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1000 yard shot... gets hit by a ricochet.

What are the odds?


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It's only a 100 yard shot.

Per this explanation. See link - http://madogre.com/?p=1090. The guy is still very lucky.

lol odds?

Literally 1000 to One.

I must disagree

I'd wager the odds are roughly 100% at this point.


Am I bleedin' was a good question. He knew he'd been hit. What were the chances that the bullet would hit his earpiece and knock it off vs. hitting him directly?

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Crazy outcome. I'm calling bs

Crazy outcome. I'm calling bs on the 1000 yards though. The sound of the bullet hitting the steel plate 0.6 miles away would take about 2.5 seconds to arrive at the camera, but instead can be heard about 0.4 seconds after the shot, which puts that steel plate closer to 150 yards away. Still incredible odds to get hit by a ricochet.

Don't shoot BB's at the metal siding of an outhouse...!!



Makes you appreciate the power behind that bullet. Jesus.

Physics lesson. Lucky man.
Turn your sound up..........so you can hear the bullet head back.
This guy is shooting a 50 cal rifle. Watch the dust when he fires. The target is a steel plate, 1000 yards (.57 miles, 10 foot ball fields) away.
You can hear the ping of the hit and then hear the bullet coming back. It hits the ground just in front of him, then bounces up, hits the earmuffs, knocking them from his head. The footage is amazing. If you haven't heard a ricochet before, you can hear the bullet as it tumbles through the air on its course back toward the shooter.
For those of you that wish to, consider the probability the bullet hitting the ground in exactly the right place to bounce up at the correct trajectory angle to hit his ear protection, not over, or under them. Fortunately the tumble, or the angle of the plate he was shooting at changed the return course of the bullet by 6 inches "left" over half a mile's worth of travel distance (right eye dominant sighting - left ear-cup impact). Otherwise it would have been a "return one hop headshot", instead of an earphone shot.
The 50 caliber sniper rifle is impressive .

Distance allowed for a lot of deceleration

I've seen similar footage at closer range and the whine is going UP in pitch which is normal (doppler effect). This round is slowing down rapidly and even more so when it kisses the ground. And it's still going wicked fast.

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was about 50 yards away from an old dresser that myself and some friends were blasting with various guns and my XD40 ricocheted a piece of metal back at me that hit me in the upper eyelid. I'll take it as a warning and put some glasses on next time.

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