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What is the best way to go about buying Bitcoin?

Help! How do I obtain Bitcoin? I don't understand. Keep it simple, please.

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Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

setup an account with Coinbase.com

For a quick purchase, go to localbitcoins.com.

The Red Coats are coming!

there are a few Bit-Tards who down vote all pos Bitcoin comments

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The Red Coats are coming!

OK I will try to give you a

OK I will try to give you a very brief tutorial.

For basic Bitcoin info go to www.bitcoin.org or www.bitcoins.com

To actually start owning, receiving, and sending bitcoins you will need a wallet. There are many many wallet options. I personally use the Bitcoin-QT wallet. Here are some options. http://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet
Whenever you get your wallet the address listed on the receive tab is what you will use to send yourself bitcoins.

Now if you want to get extremely small amounts of bitcoins for free with zero risk of identifying yourself or spending money you can use bitcoin faucets. These sites give out very small amounts of bitcoins for simple tasks like entering a CAPTCHA or viewing a website or youtube video. Here are a few I use daily: http://www.bitcoins4.me/ http://freebitco.in/ http://dailybitcoins.org/index.php http://bitcoiner.net/ http://bitcoinfaucet.tk/ http://bitvisitor.com/ http://www.cointube.tv/

If you want to actually invest dollars into bitcoin there are two basic ways that I know how to do this. You can either use an online exchange or you can meet someone in person and pay them cash. I have only personally used online exchanges but I do know that the in cash deals are viable. I recommend only using online exchanges that have a good reputation and that have relatively high volume. I personally have a verified account with both https://www.mtgox.com/ and https://www.bitstamp.net/. Getting your account verified involves scanning ID and proof of address. Once your account is verified you can then send bank wires which take a few days to arrive. Once the funds arrive you can then instantly use them to buy bitcoins which you can then withdraw to your personal wallet. This is a very safe method from my personal experience. The in person cash transactions are facilitated through https://localbitcoins.com/ where you can search for dealers by zipcode.

Lastly if you are just looking for data I recommend http://bitcoinwisdom.com/ http://getaddr.bitnodes.io/ http://coinmarketcap.com/ http://preev.com/ and https://blockchain.info/

...And if you want a great site for just a bunch of current bitcoin news stories check out http://thebitcoinnews.co.uk/

Hope that helps :) Feel free to message me with any questions.

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Thank You

Thank you for the info. You have been most helpful.

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