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Cop hears a man clear his throat, decides to a.) ignore it, b.) check to see if he's OK, or c.) slam his head into the wall?

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See a Doctor

Geez, the guy is seated and in handcuffs, and these ROIDS treat him like he's about to charge them or something.
Un-FUK-ING Believable...
I've said it before and will again...Police in America are all Nazi's and that's every damn one of them.
Never call the cops for any reason, stomp out your own fires and get the hell out of there.
I hope the suspect goes to every doctor and complains of frequent headaches, pain in the neck, and gets a good attorney.
Make sure you wear your neck brace to the hearing too and Good Luck suing the crapola out of the Marion County Florida Sheriff's Dept.
Who gave these Roids the uniform to wear pretending to serve the public. Somebody say "Over-reacting"...Way over board.
Where is the Police Officer's mug shot?

roid rage.

roid rage.

And an update

Yes, it is more than you hoped for. No, it's not as much as he deserved.



'punishment' is NOT more than I hoped for, and absolutely yes, it's not nearly as much as he deserved! He gave up his job, all charges dropped?! So, he'll get another 'cop' job somewhere else? I am so sick of this crap!

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Yea, bad choice of words

I meant "expected". :)


Before the drug war, cops did not have such short fuses. Only when the President declared the war, did everything change.

There were some abuses of power in some places, but it was the exception, and it was mostly the usual case of bullying, not reflexive.

Cops have been at war so long, they have PTSD, and it only gets worse as we fight back.

Which isn't to say the individual cop isn't responsible, he is, but it's also to say, we have a systemic problem caused by government sticking its nose in.

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They have been levying war on the people

War on the People is Treason punishable by death.

We the People should just charge all cops who injure people along with their trainers with Treason and have our juries put them to death. Then there will be proper remedy from their criminal injury.

Americans need to stop being pussies and do what needs to be done. How many criminal tyrants put to death for Treason will it take for the men filling those capacities to self modify their behavior? Not many. As soon as they find out they are liable for their warfare against the people and the people are ready to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants then their training won't matter anymore and they will self reform their behavior or face harsh consequences for their criminal injury. Currently, they have no fear of repercussions for their own actions which is why they act like NAZIs.

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Dave Chappelle on police brutality...


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I hope those kind of cops burn in hell

Scumbags thugs

Charges for other officers?

Other officers actions or lack of are highly questionable. One officer takes position to the THUGS right and might be seen as stabilizing the "suspect's" (who is now a "patient" ) head and spine.

HOWEVER it looks like the THUG BEAST applied a choke procedure and maintained it. Which ongoing violence makes the officer to the right not only complicit in the violence but party to it.

Other officers took no action to intervene in this obvious criminal act. All are suspect.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

is that the cop from breaking

is that the cop from breaking bad? these are crisis actors.

Actually, he made a "spitting sound" not just clear his throat

Still, no reason to slam his head into the wall.


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The Philosophy Of Liberty -


Let's say the guy actually did spit, hypothetically (I don't think he did):

Could that spit ever split the back of someone's head? Nope.

He should have just been charged if the Officer thought he spit.

*throws yellow flag*

"Unnecessary roughness on the Offense. Number five-oh. Fifteen million dollar penalty....FIRST DOWN!"

Yes, I watch the NFL and still pay attention.(Go Hawks!)

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Perhaps we need a "special" jail for cops

I'm thinking not of a closed cell with bars and guards but more like a stockade (the bend over - stick head in type) in a dimly lit part of a dark alley with very little traffic, some good mood music and a nice general ambiance (You know, so people could bring him a meal every day). I'm guessing he'd get 'visitors' and 'admirers' at all times of the day and night so it wouldn't really be as bad a general lockup.

Will we be better off with a private police force?


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Pretty amazing!

I could see this coming to a city near you. In all likelihood, a county or town near you, too.

This is a good marketing skill to acquire at this point in our history as people who will "do it right" like this guy could make loads of money in high density areas.

But he must "get it right" every time. I bet this guy does.

But can all the other police "forces" coming always get it right every time?

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This is what you get when you live in a world of actors

and two roles are criminal and police, mostly male roles. You get a bunch of coyotes and wolves tense from scarcity and tired of rivalry...it is only going to grow worst until we bring back the bobby for the people and get rid of victimless crimes. But first we have to stop symbolizing fraternally religious police forces as badges of the law, take away their 6 pointed star, and give back the standing star with a circle around it to represent the original state police.

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I saw that. This is why they

I saw that.

This is why they cover up their actions. This is why they play games with dash cams. This is why they withold public records. This is why we have a police state on our hands. Oh that and the lies of 911

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I seriously can't even

click on the video. The still shot is scary enough. I just can't, and there's a person living on the other side of those thugs who I can't even see because they are completely smothering him.

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I save much of the stuff I read into my favorite folders
some folders are,,,
Obama lies,
media lies
gov't waist
and many more

but the one folder I am almost daily adding links, stories to is
police state

every day I may add one, most days 2 or 3 links to this folder

in my mind this is the most pressing problem,,, in not only stupid new laws, politically correct policing,, unconstitutional arrests and violations,, drones, privacy invasion
and most of all police brutality

no federal reserve folder

no federal reserve folder :(((


of course,,, I have like 60 folder headings regarding ron paul, politics,,, etc just didn't feel like typing em all out

and I realize your being sly,,,, but I replied anyway

just wish I saw the federal

just wish I saw the federal reserve mentioned more here like I used to, that's all

Evil badges, only righteous to expose.

These men, they probably have families, but they treat strangers as disposable, as nothing more than an insect or rodent that does not belong in their house. I hope they realize they are the evil doers, they are the evil badges!

kind people rock


-Check if he is O.K.

Sic semper tyrannis

Sic semper tyrannis

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Video reveals the horrifying

Video reveals the horrifying moment a corrections officer slams inmate's head against a concrete wall

Charles Broaderick smashes James Duckworth's head against the jail wall in Marion County, Florida after accusing the man of spitting at him
He then pins Duckworth to the wall by his neck as the man starts to bleed
Duckworth, who had been arrested before the October incident for driving under the influence, needed stitches
Broaderick was arrested and now faces an assault charge - he has also been put on unpaid leave while the case continues

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2522119/Video-reveal...
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I don't know how you do it, Barracuda...

...but you always seem to come up with the best videos, pictures and updates.

Thanks for all you do in this long battle to reclaim liberty!

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