seats no doubt fell back. Depending on whether any of the impacts with the street light or 1st tree actually struck Roger and Paul they may have been only severly injured. But the autopsy report said they both had traumatic injuries that were related to the accident, so obviously they may have died instantly prior to the fire.

How fast were they going? I would say not more than 50-60mph. I don't think Roger was that irresponsible to be going any faster, esp. being that close to the shop. I have seen regular cars wrap around trees at 50 to 60 and they are a mess. This car was carbon fiber and it will shatter and fly all over the place. Had the car not burned, the crash would not have looked as bad as it did, and yes the car was split in half.

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Power steering fluid

Power steering fluid failure... It will make the car harder to steer but won't make it so that it cannot be controlled. They are now saying the impact was at only 40 to 45 mph (looks about right to me if you look at the way the light pole falls and then the tree shakes. Those two events would have been much closer together in time if the car was speeding. So now the question I have is how did the car have SOOOOOOO much damage at that speed? The carbon fiber chassis is extremely strong and designed to protect the driver. This kind of impact should be survivable and at least one of the occupants should have been able to unbuckle and get out.

Beware the cult of "government"...

Valid. Very valid.

It will make the car harder to steer but won't make it so that it cannot be controlled.

carbon fiber chassis is extremely strong

The last words my Dad said to me before he died, as I held his hand and prayed,"Prayer is prayer but you can't refuse the Lord - Prayer is prayer but you can't refuse the Lord" - (over and over) "It doesn't get much better than that."

I don't know if there is enough here to venture foul play

but a steering fluid burst just seems like a heck of a problem for a car like this. May as well have a car whose wheels fall off. It wasn't his car, it was owned by the shop. I just find it interesting that the media reports another "exploding car" so soon after the Hastings murder. Like this is now a normal thing, but an explosion like Hastings on impact is impossible. Have to see what else comes out.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

What I was getting at is when

What I was getting at is when it's your time, it's your time.
I had a friend who was riding shotgun in another Porsche.
But they were on a track and hit the wall. He died.
Corey Rudl Family Settles Lawsuit
Corey’s wife and parents have settled a lawsuit against Porsche and the racetrack where Corey Rudl was killed.
Corey Rudl was riding as a passenger of Ben Keaton in a Porsche Carrera GT, a $440,000 exotic “racecar for the streets.” Mr. Keaton was also killed when the Porsche left the track at the California Speedway on June 2, 2005, crashing into a concrete barrier at a speed estimated to be nearly 100 mph. Rudl and Keaton were participants in a Ferrari Club event being held at the track.
According to a press release today, the sports car was not equipped with Electronic Stability Control, a feature that would have prevented Mr. Rudl’s death. This is according to Craig McClellan, who represented the Rudl family in the lawsuit. The lawyer and the family says that the “track was dangerously designed with the concrete barrier that the Porsche hit being placed in the “run off” area where the vehicle is supposed to be given room to slow down.”

The defendants paid $4.5 million dollars to Corey Rudl’s wife, Tracy, and his parents, John and Patricia.

Corey Rudl was the founder and President of the The Internet Marketing Center and MarketingTips.com. A world-renowned Internet marketing expert, Corey was a successful author and speaker, as well as a leading e-business strategist and software producer.
Corey unexpectedly passed away while enjoying another of his passions in life -- car-racing -- on Thursday, June 2, 2005. His tragic death at the age of 34 was an incredible shock to his family and friends, and to the online community around the world, where Corey was widely respected as an innovator and a trail-blazer who had led thousands to find success of their own.

This site is a tribute to the man who changed my life forever with his training, and made a difference to thousands of us who market and help customers on the internet.

A 45 mph crash for this car is nothing..

but the speed is not confirmed. At whatever speed, fluid lines don't just "burst" as the mechanic said. The car was cut in half.

Why is the question. To obfuscate the Hastings crash which really did explode on impact, impossibly. Maybe they caught that big boo bo and decided they needed to buttress the story. With another car "exploding." The only requirement is he has to be famous and perhaps well-loved, so the world hears it. Walkers car didn't explodeon impact but its reported that way. Why? Everyone doesn't have to be "in on it." Spin the story first and that's what sticks.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

The CGT had changed hands 5 times prior to Rodas'es ownership...

The previous was from Indy Car driver and car collector Graham Rahal. Rahal owned it for a year, then traded it in for a Ferrari, in turn the Ferrari dealer sold the CGT to Rodas.

Rahal could probably shed some light on the car's mechanical history...

That's a good idea.


Release the Sandy Hook video.

This isn't a steering column

This isn't a steering column failure, it's a failure of the power steering. Those are two completely different things. The power steering failing does not equal and instant loss of control of the vehicle, just much much higher steering effort, certainly enough to catch even and experienced driver off guard, but not the same as a complete mechanical separation of the steering wheel from the wheels.

The CGT was tricky to drive because of its tiny 5" clutch. It was hard to get it moving. It liked to stall easy even in experienced hands. It truly was the last of the analog supercars, racecars made streetable. The new 918 is an entirely different beast, infinitely faster and more capable, but far easier to drive. It was made for the street right from the beginning where the CGT was a racecar that never materialized and was eventually morphed into a street car.

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The CGT was tricky to drive

The CGT was tricky to drive because of its tiny 5" clutch

The plates are only 6.65 inches (169 mm) in diameter, less than half the size of typical production car clutch plates.


Only off by 1.65 inches, no worries but it would take a big hammer to fit a 6.65 clutch disk in a 5 inch flywheel.

You say tomato I say tomahto

He couldn't steer the car. That's a hell of a defect for a porsche. Are they recalling the car? Why not?

Release the Sandy Hook video.


I good point for some research into the Michael Hastings situation which may or may not correlate to this incident I found on the Corbett report on youtube discussing the Hastings crash and the potential for his car to have literally been hijacked remotely, while he drove, and caused the wreck. Check out the Corbett Report episode on Michael Hastings! You might find it informative.

Jesus Christ, only at the

Jesus Christ, only at the chemtrail nut site are we going to have someone equate this tragic accident to the Hastings incident. What, did Walker find out about the Jewish Hollywood Mass Media Israel Conspiracy and he had to be silenced? Only at the Daily Paul, and this is why before you can talk seriously to anyone about the cause of liberty, you first have to explain all the nuts to keep people from rolling their eyes at you.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

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Old federalist

Well, to he honest, considering just how absolutely our civilization is taken with control measures outside of our control and in the hands of others, I am surprised anyone is actually thinking normal car crash here. Besides the evidence of chemical trails dumped by planes carrying all sorts of fun stuff is not speculation. Take rain samples yourself if you think that it will make you feel better about people being crazy talking about chemtrails. Considering the actual reality of journalists being under fire why would a nudge in the direction of becoming better informed about he possibilities make you uneasy. America's very own DARPA discussed how fucking easy it is to actually hijack a car via remote control through almost any component of the vehicle. But, in general, people who are stunned by conspiracy theories are not keeping their minds open to what is actually taking place in this world. Look at the Corbett report episode. Or bitch about people having alternative ideas. Free country. Oh yeah they lied about that too. Or is that nuttery?

Good sign! The trolls have been deployed

..meaning we are onto something. Keep digging.

Why do they always have names like 'raceboy?' These hasbarat have a thing about boys.

Release the Sandy Hook video.


if it can happen to Ayrton Senna in an f1 car it can happen to beavis the hollywood wannabe in a street car.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Why don't you just go away?

From the way you talk some might think you are one of those 'rhymes with poop on a hard roll' people.

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You man logically? If you

You man logically? If you want to bring "crap" into the conversation how about the "crap" people here simply make up out of thin air to stroke the fires of their conspiratorial fantasies even though there is ZERO real evidence. Chemtrails? As a pilot who understands the basic science of aerodynamics I can say with ZERO doubt anyone who believes in chemtrails as a gov conspiracy is a moron. 9/11 Truth? The pseudo science there is so laughable the people who believe it are either semi-retarded, or flat out shills.

There's a reason Ron Paul never talks about any of that nonsense. On a sheer game-strategy platform, even if it's all true, to have that as your opening gambit with 100 other better moves to make first is just harming the movement and if you're so damn selfish you only care about your own pet issue instead of winning the war, well, why don't you leave?

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

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Can I git

an Ayyyy-men!? (not about Chris leaving, just about the conspiracy stuff)

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

watch this video and tell me there is no illuminati mind control


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