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BitCoin Myths, Questions, and the Future - Where Do I Start?

Hola my Daily Paul friends. I will be interviewing Mr. Steven Patterson from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) this evening regarding the viability of BitCoin, persistent myths surrounding BitCoin and crypto-currencies in general, and what the future may hold as they continue to gain popularity.

As such, I would love to be able to ask him some questions sourced from those here on the Daily Paul. So please do not hesitate to leave a question in the comments.

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Awesome, I had my sons write an essay on Gresham's Law a couple years back, gosh I love the Daily Paul. Thank you.

Debit cards are a highly

1. Debit cards are a highly convenient way of transferring wealth and payments, yet that doesn't affect the price of owning one. Why should it cost 1000x the price to use bitcoins than it did 3 years ago?

2. Cash/precious metals are more anonymous than bitcoin, why should people trust their wealth in a virtual world with less security than cash?

3. Wouldn't the internet be shut down if we ever got to that point where the govt made it illegal to leave, anyway?


Wow ALL excellent questions, thank you for your input. Hope you tune in tonight at 7pm EST.