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Cop hears a man clear his throat, decides to a.) ignore it, b.) check to see if he's OK, or c.) slam his head into the wall?

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"unpaid leave" wow

usually they get a paid vacation.

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Oh, I wouldn't be too shocked

I'm sure it's just a typo on the paper work. They'll correct it eventually.

My only hope...

is that they put that fat POS into the general pop when he goes to county.

lmao.. the countyasspound.

lmao.. the countyasspound.

That whole thing was all

That whole thing was all planned out. They made him sit in that chair so they could slam his head into the wall. It is probably a regular routine they have at the station.

attempted murder.

that is attempted murder. absolutely shocking.

It's unbearable to watch.

He was knocked out, unable to hold up his head. No doubt the cop caused a concussion. And that blood on the wall. It's sickening.

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A corrections officer accused of hitting an inmate was arrested


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I think he did spit. (not clear throat)

And that was the most painful and most profitable spit he's ever produced.

Excessive force, intent to harm, documented and viewed world wide. Big-time lawsuit & payout coming.

Cop with anger issues gets the same job in a different place.

What it looks like to me is

It looked and sounded like he had something on his tongue and he was trying to get it off by sticking his tongue out a little and spitting to clear whatever was on his tongue...I mean he is handcuffed he does not have many other options. And when he did this he was not directing it at anyone unless they have hired the floor as an officer. Great overreaction by the "officer". I would hate to be that tightly wound that at the slightest thing I bash someones head against a wall so hard they start to pass out and display signs of a concussion. Don't worry though none of the officers were harmed...unless that one is getting a repetitive strain injury from bashing in heads.

he didn't spit. watched it 3

he didn't spit. watched it 3 times.

Agree, He didnt clear his throat

Agree, He didnt clear his throat (wtf op?), but it didnt look or sound like a "spit" either. Seemed like He was trying to blow a hair or something out of his mouth. He even turned his head down and away from the cop when he did it.

Judging by the officers language and attitude, its no surprise he would snap so easy and/or use any excuse to physically assert his authority.

Too many cops with the tough guy attitude.

How come cops just can't be civil... BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINALS hiding behind badges and other b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t

The kid is clearly hand cuffed, not a threat and clearly not acting violently. But yet, these pigs feel the need to be worse than scum on my shoe.

Why don't these "tough guy" cops go and take a Wall Street Banker or some corrupt politician and do this to them... Ill tell you why they don't... BECAUSE THAT TYPE OF SCUM IS WHO Gets them paid! That's why.

So to recap, we have criminals in badges, being run by criminals from high on up, who then STEAL our money to pay to these horrid thugs. How lovely! Karma is a - - B i T c H - - -

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To protect and serve

or to punish and enslave?

Protect and Serve

They are protecting and serving the municipal corporation they are employed by. Many people incorrectly believe "To protect and serve" is for the people. The police have no duty to protect people from harm. The Supreme Court has ruled as such.

Two words...

dark alley!

There's always a fattie

There's always a fattie wannabe tough-guy working intake.

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