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Liberty Candidate in me - let go.

So I truly believe that every intention I hold dear could be served well in the public light and with respect for those constituents I would have every privilege of serving.

However, I feel a great disservice would be perpetuated at administering any seat of office as I no longer believe in the system at hand. Whether we choose to believe in the dissolved Constitutional Republic we shoulder with reminiscent threads, some future balance in Democracy or the dissipation of the encroaching authoritarian theatre, we choose to believe by that even after all the deception, treachery, indecency, futility of legislature and politicking our vote matters. Well, it does...to us.

I will keep the spirit of Liberty burning within and fuel it by withholding vote and withholding my permission to let the floundering continue. Do we really trust any of them anymore?

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Lawmanjed is running in 2014!!

support or no?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I respect volunteerism, but

how does it stop or slow down government tyranny. The bigger question is, how tyrannical would government be if it goes unchecked? I personally really don't want to be a part of the political system either, but how does anarchy volunteerism stop an unchecked tyrannical government?

kind people rock

I never said anarchical volunteerism

was alternative, however my vote is better repressed if we are to ever illegitimize these beauracrats taking office in order to defile the oath and Constitution they claim to uphold with speech.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Hey man I don't have the answers, but I got a lot of questions?

Not trying to be sarcastic, I really don't have the answers, but I am searching for opportunity on where and how the message can travel and reach the hearts and minds faster. Peace......

kind people rock

The bigger question is, how much more tyrannical would our gov

The bigger question is, how much more tyrannical would our government be if it goes unchecked?

kind people rock

Maybe more...

maybe not...

They already go unchecked and in some cases at the apathy of our own Congressional body. Every time I hear of another unconstitutional action or legislation enacted, I almost expect it and have become somewhat desensitized to it. I don't trust that any majority of our representation will stand up and honor the oaths they've sworn to, which leaves me in a rather numb state as far as trust in authority figures goes.

I know I could represent others dutifully and constitutionally, however I'm not sure I have much faith in the ability of our constitution to persuade and hold the genuine attention and morality of those who swear to put their faith in it. It seems the current system has been usurped of purpose and capacity and has been replaced with usurpers whose only stake in capacity has been thieved from the authority over them: the Constitution itself.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I really like the Bill of Rights, and I understand

your frustration. Thanks for believing in liberty and being a voice, it takes all of us. I'm down for advocating liberty however, anyone swinging for liberty, come as you are, be free in your body and mind. Thanks for the perspective, peace......

kind people rock