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CO Cops disarmed and arrested a man for open carrying and now they’re going to pay.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Police in the City of Colorado Springs were forced to pay $23,500 to a man they arrested by mistake for carrying his weapon in public. James Sorensen sued and won after he was arrested at a festival in July, one day after the Aurora shooting occurred. The entire incident was caught on camera and when the officer who disarmed him told him to get a lawyer, that’s exactly what he did.

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As a movement

We need to take thinks more to their face offensively.

These lawsuits don't matter. Yes they are nice for one man. But the bill in most these cases goes to the tax payer. So in the end there is still no accountability. Yet in exchange they set precedents in the future because they will never stop.

If people would sue the individual it may put an end to this result that will only ultimately end in there favor.

Meanwhile they take our money for these lawsuits. And we all know they (policy makers) want us poor.



To see a gay pride parader open carrying. Seems like the kind of thing that would make most democrats' heads explode.

Here's the arrest/detainment

Here's the arrest/detainment video.

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Nice site

Thanks for the link to the libertarian republic website. I never knew about the site until now.

Not sure if someone on the DP was involved with it, if so, the logo is awesome!


thanks for posting this

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There's no justice here. The

There's no justice here. The taxpayer pays! So the people pay twice, once for the gang in blue who oppress them for their salaries, and again for their criminal actions.

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I keep wishing it would wake people up

However, most people are as blind as they are stupid ... or is it the other way around? So, we'll keep getting taxed to death to pay for people to abuse other people. Sigh ......


"Being a cop is more of a diagnosis than a profession."


Love Liberty, be Vigilant

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Justice. Hope it spreads.

Hope it spreads.

They should have to pay *OUT

They should have to pay *OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET* like anyone else. As long as the taxpayers have to pay when cops break the laws and violate rights, they'll continue to do it with reckless abandon.

....should have been awarded

....should have been awarded Billions. Yes Billions - With a "B".