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Why was Cruz memorializing a Communist?


Ted Cruz walked out of the Mandela memorial service when Raul Castro began to speak.
Good for him. But didn't he know that Mandela was also a part of the Communist party in South Africa?
Better to have boycotted the whole affair than hobnob with Commies.


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Mandela is no more of a communist than Obama or Bush

He's probably a bit better than those two.

Top GDP in Africa, 6th highest per capita.

Prison population per capita is low, certainly lower than us. We have the highest prison population on Earth. We are hardly the ones to point the finger at other countries about crime.


If Mandela was an actual communist, when he led the country it would have become a communist country. It didn't, so he isn't.

I don't agree with many of his socialist views, but then again I don't agree with Obama or Bush.

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Rand Paul Statement on Nelson Mandella

Dec 10, 2013
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sen. Rand Paul today issued the following statement on the life and legacy of South African President, Nelson Mandela:

"Nelson Mandela not only changed history, his call for tolerance, peace and acceptance changed the minds of people across the globe. The indelible mark he left on his country and the world will serve as an example of rightness and perseverance for humanity for all time."


He's the man.

I wonder why he felt compelled

To say anything.

Must be the thing to do in Washington.

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Becuz he's a politician

Haven't you figured that out yet?

He's the man.


I agree.

Who cares!

He paid his respects. Mandela (communist or not) fought for equal rights for his people, who were severely oppressed. South African apartheid was very similar to American Jim Crow laws, which one of my parents endured. As for Castro and being anti-communism, whatever. I don't see any Chinese embargo or much hate for China.

This isn't about China or Castro, for me.

It's about Communism. Taking it seriously and not promoting those who preach or practice it.

I keep hearing all this talk about how much Mandela did for the blacks in S. Africa and then I listen to those who point out that the country is in terrible shape with crime and poverty. To me it sounds like Mandela took his people from the pot straight into the fire. Did he truly lift blacks up or did he just pull everyone down?

Are you insane?

Blacks in South Africa couldn't even VOTE in the 1990s. I'd say he did quite well in liberating his fellow countrymen. And I'd rather honor a "Communist" who fought for civil rights than to admire a capitalist US President who stood silently during SA Apartheid.

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Here is what Pastor Manning has to say.

Go to 2:20 mark


You have confirmed exactly what I had predicted ........

You do indeed have a darker agenda. It is a pity you are in this forum. Posting this exactly proves my point about choosing to see history selectively to fit your view.

I regret to have wasted my time corresponding with you. The lack of knowledge you and this so called “preacher” exhibit is beyond belief. Your use of these types of sources reflects on the level of your intelligence – or lack thereof.

You have confirmed

that you have no argument.

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I don't know what you are talking about.

My "darker agenda" as you call it is the truth. Manning has been at the same church for 31 years, and he has been preaching the same things during that time. He has been trying to wake up his congregation, albeit with the brutal truth and with words that many would never use. He no doubt, believes what he is saying, and so do the people in attendance or else he would have been thrown-out years ago. He's called-out Obama on numerous occasions. If you prefer the smoother deliveries of Rev. Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al Sharpton and their version of the truth, you can have both of them. They must appeal to higher I.Q. individuals like yourself. We lower functioning, according to you, people prefer the brutal honesty of someone like Pastor Manning.

So now you make the audacious .......

presumption to think on my behalf. Amazing, that if I have a differing view from this so called “conservative”, “telling the truth” preacher - who has no idea about African history (brainwashed to his core). A man who has never stepped a foot in Africa, does not speak one African language, and yet makes such sweeping assumptions about a continent more than three times the size of the nation he lives in and many times more diverse. That he “knows” its history with such authority so as to talk about it in such sweeping terms is astounding – so much for his “brutal truth”.

That my disagreement with him somehow automatically makes me a supporter of the likes of Jesse Jackson’s et. al., without any evidence to support such a claim shows only how narrow minded and ignorant your remarks are. Again all you are indicating is the level of your intelligence.

It is clear the “dark agenda” that I am referring to is your inability to look beyond race. You have a long way to embrace one of the pillars of libertarian philosophy – the ability to see people as individuals. Take a page from Ron Paul, might help you go a long way in life and avoid many pitfalls. Happy holidays.

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You already stated that my intelligence level is low.

The machinations of a cave-dweller like myself presumed that the other end of the political spectrum represented by Manning was more to your liking, namely Jackson and Sharpton. Now you say that this presumption is also incorrect and that you dislike all three black preachers whether they attack or apologize for the status quo. You wrap yourself in the mantle of libertarianism and say that you are blind to race. However, you also state that you do not like any of these preachers. You are blind, period. You say that I cannot look beyond race, yet you just discredited these three preachers, who all happen to be black. A presumed cave-dweller is one thing, but a possible racist is quite another.

Seeing people as individuals and looking beyond race are two different issues that are not mutually exclusive. Would MLK (Do you like him, btw? I'll presume again that your answer is yes.) have gotten anything done had he been white? Would Gandhi if he was white? If singer Al Jolson had been black and he painted his face white, just imagine the difference in reception the world's greatest entertainer would have received. Race, ethnicity, charisma, etc. are all qualities that cannot be blindly overlooked. Such things are all qualities that make up a person that should not to be mechanically and obligingly discounted. They should be embraced. These characteristics are part of what make that person unique and an "individual!" Think about that, if time permits. Alright, I'm headed back into my cave now to watch another episode of "Cops." I am again making the presumption that you know that I don't watch this program, and I was ending with a little levity. Peace and prosperity.

I'm not sure I agree with all that.

I know some very sophisticated professional blacks.

My guess is that technology is just not a priority to them. I think Manning makes a critical philosophical/theological mistake in judging races by their feats of engineering. We don't need fancy boats and giant cities to live happy, healthy lives. But a strong religious/moral code would provide security and peace.

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Cruz should have shook hands with Raul Castro....

...the same way Obama did. Raul has the keys to our kindom in Cuba. Doesn't Cruz remember where Guantanamo Bay is? He should also know that is where the Gitmo prison is also. Both of these installations are vital to our national security [supposedly]. Cruz should apologize to Raul and in Spanish. If Cruz hasn't visited yet, he should take a trip over to see our base in Cuba. It sounds really nice and Raul holds the lease.

Some interesting factoids about Guantanamo Bay

In 1986, Guantanamo became host to the first and only McDonald's restaurant within Cuba. A Subway sandwich shop was opened in November 2002.[57] Other fast food outlets have followed. These fast food restaurants are on base, and not accessible to Cubans. It has been reported that prisoners cooperating with interrogations have been rewarded with Happy Meals from the McDonald's located on the mainside of the base. In 2004, Guantanamo opened a combined KFC & A&W restaurant at the bowling alley and a Pizza Hut Express at the Windjammer Restaurant.[59] There is also a Taco Bell, and the Triple C shop that sells Starbucks coffee and Breyers ice cream. All the restaurants on the installation are franchises owned and operated by the Department of the Navy.[60] All proceeds from these restaurants are used to support morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) activities for service personnel and their families.[61] In the 1980s, there was even a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store, the first franchise to open on the base.
"In February 1903, the United States leased 45 square miles of land and water at Guantanamo Bay for use as a coaling (fueling) station.
Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is on the front lines for regional security in the Caribbean area. The base supports the ability of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships, along with allied nation ships to operate in the Caribbean area by providing contingency and quality logistical support with superior services and facilities. The base also supports the Department of Homeland Security in U.S. migrant operations to help care for displaced migrants from the surrounding area, effectively helping control the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States."

Wanna solve the Gitmo problem?

Give it back to Cuba. How hard is that?

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Pretty hard it seems for Obama.

He could have done so very quickly as he said he would as soon as he got into the Oval Office. Cuba wouldn't want that either; they would have lost a bunch of dollars.

Probably because the castros

Probably because the castros tortured his father.

I think it was for a couple

I think it was for a couple reasons.
1. To honor him for the good things that he did (yes I know he did bad things as well but you don't typically go to a funeral to remember all the bad shit people do)
2. Exposure. Getting people to see him more often so they know his face if he ever does decide to run for president. Going there -should- help get the bad mouthing people to reconsider their opinion of him.
The left has had a field day hating Sen. Cruz. Just look how many articles were written about how he walked off the stage when Raul Castro went up to speak. Cuban Americans absolutely loathe the Castro's.
If I were Sen. Cruz I would've done the same thing and walked off of the stage too.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Which is worse...?

A small communist island nation or a supposedly free, world superpower that prosecutes those who would merely visit the little island...?

The "small communist island nation" is worse, much much worse

There is nothing worse than communism. But the embargo and prosecution of Americans for visiting or trading with Cuba is also bad.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Say what you want about Cuba..

Their food policy is a whole lot smarter than ours.

Nearly all fruits and vegetables consumed in their major cities are
produced locally and organically. In the twenty years since the collapse
of the Soviet Union their use of chemicals and energy for agriculture is
way down even while their production of pretty much everything besides
sugar is way up - along with their overall rate of self-sufficiency.

Of course not turning their best farmland into MacMansions and strip malls
gave them a little more to work with.




Then there are the chicas..

Cuban organically homegrown version:


Factory farmed Miami version:


This is a result of "isolationism."

And that is one of the reasons why I can't get on board with total free trade. We would be far better off if we stopped importing. But the best way to do that would be with free choice. That is happing slowly in America. Cuba did it out of necessity. Maybe we should embargo ourselves.

Cruz is untrustworthy, primary him.

I would say Cruz is untrustworthy due mainly to his massive connections to Goldman Sachs. Even if he is not how he appears, I believe we would all be better off with a less corrupt senator in that seat. Primary him out of there.

As a well programmed American (R) he knows these facts

1. Castro bad
2. Mandela good

Controlled opposition?

Cruz working for the NWO?

I dont usually nit pick on

I don't usually nit pick on grammar, but I think you should use periods instead of question marks...

I also marked you up

I guess the down voters didn't quite grasp the subtle quality of your suggestion.

Maybe you should have added a wink?


I would tend to agree.

And I voted you up.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul