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Mother Of Girl Kissed By 6-year-old Speaks Out Against Boy Suspended For Sexual Harassment

Mother Of Girl Kissed By 6-year-old Speaks Out Against Boy Suspended For Sexual Harassment

8 hours ago | Politics, US | Posted by Kristin Tate
December 12, 2013

As we reported yesterday, a six-year-old boy was suspended from school for sexual harassment because he kissed his “girlfriend” on the hand.

After reading our story yesterday, many of you commented that you would like to hear the little girl’s side of the story.

Well now the girl’s mother has spoken out — and she says the school was right to suspend Hunter for sexual harassment.

Jade Masters-Ownbey claims that Hunter had been repeatedly told by teachers to stop touching her daughter. She said that Hunter had kissed her daughter “over and over” despite countless warnings from school employees. Masters-Ownbey added that she is disappointed to see people “bashing the school that is doing a great job protecting my child from what is sexual harassment.”

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Get Your Children The HEAVEN Out Of The Public Schools!!

What they managed to do in their infinite wisdom is attempt to scar this child for life.

Public schools are cess pools of iniquity. THEY don't educate THEY Indoctrinate, traumatize and DESTROY the innocence of children..

I'd love to punch them all in the mouth..

This disgusting behavior is stench to my nostrils


Agreed, furthermore;

If you send your kid to school then you are not a parent. You are letting your kids be parented by random strangers who change year to year. You are the slave farmer.

The kids are now being taught to accept gay sex at age twelve. Don't tell me there is a permission slip because kids learn best from other kids.

Don't send your kids into the abyss, resist now while we still have a chance. Bring the kids home!

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

very smart

How can they teach our children when they think so small themselves. It shows a lot of ignorance.

lol how do you suspend

lol how do you suspend someone 2 years out of toddlerdom for sexual harassment? the boy can't have any comprehension of what sexuality even means. misbehavior maybe... the bizarre part of the story is accusing a child of 6 of sexual harassment for simply misbehaving.

The girl's mother is a teacher at that school.

She then started harassing the boy on her FB page.

That Woman Calls Herself A Teacher

What a pathetic thing to do..

Another case

of another person wanting some authority figure to solve their problem. How about the mother of the girl going to the boy's mother and working the problem out and leaving the school out of it! When I was that age that is exactly what would have happened. My parents would have told me to leave the girl alone and if I did not do so I would have been in trouble at home.

shouldn't it be "speaks UP FOR [the] boy [who was] suspended..."

not speaks out against?

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Yea, I Caught That Too..I Re-Wrote Story So It makes More Sense

The first part described what initialed happened and then i showed the video of the boy telling his side.

Subsequently, I added the little girl's mothers' side of the story fore accuracy.

Sorry for the confusion..

The title is accurate...

The title is accurate... she's speaking against the boy and saying the school made the right call in punishing him.

I Believe jb.kibs Only Read The First Portion ..

If jb.kibs had read the whole story it would have made more sense.

Note: That is why when I type in the link at the bottom, I normally add the words, READ MORE because there is generally more to the story...