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Hawaii official who released Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash

A Hawaii state health official who gained national attention when she released a copy of President Barack Obama's birth certificate in 2011 was killed in a plane crash off the island of Molokai, authorities said on Thursday.

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Rather strange that she is the only one who died, everyone else made it. The plane had just taken off from the Molokai airport and there was a "bang" and the motor lost power. The pilot did a remarkable job of gliding it to a successful belly landing in the ocean about 1/2 mi. from shore. Everyone was fine and calm after the belly landing. They put on their life vests and stayed in the plane until it started taking on water. They all escaped from the plane safely and were floating in the water. Now here is where it gets strange, they said that she was holding on to someone's hand in the water and then just let go and drifted away. That doesn't make sense at all. She had a life jacket on and there is no reason why the other 7 or 8 passengers and pilot would have just let her go.
The other thing is, that Otter turbo prop single engine almost never has problems. Yet there was a bang and the motor stopped? May be just concidence, but some strange goings on for sure.

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The BC is another silly fundamental Constitutional issue.

Glad that you are getting some more action on this.


Silly Issue

The whole birth certificate argument is a silly one, anyway.

1. Of all the ways the Constitution is violated every day, this one is least important.

2. The voters by their actions and inactions voted Obama into office, twice. The problem isn't Obama.

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A silly issue,... that refuses to go away.

Just like the silly issues of 9/11, JFK, and Sandy Hook to name a few, the BC has become another one.

What coincidences occur! The

What coincidences occur! The poor individual who perished released a birth certificate. Of nine people flying, only this individual dies in a plane crashing into the ocean. Since there has been continuous controversy surrounding this document, the circumstances of this person's demise pull the two things, controversial certificate and one in nine dead together. What a coincidence! That is all it is, happenstance, accident, chance, fate.

I Predicted It

I knew she would die someday, somehow.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

9 People were On Board . . .

8 People survived.

Guess who was the 1 casualty ?

Prolly just a coincidence though....

PS - Good, Honest journalism from the Chicago Tribune - NOT !

"So-called Birthers" -- yeah, so-called by establishment shills.
Obama released his long-form fake certificate and by doing so he: "Blasted Carnival Barkers who refused to let the issue go."

Carnival Barkers ?

I haven't heard that before but holy SHT that is some Trollish Writing.



Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

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Was she getting ready to

Was she getting ready to "tell-all" about some new details?

Beware the cult of "government"...