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Where is the best place to purchase Bitcoin, and is there a site some can recommend to keep up with it's value?

Just curious as to where the most trustworthy place to purchase Bitcoins online is, and possibly a site that tracks it's value on a real time basis. I may be will to throw a few dollars at this one, realizing that it could go up in smoke, but hell my dollars are going up in smoke anyway. I will roll the dice. Thanks for any and all info posted on this thread.

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here are more charts

this chart is "price vs time" http://bitcoin.clarkmoody.com/widget/chart/

Bitcoin Days Destroyed: Applying a 7-day average to the non-cumulative chart calculation, Bitcoin Days Destroyed for any given transaction is calculated by taking the number of bitcoin in a transaction and multiplying it by the number of days it has been since those coins were last spent. Bitcoin Days Destroyed attempts to provide a reliable indication of transaction volume that strips out transfers to oneself and immediate account reorganizations since a high value for days destroyed indicates less hoarding and more old bitcoin on the move. It can be considered a measure of monetary velocity. http://blockchain.info/charts/bitcoin-days-destroyed?

cumulative: http://blockchain.info/charts/bitcoin-days-destroyed-cumulative

Daily Transaction Volume: http://blockchain.info/charts/estimated-transaction-volume-usd

Number of Daily Transactions: http://blockchain.info/charts/n-transactions

Bitcoin Analytics: http://bitcoinanalytics.com/

Mtgox.com is the premier

Mtgox.com is the premier place to keep track of the value ever since I learned about it(but stupidly didnt buy it at $7.00 a piece in 2011). Its kinda funny that mtgox which used to be a magic:the gathering card trading site became a bitcoin trader tool, there is some type of irony here I dont quite underatand.

I have successfully purchased

I have successfully purchased bitcoins with US dollars via bank wire transfer from MtGox and Bitstamp. I have never attempted to withdraw from either site. All of my deposits have been timely and accurate. And I have withdrawn and deposited BTC on both exchanges many many times without any issues.


For keeping track of the price

I have an iPhone app btcReport. It shows the current price from:

It gives the highs and lows and the average for the day. To see the current price all you have to do is start the app. I really like it.

I like keeping track of the price

at preev.com

Its such an extremely simple site that updates every few seconds.

price quote..

is pretty simple... he is averaging quotes from 4 sources..
so he just picked them arbitrarily I guess because they're big.
thanx for that. :)

my question is more toward what you see in the FOREX currency market..
a quote standard which is converted to a data stream/feed
then plotted on a simple X/Y grid.. ie price vs. time.
Anything out there like that???

I don't know if it's what you're looking for

but here's a price vs. time chart that also shows the bid/ask volume:

And bitcoincharts has historical data:

at what point....

does anyone see them being traded... like any other commodity?
Is it being done now?
On what exchange?
Is there a site with charting?

If you want the best charts

If you want the best charts go to www.bitcoinwisdom.com

this is the best place


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Bitcoin desktop gadget with live update


Places a small box on your desktop with live price updates

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Does the gadget also read your

Does the gadget also read your secret key? Just wondering.

The best site to keep up with

The best site to keep up with the fiat value of bitcoin is bit-pay.com. Most of the bitcoin exchanges and online bitcoin wallets peg their fiat exchange price based on bit-pay since bit-pay is the largest bitcoin payment window provider for merchants.

To buy bitcoins most hassle-free, try coinbase.com. But you have to share bank account information. It is better one such account for buying bitcoins and some other similar account for selling/transacting them as it provides more control over your BTCs.

IMO, the best way to earn BTC is if you're not a salaried person like me and are doing free-lancing or small business, start accepting bitcoin as payment (just use an online-wallet or local computer wallet) for your real service/product and earn BTC and get to be part of the revolution :) All the very best!

Link please

You say, "The best site to keep up with the fiat value of bitcoin is bit-pay.com. Most of the bitcoin exchanges and online bitcoin wallets peg their fiat exchange price based on bit-pay since bit-pay is the largest bitcoin payment window provider for merchants."

Where's the link to back that statement up?

Sorry, I shouldn't have

Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned bitcoin exchanges in the statement above since the price there is based on buyers and sellers. But bitpay is the largest bitcoin payment provider for merchants in the entire world. This is claimed in their site as well as in multiple news sources when bitcoin reached top-5 of the most transaction avenues besides visa, master-card, paypal etc.

I sometime use http://bitcoincharts.com/markets/ when a sharp rise or fall in the BTC price has occurred to see the overall change in the major exchanges, but for most of the times the price that I see in bitpay is good enough - https://bitpay.com/bitcoin-exchange-rates


I can't believe I forgot that! Yes, very true the BEST way to get bitcoins is to EARN them. You know that little thing called free markets and capitalism ;)

Figure out something you have of value then offer it for bitcoin. You can get started at the Marketplace section of the main Bitcoin forum:


I don't

know what you mean by "best" place.

If you mean the easiest place then that's probably Coinbase.com, but be prepared to give over a lot of personal information.

Actually, many exchanges will require some kind of ID documentation now, especially if you appear to be from the U.S.

If you don't want to bother with that though you can use localbitcoins.com to find someone near you. Be careful when meeting strangers for monetary transactions. There have been reports of robberies. Use a public place in a non-seedy neighborhood.

A list of exchanges is here:


I don't believe

campbx requires you to be verified (ID documentation) to buy small amount (under $1000 daily) of bitcoin

He also said

"the most trustworthy place to purchase Bitcoins online." Coinbase maybe one of the easiest places, but I won't say they were the most trustworty.

Why do

you think Coinbase isn't trustworthy? They are one of the few exchanges that actually has VC funding backing them up.



There are regular meetings

There are regular meetings held in the larger cities now where people meet to buy and sell crypto in an "open market" type of setting. I forgot what they are calling these meetings, but search for them. Not that hard to find. Even so, you better go into this with a thorough understanding of what you are getting and you'll need a way to confirm your transactions.


those are called "Satoshi Squares". You can often keep up with those here:


Thank you. My memory is not

Thank you. My memory is not improving with age!

To paraphrase a meme, "One

To paraphrase a meme, "One does not simply purchase Bitcoin"...

You should first visit Bitcoin.org and learn the basics and especially learn the pitfalls and many security concerns surrounding protecting your wallet (rule number one, learn about paper wallets).

For price try these.

For price try these. Prices can vary by $125 or so, depending on where and when they are bought.

Bitcoin live http://bitcoin.clarkmoody.com/widget/chart/

Blockchain http://markets.blockchain.info/

Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations http://coinmarketcap.com/

Bitcoin charts http://bitcoincharts.com/markets/