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Gilad Atzmon Debates Israeli West Bank Settler (Hilariously Predictable - Watch A West Bank Settler Run Away)


And here is the first segment of the same debate:


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Not out of actual care for Palestinians....

...do N.N.'s highlight their plight, but they hijack it to gin up hate against Jews.....

from the German magazine:

"Similarly, old symbols are given new meanings, Weiss explains, giving the example of the kaffiyeh scarf, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. "That is used nowadays simply as a symbol of struggle against Israel," says Weiss, pointing out that neo-Nazis ignore the broader meaning of the garment when they co-opt it as a symbol. "

If they truly cared about Palestinians, they would do something to HELP Palestinians, not just bash Israel and Jews, because that's what people who CARE do - they DO something, not just talk.

Who are these "NN's" you make reference to, '76?

The racial discrimination of Jews or other creeds/races at the DP is not allowed and as addressed in a different thread, racists will not be allowed to post, as per the judgement of M. Nystrom.

The article and excerpt are self-explanatory.

And as I added, if you actually CARED about Palestinians, you'd actually DO something to help Palestinians instead of just bashing Israel and Jews in your attempt to gin up hatred, just as the article explains.

"Caring" means "doing". If you are not doing something FOR Palestinians, that means you do NOT actually care about the Palestinians. That begs the question, why do you only care about bashing Israel and Jews using Palestinians as your cover to do so.

Again, the article does an excellent job of explaining that and revealing your underlying motives.

That is not true

There are many posts and top posts on DP bashing Israel.

How many posts and top posts bash Islam? Can you show me ONE? (If you want to assume that mine are, then I encourage you to look at my top posts and see the many posts I made naming "HEROS".

If all you got is me.. you ain't got nothing!

bashing israel isn't racist

neither is bashing islam. one is criticizing a nation; the other, a religion.

I agree: however

It's why the term anti-semetic doesn't work for me.. Jews and Islam are many races.

Islam is a nation http://www.noi.org/

islam isn't a nation

in the sense of a nation-state. which is what i meant.

Yes it is

And it is why it's goal is a NWO of Sharia Law globally.

The logic this zionist uses

if used in any other area of this planet by any other people would be unaceptable.

For example. American Indian seems they have a more recent and more historicaly accuratly recorded time line of european invasion.

The fact the truth, the Rothschild zionist crime family has enslaved humanity into false debt slavery, they have taken control of this planet.

The zionist invasion is just one more Rothschild funded controlled genocide and many of the jews bought into zionism, as evident by the existance of IzUnReal, so again I see an european invasion funded, planned and controlled by Rothschild false debt. He who creates the money is king. He who uses the creation of money to hold everyone in a position of debt, is the devil.

I hope to see the Rothschild crime family stopped and see an end to a false debt slave planet.



All governments are corrupt regardless the ideological spin that they feed the ignorant.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

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'I am pro-Israel too'-Reflections on the use of the term

By Dahlia Scheindlin

The term ‘pro-Israel’ should mean anti-occupation, support for human rights, equality, democracy for all peoples under Israel’s control – not hard-line Zionism.

The words “pro-Israel” mean simply to be supportive, or “for” Israel. Yet the term has been hijacked by a portion of Jews (including and perhaps primarily non-Israelis) who have anointed themselves defenders of the faith; they have unilaterally set the gold standard for everyone else in determining what supporting Israel means.

The meaning of pro-Israel, in the eyes of those Jewish-American organizations who often refer to themselves this way, is twofold: first, it involves being apologists for every policy of every Israeli government, and second, it is a permanent mission to prove that Palestinians are 1. Bloodthirsty, 2. Primitive and unready for peace or democracy – essentially, inferior 3. Sinister, all-powerful manipulators of global media, minds and public discourse 4. Politically incompetent. 5. Islamic jihadis, every last one. The camp that calls itself “pro-Israel” has added a third cause du jour of late – broad insistence on a maximalist, warmongering position vis-à-vis Iran.

So-called pro-Israel types are not only saying that these two/three are the best and only ways to support Israel. They are also saying that anyone who thinks differently is against Israel. Such a person who is also unfortunately Jewish or Israeli may be branded no less than a traitor, self-hater, lunatic, idiot or worse. The Israeli mainstream press has adopted the wrong definition wholesale.

Here is what permanent apologists for all Israeli government policies and demonizers of Palestinians actually accomplish. They perpetuate conflict, by supporting Israeli government policies that perpetuate the conflict, and they command that Israel’s greatest enabler, the U.S.A., do so too. They scream down criticism in a most hysterical and undemocratic way that is antithetical to both American and Jewish traditions. They employ and entrench shameless racist stereotypes that ought to make “never again” crusaders shiver, although many won’t.

Put simply, those who embrace the term “pro-Israel” support the occupation of over four million Palestinians who live permanently under military law or as refugees, while Israeli Jews living next to them walk free.

How this behavior supports the country of Israel or the People of Israel is a moot question. It does not. It maintains the policies that maintain the conflict; that’s about as anti-Israel as you can get.

continued http://972mag.com/i-am-pro-israel-too-reflections-on-972s-us...

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Good article

A lot of information that is extremely important. Recommended reading.

She's not right about pro-Israel types. I am pro-Israel

It's the Palestinian LIE that gets me, because it's based on Americans ignorance, hate.

Did you ever see a picture where there is a group of Iraqis holding a sign that says "Bomb Us!".. it's really cruel because the people who made the sign trusted the person to translate HELP US. That is what is happening to Americans.

Your hearts are in the right place, but you've been had. TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE..

Then why don't you start telling the truth?

About Israeli involvement in 9/11, the USS liberty, the assassination of JFK, the Federal Reserve, the Lavon Affair, AIPAC, and Israeli spying and stealing of US intelligence? What benefit has the United States received from allying with Israel?

Its presence in the world is a detriment to every other nation on the planet. Why have jews been exiled 109 times from various nations of the world since 250 A.D.?

The reasons are becoming clear.

Add the spy

Pollard and stolen atomic weapon and tech info. Media control.


Israel was not invoved in 911

That is a lie by the Islamic community to protect and support the Jihadists. 911 was an international job and Islam absolutely took part. Sure there were Jews, American Jews involved.. but Israel was not.

NSA was part of the USS Liberty a spy ship. What business did the USA have in spying on Israel? None. The shame about the USS Liberty is the USA covered up the story. Why? The USA was WRONG.

If my Dad had been on the USS Liberty and died.. I wouldn't blame Israel. I would have sued the USN and federal government for the coverup.

What benefit has the USA gotten from Israel?

Ask this.. Why is Russia, China, India, France, Germany BEGGING Netanyahu to dump the USA? Are you reading the news? If you did , imagine how happy it would make you to see Israel and Obama do NOT see eye to eye, and Israel has told Obama.. "We don't need or want you". Putin RAN to Netanyahu.. all of those countries RAN to Israel WHY??.. when they heard Netanyahu say, "USA STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!" They Ran to Israel and promised Netayahu to PROTECT ISRAEL, in trade.. for what?

You don't know do you. Do you want to know?

Israel refuses to conceed to the UN Agenda.. the UN Agenda is a Islamic Communist block that is destroying our rights and reducing us to the level of Palestine. By supporting Palestine (as it is.. not what it should be without the UN and Jihad Islam).. you send a message to the UN.. MAKE FEMA CAMPS FOR AMERICANS.. because that is what Palestine is and what the UN agenda wants for you.

Jews have been exiled because the nature of human beings is to be jealous, suspicious, envious, needy, lazy, blame ... that is the human base.. and it takes work to rise above the base human mind.

When the base becomes a collective.. we see Nazi Germany..

So, you want genocide of Jews?

Which population is bigger?

Israel (Jewish) or Nation of Islam?

Jews or Islam, Catholic, Buddists, etc?

Jews are a minority.. Is that why they are so easy to blame?

Where's the love? It's not there for the base human being.

Are you motivated by hate or love?

The reasons are becoming clear.. those who are unable to compete with Israel, hate Israel because they are poor in spirit and material. They lack wealth in spirit and tangable. They are jealous, evvious, hateful and spend their time feeding the hate rather than looking at what wonderful things Israel does and saying, "I can do better".

Genocide is not a solution. Israel does not have a charter to wipe Islam iff the map.. Israel has a mosque and Muslims. who will tell you,, "We are the most blessed of ALL Arabs".

Why would they say that? Since it's so clear to you. Can you explain that?

If being part of a collective of hate makes you feel good about yourself.. I'm happy for you and feel no obligation to help you better your life, because you are not going to better mine.. but you threaten my life. And for what? To have nothing but hate?

Happy New Year.


You are a angry ignorant Jew. You are the puppet who knows not his master.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.


I am not angry
I'm not ignoring anything
and I'm not a Jew
I stand by Israel because I researched the vids adn news and found a big fat Palestinian lie that covers up the murders and maiming, torture and inhumane treatment by Arabs on Arbas.


YOU HAVEN'T RESEARCHED ANYTHING and can't THINK for yourself. READ ABOVE. What you have read is the STATIST VIEW of history..

Thought you might find this interesting.

Hi Granger, while I do not support your pro-Israel view, I'm also not anti-Israel. I'm nada-Israel, which is RP's stance by the way, because I just don't think it's our business either way.

That said, as a true (small r) republican, I am most certainly anti-anti-Zionist, i.e. anti-nationalist, and anti-the nationalist blockheads like "True Eagle", the author of this Op.

So, I figured you'd find this interesting [excerpted]:
"Similarly, old symbols are given new meanings, Weiss explains, giving the example of the kaffiyeh scarf, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. "That is used nowadays simply as a symbol of struggle against Israel," says Weiss, pointing out that neo-Nazis ignore the broader meaning of the garment when they co-opt it as a symbol. "

Yeah.. thI agreee with Weiss

Thank you for sharing that link with me, Spirit.

I see Israel as our business because of you don't know your competition, then you're not in the race.. and Israel is advancing.. science, tech, business.. I learn a lot studying Israel. Many assume my interest is religious, but it'e not. It's how and why they do things.. and I like how and why they do things, and at this point of the USA politically.. I like what they do better than what we do.

I wish our military focused on borders rather than occupying the globe, for one. I'm checking out this new start-up business vernture program they have.

Love your posts.. THANK YOU for being YOU!

That's hard to argue with.

Where someone, anyone, does something better, one ignores it at one's own peril.

Gotta love the irony.

The Zionists cry "anti-semitism", then in the same breath defend stealing the land of another people, and either killing them or forcing them into concentration camps to starve to death.

Israel-firsters looking for Nazis should start with the one in their own mirror.

Its probably hard for them to actually face themselves,

easier to blame others.


I draw parallels to the English settlers in America. Why don't the natives follow our man made laws and our way of life?

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

No Yediot/ZioNazis Belong Here, its a FREE Speech Zone

They ARE the Reason Dr.Paul Lost the Election.


(Presidential candidate, 1988 (L), 2008, 2010, R-TX)
Openly critical of the influence of the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) and Jewish "neo-cons"
Oppossed all "Foreign Aid - including to Israel
Called for abolition of The Federal Reserve (which happens to be controlled by Zionist banking interests)

In spite of massive fund raising and legions of enthusiastic devotees, the Zionist dominated media buried Dr. Paul's recent Presidential campaigns with a blanket of silence. When Paul became to big to ignore, he was attacked and portrayed as a "kook"
Ignored and outcast by his own Party


"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."
- Voltaire, French Philosopher


Why discriminate who can be on DP?

Did you see this about your link? http://www.tomatobubble.com/id314.html

Blaming Jews is to cover up real crimes.. Ron paul lost because Ron paul didn't have the seats on the committees.. like Obama.. Hillary owns the seats.. so what's Obama? Not who he campaigned, but what Hillary campaigned.. Hillary let Obama be the face.. Ron paul didn't have the people who wanted him in position in the GOP.. didn't have a thing to do with Jews.

You Can't Sell that Schitt Here

Jerry Day on Ron Paul and the Media


You Know Who Controls the Media................

It's YOUR link

I was here on DP and watched all the censorship of Ron Paul in real life time. Was it Jews? No.

Now I'm seeing all the censorship of Israel. Is that Jews too?

i am

dear 88, i do not call myself a jew;
i am a Child of Israel [aka the Sons of Israel];
i know who i am and where i come from;
i am a Levite, from the tribe of Levi;

88,,, what nation would you be defending to protect your liberty and freedom if you found yourself confronted by soldiers from another land mass?
what are your colors?

Well, I came upon a Child of God, he was walking along the road and I asked him, "Tell me where you are going?", and this he told me . .