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Gilad Atzmon Debates Israeli West Bank Settler (Hilariously Predictable - Watch A West Bank Settler Run Away)


And here is the first segment of the same debate:


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This is likely Granger's alt

It only talks to Granger, joined same time as Granger.

Most likely Granger trying to stir the pot.

Probably used as a dummy account to upvote/downvote. It's hardly been used in 6 years.

Yah it appears

Granger Blocked again.



We all know what it means.


So who are you addressing when you say "dear 88" and "88,,..."?

Are you addressing someone in particular designated 88?

Are you saying literally, "dear Heil Hitler, i do not..... "

Are you calling neonazis to come read this and addressing them generally as "88"?

Please explain.

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IS that link for real?

IF so,that's truly messed up.What an eye opener
Do you know who that poster is,I checked,and it was one who wanted
to send the granger on a trip,see http://www.dailypaul.com/user/653
This blows my mind,thank you

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OH... have fun day :)

It is.

Der Spiegel is like Time Magazine in Germany. It's a German magazine ironically.

It's not conservative, but it's not wrong. I've run into these guys around here. That article is right on the mark.

Also, I speak fluent German. Most of the "88" NN jack@sses in this country don't.

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seeing I don't know you personally

I will take on your word,my heart tells me to believe other's until proven
I am at a loss,and I would love to ask you some questions that
are important to me,that is if you don't mind.And I won't ask unless you say it is cool

edit... a downvote for asking if can questions??? some of you here need a life
and badly!!

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Downvotes happen a lot

when your questions are about certain tribes of people.

Maybe "88" will help you.

Do you respond to that call?

How about this one: "Shyte on Hitler."

How does that one strike you?

Don't know what "88" means,

unless it means:
How many $s a shill makes a day(or night),
How many comments a shill must make per 8 hours,
How many shills per post,
How many innocent babies Israel kill per day.

Since 8 represents eternity, maybe its eternity to the tenth power.

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but my questions were not about certain tribes of people
It was,more about what tools they use for truth,so you see,it was generic in nature,almost like not wanting to see an american acupuncturist,or using a blind guide to lead me
Thanks for info anyways :)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

I know you have some alternative views.....

...which, of course is fine. And while I often disagree with you, I don't think your heart is full of malice.

But here you are running up against some hardcore NNs. I could be wrong, but I doubt you desire buddying up to these hardcore types.

These guys try to turn everything on its head. Nothing is as it seems and they use just as much symbolism as the NWO. Well, in fact, they were a branch of the NWO in the 20th century and are trying to reestablish that.

In my state, they are a covert paid arm of certain state agency, ostensibly NN, but implementing NWO agenda. Not even all the NN underlings realize it, but their top guys know. Nuff said.

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there was a time

when truth was easy to see,not so anymore
those views,as you put it,is brought about by confusion.
I do not have some deep dark motives behind the questions
i ask,it is out of the desire to learn,but to also learn more about people in general
Truth,at this point in my life is the only thing I want,it is all that matters,life is short,and it gets shorter by the day
I am pretty easy going,sort of a carefree attitude,by man,the things i learned in the last 10 yrs leave me empty inside.Then i find things out that have me second guessing every thing i thought was true
Do you know it is like to spend 30-40 yrs thinking one way?,then as the sand is running out,finding out,IT WAS ALL A LIE?
I don't want hard feelings between us 2,life is too short
but i do have my desires,and that is to know everything i want to learn

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Did you ever see this?

I'm a citizen of Israel. Why aren;t you?

Amazing watching Granger and Lawman

Label everyone who dares criticize an Israeli policy as a Nazi, troll, racist, terrorist, anti-semite or 'Jew-hater'.

Someone isn't racist for criticizing Netanyahu anymore than they are racist for criticizing Obama.

Would be nice if you let up enough so different people can actually discuss the issue, rather than being labeled an anti-semite in every single Israel related thread.

Dude, I responded to Jew hate.. I Never mentioned Israel once...

I criticize Netanyahu a lot, so wtf?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I was talking specifically to that poster, you putz....

You just labeled yourself...
It's no surprise anymore.
You guys may as well start your "FINAL SOLUTION" thread!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I have called people a JEW HATER before I was banned.

No one is a racist or troll or whatever JUST for criticizing Netanyahu, or Israel or even Jews.. we ALL have our faults. We ALL make mistakes. Schit happens to everyone.

I see lawmanjed and myself called numberous names as you mentions. I was called troll so often, you may recall I selected a Troll chef doll. The insults and name callinmg is ALL I get for answers.

Let's discuss the issue. I provide reviews of the vids people share. but it appears I get downvotes before the lenghth of a 1 minute vid.. so the downvote isn;'t the vid.. it's a personal attack.

Are you going to say that by "calling me and lawmanjed out" isn't personal too?

LET'S DEBATE. I don't believe the word anti-semite applies in the 21st century.. so I don't call anyone an anti-semite.

I believe that many here believe that Israel would be just fine if every Jew and Jew supporter left Israel. That is the charter of hamas. That is the charter of the palestinians Authority, that is the plan for Islam. That is the goal of Iran. That is the end game for the UN global government which is behind the slam on Israel..

Have you seen any of my vids, let's start with the one below. What's wrong with "Israel Outstanding"?

You or Lawman respond to EVERY post

And either attack their opinion, post nonsense or call them out.

So yeah, I'm calling you out.

And Granger, if you tried to bulldoze the house of anyone on the Daily Paul and forcibly remove their families...

You would get a bullet between the eyes, guaranteed. You can wave any holy book saying you used to live there two thousand years ago, but you would still get a bullet in the head.

child_inthe_manger is your alt, how neat!

I'd love to see Israel Outstanding, but until the end of Israel Occupation it can't happen.

If you were to build a goylem from clay, you cannot attach the head until you have completed the neck. So Israel Outstanding must wait it's turn.

Why would I watch your video about Israel? I know more about the family and country than you ever could.

They should confront open anti-semitism.

All true small-R republicans should.

All anti-nationalists should.

All who want restoration of the Republic should.

Not out of support for Jews, but out of opposition to nationalists like "True Eagle" the author of this Op.

Why only anti-semitism?

Didn't you claim you were Catholic? Why aren't you busily defending Catholicism in the anti-Catholic threads?

No pro-Muslim sentiments either?

If you only care about bigotry against Jews and could care less about other religious or racial discriminations, that makes you a racist and a hypocrite.

Not to mention a liar about being Catholic.

If you are not consistent in your views it becomes difficult to take your statements seriously.

As stated....

I'm simply pro-republic, which necessarily requires one to be anti-nationalist. Since nationalists, particularly here, such as you, focus on Jews and Israel, hence my responses.

Not hard to figure out.

I am wholly consistent in my views. You're simply unable to determine them (even though they are plainly spoken/posted) due to your jaded view.

I love the fact that my savior was a Jew, direct descendant of King David on both sides.

Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum (INRI) -
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

No point flat out lying Spirit

My post count on Israeli threads is usually low, excepting when I have to respond to your usual anti-semitism crap.

And how many Israel related threads have I started?

One. A positive piece on the inner workings of the Knesset.

If that is your idea of anti-semitism you are deranged.

Still, since you affirm that you hold one race or religion to be superior to other races/religions that makes you a racist, which confirms what I had figured to begin with.

It actually makes you no better than an anti-semite, ironically.

Nice try.

I didn't say any race was better. I am simply criticizing those who condemn the Jews because those doing so are nationalists and, necessarily as such, anti-Republic.

Being a republican (small-r) who is interested in restoration of our REPUBLIC, I must oppose all nationalists, hence all anti-semites who, coincidentally, here, are mostly all nationalists.

Like I said in another reply, all true republicans would, not out of support for Jews, but out of opposition to nationalism, the very kind you assert.

Restoration of the Republic

Is why everyone is here.

You are saying that anyone who posts on a thread that isn't pro-Israel is anti-Republic and an anti-semite.

And who condemned the Jews? You pull things out of thin air as though it's fact. What nationalism I assert? You are pulling things out of thin air. I never said anything of the sort.

In other words, you are a racist and delusional.

What country are you from Spirit? Are you using translating software? It doesn't seem like you are quite understanding what I am saying.

I challange

This lie needs to be challanged.

Israel removed over 400K Jews from gaza to give Palestinian refugees a home by the sea.. homes, factories, schools.. everything, and money, and money from America.. so they could trade.. buy food.. what do they do, get Hamas and buy rockets.

It's not about waving some holy book.. I'm sure the world powers are very unhappy that the plan to kill all the Jews they tricked into going to Israel survived, and six wars later, which the Israelis won.. I'm sure they are very sad the Jews lived. Just look at Israel's neighbors.. nothing wrong with the land, it's the jews they hate. Right?

Hamas was there when Israel withdrew

Not to mention the Palestinians were refugees from the exact same land the Israeli settlers had taken.

Hamas and rockets were there before they withdrew, and after they withdrew. The Palestinians already had a home there, it was taken away, hence the rockets.

Here is the only time the rockets stopped: "From June 19 to December 19, 2008, an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was in effect. During this time, only several dozen rockets were fired at Israel, a marked decrease from the pre-ceasefire period. Hamas imprisoned some of those firing rockets."

From 2006 to present an average of about 1,000 rockets are fired on Israel every year according to IDF figures. So imagine only 24 in half a year, and most of those tracked down and arrested by Hamas. This proves that peace is possible.

If Israel spent half the effort trying to make peace with Hamas as they do trying to demonize Hamas, peace would be within reach.

I should also point out you say things without having any facts to back them up. Honestly, you really think Jews are so important that the entire world conspires to destroy them? News flash - Jews are not important. Schmucks like everyone else, bustin' their ass for a shekel same as the rest of the world.

I back up every thing I say about Israel

If Hamas bought food and medicine rather than rockets, peace would be easier to achieve.

Have you even looked at any vids claiming Palestine is a lie?

Of course from Hamas' perspective

Every time they have a cease fire with Israel their top commanders are assassinated anyways, peace seems pointless then, doesn't it?

Granger said: I'm sure the world powers are very unhappy that the plan to kill all the Jews they tricked into going to Israel survived

Those are the ravings of a paranoid lunatic Granger.

You do realize that 65% of Jews do not live in Israel right?
So was it a master plan to kill only 35% of Jews then?

Your statement is ridiculous and patently false.


I'll be honest watching this debate makes me sick to my stomach. You do not own the land. The land owns you. I may not know when I am being told the truth, but I do know when I am being lied to.

The founding fathers advised that church and state should be separate.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Have you seen what Israel has done to the land?

Tell me that Land does not LOVE being Israel after watching this: