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Socialist Boehner gets Primaried in Ohio

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Marketing yourself

That's what running for office is all about right, showing why you are the best fit for the role? I just find it funny that throughout the last few election cycles I have noticed a trend in these (let's call them "amateur") candidates. Keep in mind that I want these people to get elected to office badly, and I am not digging on them personally.

Check out the websites of Boehner, McConnell, and Pelosi. If you meet these people in person it is obvious that time in office has taken it's toll. Perhaps we could also assume that some of them "fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down". Either way you see no sign of this when it comes to the photo's on their website.

Websites, marketing materials, radio, t.v. and photo's are the medium for how these candidates get their name out.

Just look at Boehner's wikipedia photo for pete's sake:

This guy is 64!

I know here at the DP we look at the content of someones character, however your average uniformed voter does not.

Why do these challenger websites always look like they were made by "the candidates brother in-law". The photo's were taken using by a phone or cheap scan, and then photo-shopped by a 12 year old.

If this guy, and others are vetted properly and we feel they can carry the torch of liberty, perhaps there is more we can do. Not just by canvasing neighborhoods, or making calls. I am sure we have a vast amount of talent that can be leveraged to get the marketing these people need.

I hate to say it but image plays a big role.

Help me find this:
I saw a great example of how the media will take these type of candidates and paint them to look deathly in a movie clip along time ago. I just cannot remember the name of the documentary. Someone here must have posted or know of this?
It was a candidate complaining before a debate on how they had no make-up person, no one to help before he went on camera.

I remember a candidate here in my area that ran against a long time juggernaut republican for the house. He had a long uphill battle trying to convince voters who basically just hit the "select all R's" on their ballot box, even though this was just a primary. However his website and radio promotions were awful.

These people need:

  • Truly professional photo's.
  • 2013 style websites. There is no need for 100 pages of content but just something that levels the playing field.
  • Creative and effective and material.
  • Coaches / managers to help them with presentation, debates, and fielding good questions.
  • IMO

    Because campaigns for candidates and issues are a business, when it comes to the GOP.. because there was no new blood running in to join the Neocons, and people don't understand the business of politics.. the GOP has a bunch of old school.. they are not tech savvy, they know how to run campaigns and make tions of money doing it.. but they don't have the ability to promote on the net.. they still think "yellow pages"..

    This is another reason Ron Paul's invitation into the GOP was brilliant.. with tech, and understanding that politics is a business, really, we should have no problem taking the GOP.. just too many don't see politics as a business.. but rather a choice.

    He had me at

    Milton Friedman.

    Gotta support this guy!

    "Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

    What a Backpfeifengesicht (German)

    Wake me up when it is time to roll out the muskets please?

    Although I will still probably donate.

    "You only live free if your willing to die free."

    I read the repsonses below.

    More vetting is required. Before we get too excited, boehner & co. know that boehner is hated among Conservatives, and may pull a brian ellis.

    I like what I have read about Gurr, but we must proceed with caution.

    If any of you live in that district, please attend any events and bring recording equipment.

    "What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


    better than Boehner, if we have to roll the dice on this one, I say we roll the dice.

    Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

    The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

    I do NOT

    play lesser of evil!

    I work in both my state AND in Ohio. Before I give an acknowledgement of endorsement, I want to know everything about him or her. Period.

    "What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

    He answered questions on the other thread.

    Gurr Joined the DP. Please read if you care about the race:

    blonduxo's picture

    I questioned Gurr and here are his answers:

    I emailed and asked him to answer a few questions beyond what was covered on his website before donating. I asked him about the following and he answered and was in agreement with my posting his answers here. So without further ado his responses:

    I am a strict Constitutionalist. I find it amazing that over the last few decades so many politicians have come to see the law of the land as a flexible, breathing document. The flexibility is built in, it is the amendment process. I am a small business owner and have run that business since 1994. I have never run for political office before. I am in favor of term limits and if I win I will server no more than four terms and very likely only 3.

    The Fed:
    Should be audited and I would be in favor with doing away with the FED and replacing with a measured monetary policy along the lines of Milton Friedman's suggestions.

    Keynesian Economics:
    The core of Keynes philosophy was that increases in inflation will lower unemployment. This is demonstrated by The Phillips Curve and has been shown to fail multiple times. We had stagflation under Carter and we are close to the same thing now.

    Foreign Alliances:
    We should always be wary of foreign alliances. We wish all nations well but I do not favor military alliances when the nation is not at war. When alliances are necessary they should be tightly focused and short term.

    Patriot Act and NDAA:
    I believe these acts are unconstitutional and offer little in the way of security. Those who sacrifice liberty for security will have neither (to paraphrase).

    Defense vs. Military Budget:
    This is an excellent question. The two are distinct. I am in favor of a strong national defense, with a defensive posture and strategy. Spending on our military and veterans should be of the highest priority. The military industrial complex does not help our soldiers and does not help us defend the nation.

    Auditing HHA, Homeland Security and DOD
    All should be vigorously audited. I think the Homeland Security has become another bloated bureaucracy..

    Executive Orders/Separation of Powers:
    Obama has abused Executive orders time and time again. President is not supposed to issue these orders when revenue and spending are involved. The House/Senate should be the strongest of branches, not the weakest.

    Transpacific Trade:
    I'm a bit out of the GOP mainstream on this. I believe in tariffs where necessary to protect the defense and vital interests of the nation. I also would favor tariffs with China over currency manipulation and belligerent posture from their leaders. The new trade agreement with South Korea is probably a bit more beneficial to the nation as income/currencies are more on par with our own.

    Securing our borders:
    Favor strong security of the border and enforcement of all immigration laws. Amnesty is not an option as it nullifies existing law and is first and foremost a breakdown of law and order.

    Abolishing the IRS:
    I am in favor of a flat tax with fewer deductions. I think this should be part of a Constitutional amendment.

    National Debt:
    This is an inter-generational national tragedy. I strongly favor a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

    Hope this helps.
    Eric Gurr

    Pretty good, but...

    I agreed Abolish the IRS, but with a flat tax I think there should be more deductions instead of fewer.

    Morning bump.

    Morning bump.

    I am privy to some inside baseball in this race

    If Gurr is the man that will lead the conservative pack against Bohener, the Congressman has no idea what is waiting for him. Do what you all can to get your people out that already support this message. The rest will hopefully be history on how you unseat a powerful man in Washington.

    Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. - Young Americans for Liberty - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

    I look forward

    to voting against Boehner every two years.

    Normally, Boehner runs I write in Mickey Mouse or Mr. Magoo or somebody like that.

    Would love to defeat Boehner. It will take a lot of money and grass roots.

    I live in Boehner's district and I have never heard of Gurr...he needs to get busy if he is serious.