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Petition to Reinstate D-503

Will someone please explain to me why D -503 was excommunicated?

We're any DP policies violated? If so, can you show me where?

He was very tolerant and liberty minded. I happen to share many of the same views and would hate to be booted from my favorite site.


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Let the person [D-503] stand up for himself and state his case. This would be much more admirable.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness


I agree with you. I just wanted to see what the sentiment throughout the community was.

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It should be...

authority is questionable at all times...

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I read two of his comments from links below.

Can I be banned for saying that I agree with "most" of what he said?

I hope LaundryHead read the comments

that Nystrom provided.

"According to well-charted averages, it's an excellent bet that her African-American boyfriend, should the relationship advance, would not provide well, stimulate her intellectually, or be a proper father to her children."

Is that what you're trying to defend, LaundryHead?

That is disgusting and sad, Sir. Don't get me wrong, it's his right to say it, but it's also Nystrom's right to ban his ass, as mentioned earlier. And imo, rightfully so.

Very sad that people still think like this today and in this Country.

We need to concentrate on more important issues.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Yes. I read the comments and you are making assumptions.

I did not state that I stand behind and agree with every post and comment that
D-503 has made.

The comment you are referring to was in the middle of a discussion. Instead of allowing the discussion to continue and having D-503 back up his claims or having other members refute them, the discussion was ended.

The main reason I am so fond of this place aka "The Daily Paul" is that it is a bastion of of intelligent* discourse.

While one might consider those remarks to be inflammatory or racist, they are not completely unfounded.

Also, to those who are easily offended by those with views contrary to their own, I recommend not taking things so personally. This will help to eliminate needless suffering.

Regardless of what any data shows, we are all brothers and sisters. I can accept the fact that there is a 64% chance that African American children will grow up in a fatherless home. Www.fatherhood.org/media/fatherhood-statistics

This does not make me racist, in fact it motivates me to help eliminate this sad unfortunate trend.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

I agree with your observation

that the DP is a "bastion of intelligent discourse," and most, I think, would agree, but the way D-503 was wording the post seemed racist. Here's what I mean:

"The population that created great things (working with your fantasy that they existed, I mean) is gone as well."


When you tell someone that "they live in" or "exist in" a "fantasy," you are alluding to the person being delusional. There's definitely a way to put it better but that's how D-503 chose to word it. Very disrespectful and not from an objective point of view.

From the same comment, we have this:

"They're [African-American Male Populace] primitive according to brain and body (hormone levels, rate of maturation) makeup. That's just how it is."

How is that a non-offensive sentence in the least? There is zero scientific research on this, yet, D-503 talks like it's absolute fact.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Michael Nystrom's picture

After further review

and reviewing the posts made on 503's account:


I'm not interested in keeping this anonymous uservoice around.

Please note that I also addressed this below.

As I mentioned elsewhere, either in this comment, or my own reply to it.

The Daily Paul is offered freely as a voluntary exchange. But the key to a voluntary exchange is that both parties agree to the transaction. If only one party agrees, and only one party is served, then the transaction is not voluntary.

One half of the transaction here are the users. The other half includes myself, and those who who I entrust to help me keep this place, aka The Daily Paul, running and respectable.

Lots of people may want to post here, and for good reason. But there are some voices that I simply don't want here, and D-503 is one of the voice I personally don't care to associate with. The moderator who took the steps to ban this user voice not only knows my preferences, but feels the same way.

Thankfully, because of the tradition of private property law in the United States, I don't have to tolerate the anonymous user voices that I find odious, against my will.

A central tenant of Liberty is voluntary exchange.

Obviously, as evidenced by this thread, and the number of upvotes is has garnered, there are people here who disagree with me.

You are free to do so. That is your First Amendment right.

Likewise, if you want to be obnoxious about it, most especially here on my website, and on my dime, I am free to ban you.

I have considered this petition to reinstate 503. The answer is that I don't want to associate with that user voice, nor do I want to be associated with that user voice's opinions. So the answer is no.

Thank you for your kind and respectful petition. I hope this answers your question as to why. If not, I will make every effort to clarify anything that was not clear in my response.

Thank you.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Change of Heart?

I've decided to let the Granger back because I think everyone deserves a second chance.

- Michael Nystrom 10/2/13

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Michael Nystrom's picture

I changed my mind

Not everyone deserves a second chance.

I reserve to change my mind again, depending on the circumstances.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

The Evolution of Michael Nystrom

Yes sir. You can even change it again after that. But, if I get booted, hopefully you will be in one of the "Everyone deserves a second chance" moods!!!

All in all I understand the reasoning behind your decision.

Thanks for taking to time to address my petition.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Can you please elaborate?

Specifically, the part about the moderator knowing your preferences. I would like to know them as well, so that I don't infringe upon them and lose my good standing on the DP.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Michael Nystrom's picture

Me and the moderators - we're on the same wavelength

If you don't want to infringe, read the guide:


It's pretty much all in there.

Disagreements are fine. Just be nice, be respectful, give fellow DPers the benefit of the doubt. Don't be racist or sexist or crude, don't attack people.

That's about it.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.


I respect you and the manner in which you choose to run your site. Maybe my skin is a little thicker than most, because I would not consider those comments racist. Being offended does not qualify something as being racist.

I personally do not believe that all hominins are biologically identical so at this point I will refrain from making comments or posts related to race.

There are plenty of other important issue to discuss. Thanks for the insight.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

I don't speak for M.N., but I have a good idea

of what he's talking about:


"Just a thought," as D-503 would say...

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I noticed that yesterday

There was a comment made that could be considered racist and that's a highly sensitive area to discuss. So rather than even mention anything that could be considered racial in nature, most people just won't say anything. Maybe we need to discuss racial issues and stop acting like it does not exist, that could lead to the healing process.

IMHO, I would say he/she should be allowed to stay, but that decision is up to Michael, he's a fair man.

Indeed. Recognizing Inequality

Is the first step in working toward eliminating it.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Huston we have a problem, we need to recognize it

I totally agree with Michael, it's his site and its clear there is no place for racism on a RP site, especially because of the MSM attack on Ron was alleged racial remarks in the news letter. That being said, the black family has been devastated by the good intentions of government. Rand Paul spoke about it earlier this year at Howard University, no other Republican would even consider that, they would prefer just to ignore the problems.

One of my sons best HS friends is black and spent a lot of time with our family, at BBQs and family functions. I noticed he would be observing me at times, I'd catch him looking at me as I interacted with the kids. Later I found out he never had a Dad, he was observing me because he never was around a father. One year he gave me a fathers day card because he though of me as a Dad. IMO much of the problems with society today is the break up of the family, D503 was looking at the symptoms without knowing the reasons.


I believe you are spot on about the break up of the family unit leading to societal problems.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

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A moderator more alert than me listed the following comments

for the ban:



I rarely overrule a moderator, and I'm not going to in that case.

My litmus test increasingly is whether I would associate with this person in real life, and for anyone who expresses these kinds of opinions, the answer is no.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.


If Granger was reinstated, then the man who posted the hilarious and thought provoking post "Gays and Bikers" should be a shoe in.


I have been a member of DP for over 6 years, 6 months. Michael Nystrom (and dozens of DP users (if not more) know my real name, address, phone, email. I am not anonymous, and used to have all my personal information posted on my account page, until...

I changed my name from "The Granger" to "I_LOVE_ISRAEL", and voluntarily left DP for two weeks to wonder, "What happened to DP? We used to be able to discuss, now I'm getting threats?"

Nystrom and I ironically began exchanging emails two weeks after I stopped posting, and there was a few misunderstandings on my part.. Michael banned the word Israel.. which included a ban on my new name, I changed my name back to, The Granger, apologized for making Michael and the Mods work so hard, and came back to DP with this in mind:

I love Israel.. I am very happy about what I have come to learn and know about Israel. Really!!! I'm willing to share.. but I don't feel a need that I have to (though I feel bad in the way it's like finding a treasure chest full of gold.. when your friends tell you, they don't like gold, hate gold.. well.. you just keep the gold to yourself.. and I do).

The posts I make concerning Israel.. recently for example the peace plan between the world bank, Palestine and Jordan.. I would have to scroll YouTube through 460 vids before I would fine it today. Think Ron Paul was censored? Israel is censored!!! But DP community is not interested, except when someone makes a top post about what bad Israel does (boy is that easy to find / because it's programming, that you are buying.. but hey.. if you enjoy it.. GOOD FOR YOU!)


Please provide a link

To show where the word Israel was banned.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

No mention of your 3 months

8-12 hours a day free reign (no mod admonishment) of flaming, ranting, raging, racist remarks and the constant insults to many members here of JEW HATER, ISRAEL HATER to anyone that posted ANYTHING the least bit critical of Israels policies or the influence it has on our own foreign policy? It seems you haven't taken any responsibility at all for your behavior during that time. Oh and here you are just the other day on this comment on a post I made regarding Syria where you insult again by saying you used to think I was a Jihadist, and then calling me an Assad supporter!


Here is a good read for you from a Pro Israel site by an Israeli citizen: 'I am pro-Israel too': Reflections on the use of the term

The term ‘pro-Israel’ should mean anti-occupation, support for human rights, equality, democracy for all peoples under Israel’s control – not hard-line Zionism.

Here is what permanent apologists for all Israeli government policies and demonizers of Palestinians actually accomplish. They perpetuate conflict, by supporting Israeli government policies that perpetuate the conflict, and they command that Israel’s greatest enabler, the U.S.A., do so too. They scream down criticism in a most hysterical and undemocratic way that is antithetical to both American and Jewish traditions. They employ and entrench shameless racist stereotypes that ought to make “never again” crusaders shiver, although many won’t.

I also recommend another for anyone interested in learning understanding more about Israel:
Judaism, Human Values, and the Jewish State
by Yeshayahu Leibowitz

I'm not an apoligist. I offer NO apology

460 YouTubes to 1 say you're wrong.


What exactly is

A Granger anyway?

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul


The Patrons of Husbandy is a fraternal organization that began in 1965, after the Civil war, to unite farmers to help resupply the nation with food.. The Grange became very political and has accomplished County and State fairs. Agriculture and Home Ec (now Food Science) in Universities, Rural mail route. The Grange was before social security, so as Grangers, we are our life insurance.. farming, fencing, logging, canning.. today most Grangers are off grid and remnants in very rural areas.

The Grange operates like a political party, but it's not about promoting party, candidates (though we do vet candidates) and we vet issues, farm issues especially. We are established I think 30 states.. National Grange has an 11 story building ion Wash DC, state Granges, then what we call a Pomona Grange is county.. my county has 9 subordinate granges, several are off grid, solar, passive enrgy, biofuel.. we teach these programs at some granges..

Right now the National Grange is pissed off at CA Grange.. but we will work it out. At the Grange I learned Roberts Rules of Order, how to write resolutions, inniatives, work with a obbiest (industrail hemp).. and how to work conventions.. and it's interesting at the CA convention, I saw grangers..



The Granger Finally Exposed!

Cool. Educational post. Nice handle.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Thanks for the response, Granger

Two things:

1) Was word Israel really banned or are you using creative licensing a là Hunter S. Thompson?

2) Ive seen some of the conversations you have with others on here in regards to Israel. Most of their posts are more about the Corrupt Regime that uses Judaism and past atrocities against the Jewish people as a cudgel. Some aren't, but most that I've seen are. Your thoughts?

For a short time

There was a big todo and things needed to be settled down.. I can not find the thread, but this has references http://www.dailypaul.com/300931/im-at-a-loss-about-what-to-d...

#2. Corrupt regime. What regime isn't corrupt?