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An Inferior Race?

Equal Opportunity Doesn't Always Guarantee Equal Results

January 30, 2000 | By Charley Reese of The Sentinel Staff

What do 19th century slave owners and 20th century proponents of affirmative action have in common? The answer is simple. They share a belief that blacks are basically inferior and cannot compete with whites on an equal playing field. That was how slave owners rationalized slavery. That's how proponents of affirmative action secretly rationalize their position.

No other conclusion is possible. To argue for a double standard -- one higher standard for whites and another, lower standard for blacks -- is to state implicitly the belief that blacks are inferior. That's why Ward Connerly, a black American, is outraged by affirmative action.


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not only that but it perverts the free market and perpetuates

stereotypes of the worst kind.

I have no doubt that there are minorities of all kinds who are out and out geniuses. Can anyone doubt the intelligence of a Thomas Sowell or a Cornell West, even if one disagrees with them? Indeed, I work with very bright persons of multiple ethnicities.

But when one runs into a bonafide idiot who went to an Ivy League school, that doesn't provide any kind of role model.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

This misses the point

The logic of affirmative action is that the system is built and maintained by whites, and therefore is designed or inclined to keep blacks and other minorities out. So whites must be forced to include minorities.

The real issue is probably the question of why the system has been built and maintained by whites while blacks and certain other minorities have yet to discover the wheel, or reading and writing, or math, through their own efforts.

The logic of affirmative action

is to perpetuate inferiority.

More specifically affirmative action has converted perceived inferiority into actual inferiority. Now that they have become inferior in fact, they will perpetually cry for 'protection' from the government.

They are livestock on a ranch that is harvested every so often for votes for the democrat party.

All humans will live up to the expectations of society. By lowering our expectations we have ensured they will be forever inferior.

Before, unless you were a bigot, there was no reason for anyone to assume a black professional wasn't the equal to his white peers. In fact just the opposite. Knowing that some bigotry existed, they likely had higher hurdles to overcome.

But today things are completely different. You are simply a fool if you give no thought to seeing a black professional if it is for something important. If it is not important of course you might utilize their services, but it is now out of something akin to charity.

Perceived inferiority has become actual inferiority through affirmative action.

It should be noted they receive no protection in sports and entertainment. Here they dominate, and it should not be surprising in the least.

The liberal agenda has accomplished what no redneck bigotry ever could.

They keep the black minstrel man dancing for the entertainment of the white.

Dance boy.



Blacks have been denied the discipline of the market.

That might have been their only hope.

Ha ha ha.

It was a"minority" that invented the wheel.
Us superior whites didn't get it until hundreds of years later. Same with maths, writing and universities.


Mesopotamia is cited by most scholars as the cradle of civilization. According to Wikipedia: Medical institutions are known to have been established in Egypt since as early as circa 3000 BC. Ancient Egypt gains credit for the tallest ancient pyramids and early forms of surgery, mathematics, and barge transport.

I guess the Egyptians

just got cocky and gave it up after that then...hey, we have the pyramids, let's ride camels and eat hummus...;)

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

ha ha ha HA

We probably don't know who "invented" the wheel or any other fundamental devices, ultimately, and Europeans weren't the only advanced group by any stretch.....but we do know who developed and refined certain ideas and systems beyond any other group, and we do know what groups, as groups, by averages, have not demonstrated any talent for functioning in civilization, much less building and maintaining civilization.

I think the Dung Beatle

invented the wheel.
Says alot about "civilization" :)


would this be?

we do know what groups, as groups, by averages, have not demonstrated any talent for functioning in civilization, much less building and maintaining civilization.

I'm sure you don't mean blacks here. See my post above about the ancient Egyptians, which was one of the greatest civilizations this world has seen.

A little desperate and sad to

A little desperate and sad to use this northern african practically prehistoric civilization that is shrouded in mystery, and was anything but pure black, to build up sub-saharan africans who this very moment cannot build anything beyond grass huts, and whose descendants all over the world consistently settle at the lowest economic and social strata.

I don't want to just be a jerk here. But Egypt is a pretty absurd example compared to the preponderance of hard, detailed evidence supporting the opposing view regarding innate capacities of certain groups.

You are mistaken on all counts.

The continent of Africa has been plundered and pillaged for centuries, for it's gold, gems and people. There was already a thriving slave trade well before any Europeans arrived.
And when they did arrive, they wrote of cities and sophisticated social order. When a country is plundered of it's best and brightest, it's young men and breeding aged women, it takes a long time to recover. The continent of Africa is still being raped, her peoples murdered and sickened.
I hate the fact that you can't seem to see that most peoples were sophisticated to their own environment.
An Aboriginal may not be able to drive like Michael Schumacher, but could Michael Schumacher survive in the dessert?
Our white history is short, and not that flattering, and many of histories greatest figures weren't that white.

Liberal silliness

If sub-Saharan Africans produced great civilizations, it was in the distant, distant past and no reliable evidence of those civilizations exists. The population that created great things (working with your fantasy that they existed, I mean) is gone as well. Today's black African population has a very low IQ and has not demonstrated any capacity for functioning in complex societies.

It's just that simple. We don't know who did what in Egypt, and whatever took place that far in the past is irrelevant, as today's black African (and other backward) populations are very well understood. That's what must be dealt with.

Many creatures can survive in the desert with more ease than any high IQ individual could. Doesn't elevate lizards and cacti by human standards.

I'm not arguing for white supremacy. I'm arguing against the key tenet of Marxism, which is that people are biologically equal, and therefore unequal outcomes mean that those who are successful must be cheating. Certain groups have been primitive throughout known history, and continue to run on primitive programs today. Unscrupulous whites may take advantage of them, but that doesn't mean they're quantum physicists waiting to happen. They're primitive according to brain and body (hormone levels, rate of maturation) makeup. That's just how it is.


must be out of your mind.

This thread topic turned to race and history. Evidence shows human origins from Africa, also called the "motherland". I don't know how you figure a native African race is not black. Any society can have immigrants etc., but Egyptian hieroglyphs depict anything but white skin.

Sad and desperate? I'm not the one suggesting no black people have become successful, despite racism and adversity, since they all "settle at the lowest economic and social strata".

probably outa your depth....

I'm saying that today's sub-Saharan Africans, with an IQ around 70, who have never produced anything worth mentioning, and whose cousins have a pretty depressing record all over the world, throughout known history, are what they are.

I don't know the details regarding who did what in Ancient Egypt, and neither do you. It could have been people identical to today's black Africans except for a mild but significant difference in brain construction. Maybe the group degenerated for some reason.....It could well have been lighter-colored rulers. There are plenty of lighter colored people depicted in Egyptian art.

It's the continent of Africa, but it's not strictly black africa....it's an area lots of people from all over accessed. It's also at least a few thousand years ago. That's pretty shoddy evidence to counter many, many millions of people living right now, of a specific, identifiable group, who have produced almost nothing of lasting value.

I'm not saying there are no successful black people, I'm saying there are averages for groups, and it doesn't serve anyone to lie about those averages.


my other comment in this thread. It has to do with something called OPPORTUNITY, and when it comes to that modern blacks don't compete with modern whites, on average, because the wealthiest places, with access to the best education and resources have been European.

What we do see is that before that was the makeup of the world's wealth dark skinned African people, notably the Egyptians, did amazing things. For your information even "black" race babies sometimes come out with very light colored skin. Add to that nearby blood of persians, indians, etc. in that region of the world and that's what you'll probably see influencing the makeup of Egyptian people.

I don't know what you mean by "descendants". If you mean black blood for example within American history, then for example Lewis Latimer who is black invented an important part of the light bulb, the carbon filament, who you never hear about. Garrett Morgan invented the first traffic light, and gas masks. Otis Boykin invented electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the pacemaker. There are many examples of very smart black people, but you seem to disagree. You also make no mention of white people who didn't amount to much, as if that didn't exist. I don't know why you're so bent on race. The truth is environment and opportunity will influence the achievements of ANY human, of which we're all the same race BTW, so chill out.

Actually, regarding us all

Actually, regarding us all being the same race....the out of Africa theory is kinda falling apart as they find different strains of humans in Eurasia that don't share ancestry with black Africans.

So, it could be that we are two different species, not merely two subspecies. It's possible that black Africans are a mix involving a primitive ancestor with a slightly simpler brain makeup.

Look up some reconstructions of homo erectus, imagine them breeding with another, more advanced, premodern human, and you will see that this idea is not very far-fetched.

Yes. That is correct.

It's gonna be hard for people to let go of the Out of Africa "theory".

The most recent revelations regarding hominin phylogeny state that indigenous sub Saharan Africans are more genetically diverse and do not share a common ancestor with Europeans or Asians.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul


I'm talking rules, you're talking exceptions.

You can cite thousands of very bright black people and I wouldn't dream of disagreeing.

I'm talking the overwhelming trends within the group, not the random, infrequent departures from the trend.

The existence of a black polar bear, if such a thing was found, would be interesting, but it wouldn't change what is deemed normal for polar bears. See how that works? The overwhelming trends scientists chart for the subspecies would still be completely valid.

Also, your examples, you will note, took place in the context of a white-run stable society, using Western science and thought traditions, and your black scientists probably had a good amount of white ancestry, as is common with American blacks.

Your ignorance knows no bounds.

And what is worse is you try to write with such sweeping authority. You are a product of selective reading of history to fit your imagination.

The so called "white race", if there is such a thing called "race", that you esteem so highly happens to be the last group of "race" to enter the gates of civilization. And like a spoiled last child who always cries to have everything for himself behave accordingly.

The main religions all come outside of Europe, western Europe has no alphabets of its own other than the ones copied from the Romans and Greeks, whose roots are semitic (hint hint non-white) and the numbers you use from Arabs and Indians.

The Romans and Greeks that you so desperately hang on to for any claim to be called ancient, totally despised anyone or anything that came from western Europe.

I could go on endlessly but you are not worthy of an opponent to bother.

Call it a race or a

Call it a race or a subspecies. Asians have higher average IQ and larger brains than whites....I'm not talking white supremacy, I'm just talking trends for different groups.

There are many different strains of Europeans and it could be that the friction between them creates the circumstances for high achievement. It could be that a selection process fairly recently, within the last 1,000 years, created a high-achieving,highly cooperative (within their society) strain of Europeans.

It could be that prior to that a separate selection process created Greek and then Roman genius, and then their genius tapered off. It could be that the Egyptians benefited from a process that selected for high intelligence prior to that.

It could be that it's cyclical. Whites could be on their way out as the dominant group, due to intellectual, moral, and then genetic, decay that is inevitable when a certain level of civilization is achieved. Many other groups might have risen and fallen by a similar cycle.

The Chinese, for instance, were the most advanced group a thousand or so years ago, and then fell to disorder. Could be that the easy life allowed too many substandard people to survive, the breeding stock went bad, and things slowly fell apart.


commonality I do notice with the "white" race is tendency to believe in genetic "superiority".

We see it with royalty and bankers, we see it with Hitler/Nazis, and we see it with American slave owners. I don't want to be divisive, but since you're so bent on what the white race has done let's include all of it.

superiority for what?

superiority for what?


Egyptian civilization is not what I'd call a "random, infrequent" departure from a trend.

There you go again with your injection of race. You're agreeing with me that a stable society has influence on achievement, but then you specify "white-run" as if that's the only way it would work. Whatever man believe what you want.

A stable society is an

A stable society is an expression of the averages of the people organizing and participating in the society.

Your belief system is astounding to me...

You make me so mad!

Ok that made me fell better.



It is a very unpleasant belief system. I'd rather believe what you do, but I don't like relying on wild guesses and wishful thinking.

I agree

with your first paragraph, but what about the second?

Education has been a strong thread in African American culture, with many historically black colleges being established. Blacks knew education would be the ONLY way for many to have any chance at getting ahead. That's how it used to be anyway.

The problem, in my view, is the overall system of cheap money and big government has diluted economic incentive. Why strive to get ahead when the government can provide for your basic needs. For many blacks, especially in high crime and poverty stricken areas, selling drugs and access to fast money was the only attractive option - that is if they didn't have natural athletic or musical talent etc.


Sane economic incentives would produce better results for everyone.

I'm for that.

I'm just saying, the fantasy of perfect biological equality among groups is gonna keep creating problems. You have poisonous envy on one side and idiotic self-deprecation on the other. Not good for anyone.


I think something like Rand Paul's Economic Freedom Zones are the right direction. You cut taxes as low as possible for everyone, reduce regulations for everyone. Get government out of the way as much as possible and let the market, not crony capitalism, determine the economic winners.

The problem is our great country has a part of its past that's not all that much to be proud of, and has led to economic imbalance for the later generations. There may not be an easy rectification for that, but I believe getting government out of the way is always a good idea.