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An Inferior Race?

Equal Opportunity Doesn't Always Guarantee Equal Results

January 30, 2000 | By Charley Reese of The Sentinel Staff

What do 19th century slave owners and 20th century proponents of affirmative action have in common? The answer is simple. They share a belief that blacks are basically inferior and cannot compete with whites on an equal playing field. That was how slave owners rationalized slavery. That's how proponents of affirmative action secretly rationalize their position.

No other conclusion is possible. To argue for a double standard -- one higher standard for whites and another, lower standard for blacks -- is to state implicitly the belief that blacks are inferior. That's why Ward Connerly, a black American, is outraged by affirmative action.


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One of these Khans is better at everything

make sure you are on the winning team


Pretty easy choice

if ya ask me.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul


In order to have an inferior race you would also need to have a superior race... I completely disagree with the concept and get quite bothered when people are refereed to as 'primitive'. There is no such thing.

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

You're right.

There is no such thing as primitive people.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

I guess we can agree to disagree

Being raised in a different culture does not make you 'primitive'. She is still a human being. If she was raised here she could be no different than you or me.. So I guess you are referring to 'primitive' culture/lifestyles which is still wrong. By using the word primitive you are indicating that they are somehow less developed and thus inferior. You are also subtly saying that you are superior to them because they don't meet your standard of living and civilIZATION because you are superior. This is not the least bit true...

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

I thought Texans were more respectful....

You are correct. Being raised in a different culture does not make you primitive. Being a member of a primitive society does.

I encourage you to look at the definition of primitive.

You state that" Referring to primitive cultures/lifestyles is wrong" How so?

Also you make a big jump by stating that I think primitive people are inferior and that I am superior.

Can you please show me where I made that comment?

Furthermore you state that primitive people do not meet my standard of living and civilization. I'm not sure where you got that from. What do you know of my standards?

You seem to have a wild imagination. That is something to be admired. I would recommend posting political satire instead of making up things that I said.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Inferior in what way?

As citizens of humanity we all deserve to be treated equally as the Bill of Rights applies to us all. To pretend however, that we are all equal is ludicrous. Human beings are a product of nature and nurture. There is nothing inherently immoral from stating that a person of african descent is genetically superior in athletic prowess than a 5 ft 2 asian male.

We are all different and should appreciate our differences and encourage each other to use our gifts, whether that be intellect, artistic talent, musicality, athleticism, teaching, etc. Does our genetic make-up predispose us to certain talents? Absolutely.

Well put.


"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time my sister was applying for college.
We're Jewish (Messianic, but who knows/cares what that is).
My family was middle class and like everyone else money is always tight.
So she asked my father if she could apply for financial aid, or affirmative action or whatever.
My dad 'lol'ed and said "I don't think so..."
Sister said, "Why not, aren't we a minority, aren't we Jewish?" in a confused, innocently ignorant kind of way..
Dad replied, "Wrong Minority."

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Lawman, I think we can find some common ground there

That goes for you to Granger.

Both of you guys want to use the 'government' to endorse your personal 'beliefs', neither of you actually CARE about the people YOUR government is KILLING. You both ENJOY 'freedom' as long as YOUR government supports the KILLING of innocent people. You both will turn your heads and support it until it turns on YOU PERSONALLY.

I can't take either of your seriously. America doesn't stand for it. It's been infiltrated, and it's not dead. Those against those principles are exposing/have have exposed, themselves.

Maybe we could've, but you just falsely accused me & insulted me

...again, completely baselessly.

First off I am not Granger. I don't speak for her or vice versa.

Then after you claim we can find common ground you falsely accuse me of..

"1)Both of you guys want to use the 'government' to endorse your personal 'beliefs',2) neither of you actually CARE about the people YOUR government is KILLING.3) You both ENJOY 'freedom' as long as YOUR government supports the KILLING of innocent people.4) You both will turn your heads and support it until it turns on YOU

You make NO attempt to find common ground. You falsely accused me of all that stuff. Now, speaking for myself not Granger, I'll address it..

1) In what way? Please tell me HOW or WHY you believe that. False accusation.
2) I don't care??! How dare you make such a claim, like you know my heart! And since you stress that the government is MY government, is the American government not yours too, are you not American?
3) I enjoy the exact same 'freedoms' and lack-thereof, that you do, assuming you are American as you claim. Have you seen my threads, have you checked them out? As for the idea that I enjoy my government killing people, or whatever you're trying to say... you're seriously nuts pal, sicko, get help. Again, how dare you, scumbag! That's right, you've earned the label, a hundred times over.
4) How am I turning my head to anything??! I supported Ron Paul and have been fighting for liberty as much as I possibly can. The government is turning on me, and so will National Socialists like yourself...

I think you may think because I am not anti-Israel that I must be an Israeli citizen.... HA!! HA!! HA!!! you nincompoop!!!

Is that what you mean by YOUR government???!!!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


Watch this.


You claim to be a lawyer, but WHAT law do you follow? Who is the authority over your bar card?

Do you follow truth, or just power?

The genetically inferior race are known to us all of us

The only genetically inferior race are politicians….you can’t get any more genetically inferior then them.


You have stood up for corruption more than you have been willing to expose it.

And when you express to expose 'it', YOU ALWAYS AVOID the Root.

And when the root is touched, it sends you into nothing but a name calling tizzy.

God Bless, you sir ;)

Read This


It clearly shows that blacks are not genetically inferior to whites. I wish we could lay this myth to rest once and for all.

You're right, government sponsored affirmative action, as well as the government school system (not to mention the racist war on Drugs) are what are causing black achievement to be less than than what it could be.

Again, we have a government war against black people, a government war against white people In fact, we have a government war against all honest people.

Your link

Has nothing to do with genetics.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul


Ok, this annoys me. I don't support affirmative action. But the author's claim "no other conclusion is possible" is patently false. I can think of several arguments for affirmative action, not ones I neccesarily agree with, But they don't all include the idea "blacks are inferior".

Fortune Favors the Bold

Lots of people on this

Lots of people on this website actually do believe that there is an inferior race.

How many times does someone try to bring up black people's lower average IQ as "proof"? And then get up voted for it?

Egalitarianism run amok!

Destructive as the effects of nonwhite vs. white affirmative action assaults have been when race or nationality is the focal point, how much more has egalitarian destructiveness on both morale and competence been intensified when gender (female vs. male and gay vs. straight) been added to the mix-where whites ARE allowed, even encouraged to be plaintiffs-against fellow Whites!

One more category of a policy originally intended with limited authority, direction and goal which steadily but almost invisible escalated out of control to the point where it is playing a growing part in systemic breakdown throughout the business community, academia, much of the news and entertainment media, law enforcement, and the civil service. The shattering of what remains of the American family over the past half century or so has a lot to do with the artificial "liberation" of women brought about by such legislative and judicial over reach.

It is also so deeply entrenched that the only effective remedy will be at least the outright repeal of the enabling legislation of the Civil Rights era e.g. 1964 Civil Rights act, 1968 Fair Housing Act, and similar legislation; maybe even the repeal of the XIV Amendment to the US Constitution! Would the cure be as bad as the disease?

"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

Right on.

Good point.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Most people don't know the fact that EEO is used as a weapon

by the criminal usurpers within the confines of "government".

Under EEO only minorities can file EEO reports against fellow employees in Government. Caucasians cannot file EEO reports against anyone. This has lead to a devastating situation within government agencies that seems clear why the EEO was a major benefit for criminal usurpers to destroy the proper functioning of federal agencies especially competent law enforcement.

EEO reports are used as an intraoffice weapon of incompetent workers to not only get a job within Federal agencies but then wreak havoc upon internal morale of the competent people. I have seen how these EEO reports are used as a weapon and how it results in halting advancement of the competent while ensuring advancement of the incompetent.

Caucasian Employee = c.e.
Minority Employee = m.e.

c.e. has a job to do with a defined workload
m.e. has a job to do with a defined workload

m.e. is in this case is lazy and incompetent (not generally but specifically for this example)
c.e. is competent, hard working and has proven reliable for their entire working career

m.e. sees the competent is a hard worker and wants the c.e. to do their work so that they can sit around and chat with their friends all day.

m.e. tells c.e. that they need to their m.e. workload. c.e. says they are busy with their own work and cannot do m.e.'s work.

m.e. threatens to file an EEO report on c.e. if c.e. does not do all their work. c.e. goes to the boss and says hey m.e. wants me to do their work and will file an EEO report on me if I don't do their work. Boss says that you don't need to do their work and says you need work things out with m.e. to not get an EEO report filed against you because if you get any EEO reports filed against you will never advance in your career. c.e. says that they what about filing a complaint against them? Boss says you can file a complaint but only minorities can file EEO reports and if you file a complaint then you might get an EEO report filed against you for filing the complaint and your advancement will be halted due to your apparent adversity to diversity.

Basically c.e. sees know way out and eventually is pressured into doing the work of m.e. Now c.e. does 2 people's work and then get poor performance reviews and then their advancement suffers anyway. m.e. has additional considerations for advancement and has eliminated all competition of advancement by filing or threatening EEO reports against anyone in the way of their advancement. The m.e. gets promoted to boss and now protects all the m.e. who use the same EEO weapon tactics.

In a federal law enforcement this means that incompetent lazy corrupt scumbags have used the inequalities in EEO as a way to promote their cancer into the entire law enforcement apparatus resulting in incompetent people being put in charge of things they are not competent to perform. This means that things get easier for the criminal usurpers in the US Attorneys office because now less real law enforcement actions are being performed by competent investigators and most of the lazy incompetent employees just do what the US Attorneys which is to go after criminals that are competing with the criminals who put the US Attorneys there in the first place.

EEO has enabled this devolving into incompetence within most federal agencies and is all pervasive. Most people in the US probably don't realize this is going on and has been established by the criminals usurping our government for the explicit purpose of advancing incompetence.

Disclaimer- this is not about minorities this is about the devastating inequalities of EEO reports. Not all minorities are incompetent and not all Caucasians are competent. EEO are being used as a weapon right now and it is a dirty little secret that is devastating the competency, efficiency and effectiveness of the Federal Government as a whole.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


True. Having generations of successful, wealthy, connected family members has little to no influence on how privileged white kids get good jobs. The trajectory of one's life isn't fragile or easily influenced by negative environments or random things, it's just a choice between being rich and being poor. Why can't blacks just buy more money?

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.


This is a BS excuse.
I left home after high school.
I supported myself with a minimum wage job.
I put myself threw school.
I went and got my own career.
My parents did not do it for me.
So how exactly is race a factor?

You're a shill or just an emptyheaddedninnymuggin.

"You only live free if your willing to die free."


I will play devil's advocate. Let's say it's just after the repeal of Jim Crow. We look at two applicants to a school. One is black and one is white. The two have approximately equal qualifications. The point could be made that the two should be weighted differently. In order for the black person to acheive those credentials, they had to overcome inferior schools, poverty, institutional racism, etc. The white person comes from a relatively well off stable background. It makes some sense that the black person's accomplishments are more impressive. Although the have the same credentials, it was undoubtedly harder for the black person who had more to overcome and much less support. Before desegregation, some colleges would take personal background into account. I.E., applicants who came from poor rural backgrounds, or applicants whose scores and credentials were way above those from their high school/area, were weighted slightly higher then people from backgrounds and schools that routinely produced higher scores. There is a certain logic to this. Another reason for affirmative action (historically) was to counteract prejudice and racism when it was sill the norm. Another argument: When the situation was such that there were few highly educated blacks, in order to improve those communities, it made some sense to provide people from thise communities with education so they could 1. help to improve their communities 2. Be a positive example for people who might have thought that attending college was unrealistic 3. Break down societal prejudices by having whites exposed to more educated black people, so that people would have direct counterexamples to negative stereotypes 4. break a cycle of impoverishment caused by a long history of oppression

My thoughts: I don't think there should be affirmative action LAWS, and I think the idea of affirmative action based soley on race is antiquated, but for elite universities, i understand the idea of weighting scores and acheivements based on personal background. Secondly, people commonly project their own experience onto other people's situations. I don't know anything about your situation. but imagine a situation where 1. your family never instilled the value of education 2. the school you attended was extremely crappy 3. You had to deal with the prospect of violence, hunger, etc. on a daily basis 4. You saw no examples of anyone like you from your community who ever went to college and succeeded in the majority society 5. there were ALOT of people outside of your community who had ranges of prejudice against you all the way from outright hatred, to thinking you were inferior, to being indifferent but not wanting "your kind" around. 6. Going to college meant leaving your community and being among these people, alotof whom hated you and even at best, were perhaps slightly uncomfortable around you or realted to you as the other. 7. have alot of people in your own community discouraging you from attempting to go to school or leave your community 8. Some of these people might see you as a "traitor and if you fail, you may not be welcome back with open arms 9. Because of your experiences you have your own anger/resentment issue against the majority who will now be the people you are surrounded by.

Now this is not the current situation. But that WAS the situation not too long ago, and it's hard for you to imagine such a totally different experience and assume you would have made the same choices you made.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Threw school?

How far'd you throw it?

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy


LOLZ. As far as I could.

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Nice catch.

I think it's pretty funny two.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Erroneous argument....

Sure that happens. It happens with white people, asian people, short people, tall people, pretty much everyone. Its a fallacy to assume that black people are a victim class. Someone mentioned Cornell West and Thomas Sowell below...were they just anomalies? What about Tavis Smiley? Actions are the main contributing factor to the average persons success. Next is opportunity. Nepotism is WAAAAYYYY down on that list.

Sorry but no

Opportunity is number one, because your actions are always based on the opportunities available. Let's compare a woman in america with a woman in afghanistan. Are you really suggesting opportunities and societal factors are less important then individual actions? You think a kid from East Congo has meaningful choices that are more of a factor in their success then circumstances (practically, the best "opportunity" for alot of thoke kids is join a militia)

Fortune Favors the Bold

Action Outranks Opportunity

You could have one thousand opportunities and if you take no action then you will still have nothing. Action inherently beats opportunity.