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Confessions of a Right-Wing Shock Jock (Jack Hunter's mea culpa)

In July, the neoconservative website Washington Free Beacon published an article with the headline “Rebel Yell: Rand Paul aide has history of neo-Confederate sympathies, inflammatory statements.” The subject was a peculiar one—a staffer for Sen. Paul (R-Ky.) who had worked as a radio shock jock with the nickname “Southern Avenger” while wearing a Confederate-flag wrestling mask.

The Southern Avenger had said some pretty atrocious things. He toasted John Wilkes Booth’s birthday each year and believed that Lincoln “would have had a romantic relationship with Adolf Hitler if the two met.” He worried about “racial double standards for white people” and that “a non-white majority America would simply cease to be America.”

That Rand Paul aide was me. I had written and said all of these things. They no longer reflected my beliefs by the time the Beacon article came out—and hadn’t for a long time. Some I had completely forgotten, like the John Wilkes Booth toast. The reporter had retrieved that one from an old long-defunct website.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2013/11/confessions-o...

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what a joke

I find it quite funny,,, and hugely HYPOCRITICAL,,,
that he lectures and scolds others for being hateful, devisive, dividing, rascist etc----- when he was the epitome of all that.

he actually did that for years,,, he brought this on himself and by association many others, including rand paul
he ruined himself

and now has the balls to lecture others as if he has a leg to stand on

I can picture his condescending , nasally anal voice, lecturing the DP on our flaws and what we need to do,,,, how holier than now he is compared to the grass roots

it cracks me up

a big F U to jack hunter

fade into obscurity

Thanks for linking

Great mea culpa. I liked the Southern Avenger that I had gotten to know as a result of the Ron Paul campaigns. I like him even more now.