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Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum-This is Neat!

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fire with fire!


you little bastards, fry.

I remember the days of my dad

I remember the days of my dad boiling a couple quarts of scalding hot water on the stove then running outside with the pot and oven mits on and pouring it on the mound saying, "die you little bastards".

Those were the days...

Southern Agrarian

I do that!

I pour a ring around it, and dump the rest in the middle and watch 'Em die!

well not good for ants and I

well not good for ants and I saw one ant make it out, so maybe we can apply the same principle to dc and cast it for history.

Ron Paul 2016

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Wow! A Fire Ant "New Pearl Harbor" event, for sure.

Wow...this really seems to have worked. And in the end, art was produced.

I suppose the makers of Amdro and other fire ant insecticides are scrambling now as to how to monopolize the patent for melting aluminum.

Better catch those nasty little critters while they are in the nest, however. Cant tell if this was an abandoned nest or whether the final cast contains the incinerated remains of a whole colony.

BTW...on a side note...another creative, but glaring example as to how molten aluminum is SILVER...not incandescent glowing yellow-orange,you know, like molten iron:


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Point hog

You had to steal not one or two but all three of the points I was going to make? Now I'm only left with my punch-line question...

How much aluminum would it take for me to do this inside my exterior wall near where we recycle pop cans? /r

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Sorry I am a point hog lol. Friends still...lol.



Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I trained for my Army MOS

in Georgia and I swear if the ants ever decided to leave the whole state would move with them, lol

Here in the NE we might have frigid weather,

but gratefully we don't have fire ants. (Or Africanized killer bees.)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

My kid was sad today

because he doesn't have the equipment to make me one of those art pieces for Christmas.

Defend Liberty!

When my son was but a child... they got into his crib...

from then on.... it was all out war!!

but I never thought of that!
they got everything else poured down there....